Visit to Manitham Trust

Dindigul, TamilNadu.

Hi Frenz,
 Last week Saturday (8th Mar), we(myself & Raja Soundar) visited Manitham trust @ Dindigul, TamilNadu.
 The trust is being run by Nisha and her husband Riyaz is helping her. Riyaz is undertaking administrative work and Nisha is doing field work. They are mainly focused on below poverty level Dalit & Muslim children. Currently they identified two places in Dindugal dist. 1. Raakki kottam, 2. K.K. Nagar. Among these, she has already found a teacher for Raakki kottam. Raakki kottam is very near by their Manitham trust office. So, they are conducting the free tuition classes @ the office terrace itself. Nearly 35 students are benefitted from this. Most of the children’s parents are daily wages employees. Actually, only few of their children are allowed to continue their studies, ‘coz of the economical status. Some of them goes to the nearby Appalam Company.
 Till December, Nisha was working and after that, she resigned her ‘coz of the time constraints. Now there is no regular supporter for the trust. So, they are in need of our support.
 We talked with the students also and got a satisfiable reply about the organization. But, the students are not that much matured. They are vey much like some very very village students. (We are saying this ‘coz we visited Thiagam, Madurai also(will send that report soon). There u can find those students with so much maturity even in the earlly years and even in the outskirts of Madurai. They are running the org for 3 or 4 yrs) Anyway, here in Manitham, they have started the coaching just one month back only. So, lets watch the improvements in the coming months.
 As far as ourselves is concerned, we can proceed to this project by paying the teacher salary. (There are 3 teachers. 1 paid(1500) and other two volunteers with little salary(500)). My suggestion is, according to the money availablity with us, we can select this project and can extend our support for the next 6 months. After that we can make a visit again to know the progress of the students and can decide accordingly.
Will upload the fotos soon.
Athi (B +ve)
IS TN Team.
We are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be — Swami Vivekananda.


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