Visit to Tirupattur(Vellore District)

Tirupattur, Vellore(Dt), Tamil Nadu

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Dear All
On sunday(Mar 16,2008) myself & Uday visited Tirupattur in Vellore District, TamilNadu. The main purpose of the visit was to see the learning centre being run by  Saravanan & his team.(Manam maralttum Trust)

 The main idea for the tution/learning centre(Manam Malarattum trust) is to give enthusiastic & bright Govt schools from Rural areas more coaching for enabling them score more in 12th exams. The centre is located in Tirupattur caters to surrounding villages – Mittor, Kursilapattu, Kunichi,  Kuruberi, Jayapuram.
 The group has been running the centre “FREE OF COST ” to these poor Rural students. FOr past 4-5 years they have been running this centre. Over the years they have been supporting many enngg students, nursing, teacher training to poor students who successfully came of this tution centre.
 In summer, (Apr, May)classes are organised daily while during acedemic times, in the weekend(2 days a week). During summer some students are even given bus pass(school students pass free in TN only to-fro in home-school route & no pass during summer holidays) Cost is 300/head for 2 months of bus pass.
Their future aim is to build a model school which gives free & quality education to rural students.

– Currently there are 4 tachers (Maths, Bio, Chem, Phy). Previously they had even for Accountancy, Economics, Commerce.

– But due to lack of funds accountacy, economics, commerce teachers stopped. Saravanan has requested to fund these 3 teachers.

– He feels that this group of 3 sunjects(acc, comme, eco.) is ignored & students from this group need mroe coaching. Only then they can enter good degree college/Charted account/.

– Salary of teacher is 1000/month for all subjects. In summer 2 months the salary is 5000/- since it is full time for teachers. We would see & try to fund the 3 tution teachers.

– There are 3/4 students who are on verge of drop out. Once we have full info on them, we can pay the school fee depening on the cost.



  1. Hi Saravanan,

    This is Amutharasan from Vazhai. I lost your mobile # and have a need to talk with you. Can you plz contact me at 9791020127 or pass on your moibile number so that I can get in touch with you.



  2. i am prof.d.vijayan. from tirupattur. I may be contacted in this number.. 9486404049.. Your work is very appreciable.. best regards

    1. Dear Sir,

      Very nice talking to you. Could you please help me in getting some information about the proposal from the following:

      Bridegroom: PESHIMAM KHABEER AHMED, BSc, MBA, M.Phil.
      Manager, RBI, Chennai

      Father: Dr. PESHIMAM NAZEER AHMED, BSc, MA, MA, MEd, MPhil, PhD
      Former Principal, WMO English Acadamy, Kerala, Former Head Master,
      Osmania Hr. Sce. School, Tirupattur

      May God Bless You.

      Best Regards,

      Shaik M Basha

      00974 44601574

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