Hello All,
As we planned, I visited MATHOOR GOVT SCHOOL on 3rd March 2008 (Monday) to distribute school uniform for poor students. I apologize for not sending the report immediately.
We had asked 2 tailors to make 2 sets of school uniform for 21 students and they made it for 22 students. I didn’t want to disapport other students without gifting anything. I discussed with school teachers and we reached school with 22 sets of school uniforms, 29 slates, 120 pens and some pencil-rubbers for remaining students.
Headmaster was on medical leave and came to school for this occasion specially. After small introduction about India Sudar and our activities, i had asked my father to distribute uniforms to all 22 students (2 were absent on that day) and then distrubited slates, pen, pencils and chocolates.
I could see the happiness of those students, it was like diwali for them :-). Few students brought their mother and i had small chat with them. They are very poor people and they are not able to buy a new uniform. At the same time, few students asked me directly why we haven’t considered them. Finally, It was a wonderful day for me, teachers, headmaster and the students as well.
My local friends, brother and my father helped to make all the arrangements including school uniform and other stationaries, thanks a lot to them.
Our heartly thanks a lot to DREAM INDIA 2020, JAYASREE JAYAPRKASH, ARCHANA, BALAJI AND NANDHINI to make this project happens. Without them, we would not have executed this project within 2 weeks.


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