Brief report on visit to KWAB

19th March 2008 

Hi all
Please find a brief report on visit to KWAB.
Place of visit : Karnataka Welfare Association for Blind, Sheshadhripuram.
Date and time:  19th March 2008 at 11.00 am
Volunteers visited : Jaganathan R, Jeyachandran J, Deepa, Hema Sarathy, Jayasree and Shivanarayan representing india sudar
Purpose of visit:
1. To study the functioning and infrastructure of this model and identify the areas of focus.
2. To interact with core members of KWAB to understand its credibility.
3. To know the requirements this academic year, specifically the educational requirements.
4. To understand the educational agenda set for the inmates here and work on improvising it.
5. To spent some quality time with the studnets here and interact with them.
Things observed:
1. They are around 80 students , also there are some teachers and care takers.
2. The organisation is doing a very commendable job and operating since last 40yrs , but it is not NOT getting any funds from the govt of Karnataka
3. The students are from very poor , rural background and almost abandon by their parents due to their disability.
4. The students stay here and learn various courses through conventional Braille scripts.
5. There are classes from 1st to 10th , also musical classes are conducted as a part of extra-curricular activities
6. There are two computers sponsored by some well wishers but is underutilized because of lack of expertise and relevant CDs that can help the visually challenged.
7. Students are very poor in spoken english and still have inhibitions to socialize.
Things to be done:
1.Basic educational requirements like text books and notebooks for the next academic year has provided.
    No one here has a personal copy of the text books( Braille format) they study on a shared basis.
2.The students are physically very week. Yoga classes , orientation and mobility classes should be arranged.
3.Spoken english classes also should be arranged to make them competent enough.
4.Most of them lack motivation and feel that they are not worthy, this attitude should be changed.
    This can be done by some cultural event say skit along with a lecture from a visually challenged person who has made a successful career.
5.The syllabus in form of audio CDs should be provided. One subscription of British council library shall mostly solve this.
6.Need to deploy and fund the teachers and care takers as the no. of teachers and take cares are very less.
7.They are not able to meet the maintenance cost like electricity , water bill etc. Support can be offered in this area as well.
8.They need some career guidance , which make them realize the kind of courses they choose and study to get employed and hence self sustained.
Other Activities:
We had a wonderful time interacting with the kids and they were happy to know that we had come to spend time with them.
Jagan and Jeyachandran distributed some sweets and kids loved those yummy gulab jamuns. (anyhow from next time we know we should take fruits as they are adviced not to eat sweets for medical reasons) . Special thanks and appreciations to them for their interest shown to visit this place and interacting very effectively with the founder. We wished them all the best for their forthcoming exams. We also interacted with the principal of this school.
We may not be able to support them completely with all their rquirements however we will prioritize and offer our support in the most needy areas.
The other volunteers who visited may add their views and points which i might have missed out.
Everyone do share your thoughts and inputs.
We need to work out the concernt plan so that it ideally happens by mid april. Some of these  students may also give a 10 minutes performance on the event day  which be a value addition to our program.
In may most them will have a short visit to their house, so it will apt to conduct the show before april end.
This calls fo a quick action plan from all of us !!
Lets work towards sustaining these smiles forever !
Thanks and regards
We have We exist ! We share We Live !!


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