India Sudar MoM – KA core team meet last weekend.

Bangalore, KA.

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Date: 13/03/08 01:44 PM

Dear friends,

Please find below, the minutes of the meeting the KA-core team members had last weekend

Date: 8-Mar-2008
Attendees: Uday, Shiva, Arun, Prabhu and Prashanth
Venue: Cubbon Park, Bangalore

1. Survey and Budgeting for the next academic year
2. Awareness programs formulation

1. [Decided] Formulate a “Survey Questionnaire” that would help IS members understand the requirements on rural school visits. Uday to create a document for this purpose and circulate within the group. The key items to be included in the survey are:
1.1 School details: Teacher-pupil strength and ratio, no of villages catered to by this school, etc
1.2 Infrastructure: Sanitation, water and the school building – manageable or collapsing condition?, blackboard availability, radio (for broadcast lessons)
1.3 Village and Parents’ background – Population size, Primary occupation, average income, literacy and education levels – first generation learners or not?
1.4 Primary reason for education
1.5 Follow-up: high school and pre-university institutions and their accessibility

2. [Discussed] Prashanth to survey Gowribidanur taluk to identify requirements for next academic year. Shiva to discuss with Dharmesh (Aashayein foundation) on possible requirements in Kolar district. Prashanth to also check if there are any requirements around Madhugiri town (of Tumkur district), from his father’s friends.

3. [Discussed] Scientific awareness programs by Sri. Beluragi. It is decided to conduct one sample session for the teachers and based on the response, evolve the complete program schedule (over 6-10 months) with evenly spaced sessions. The district currently under contemplation for this is Chikkaballapur, where IS has received excellent support from the teacher and Govt departments in the recent past. Owing to the examination season in Mar-Apr, it is decided to conduct the sample session in the month of June.

4. [Discussed] Prashanth to post the newspaper extracts of the programs held in Chikkaballapur district over the last year to the IS group

KA-IS team


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