Visited to Warangal(District), Andhra Pradesh.

Warangal(District), Andhra Pradesh

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I have visited to Warangal(District), Andhra Pradesh on 29/Mar/08 from Bangalore. I went to this place with Prabhu(came from Nellore, AP) to see the education need in selected villages.

We came to know this place through Dr.Ashok Reddy, Who is the doctor & working in USA now. He was started one hospital in Thorur, Warangal district to provided medical support for village people at free of cost. But unfortunately he is not able to continue this service and closed the hospital now.

To reach this place: Bangalore to vijayawada (800 km in train), vijayawada to Mahbubabad (150 km in train), Mahbubabad to Thorur (40 km in local bus), Thorur to villages in local auto.

About warangal district, AP: Total Population – 28.19 Laks, No. of Villages – 1,098, Literacy rate – 32.6%, No. of Primary Schools – 1807nos.

This district coming under Telungana(there is no telungana, but local people prefer to say telungana). We can see more backward and tribal people, they are purely depends on agriculture(rice, cotton, etc).

I have visited to following villages and corresponding government’s schools also. We had interaction with some local school students.

1. Ammapuram, Approximate population 5000
2. Kannapuram
3. Madipalli, Approximate population 3000
4. Kandayapallayam, Approximate population 4000
5. Kothakudam(we planned, but I am not visited to this village), 100 houses.
6. Thandal (Lambadi – tribal people place called as Thundal. So we can see several group of people who stayed in one place and doing agriculture)

I have visited to one of the Thandal(Lambadi/Tribal) village and school. This is one teacher primary school (upto 5th standard). But this school filled by chili, etc, I don’t know where student will sit and study.

We can see lot of education need for these villages. we can setup learning centers, provide education stationery for this schools, etc. But currently we are not decided what type of the project will be suitable for these villages. I will let you know soon.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

[India Sudar] Requirement List – Women Blind Home

27th Mar 2008 @ 10 am
Dear All,
Last month we had visited the Tamilnadu Association of the Blind @ Tondiarpet, Chennai where nearly 35 blind women are residing and also doing various work such as making of Note Book/Office Files/Box Files/Medical Cover/X-Rays/Letter Cover/Candles, etc.
Tamilnadu Association of the Blind is planning to conduct a free Home Management course (which includes cooking at home / daily living skills / English Communication skills, etc.) for a period of six weeks for Visually Challenged Women at their campus from 16th April 2008 to 30th May 2008. Nearly 25 Blind women including school and college going girls from various blind homes are going to attend it. So, the Total beneficiaries on our proposed visit will be approximately nearly 60 Blind (35 + 25). We are planning to provide some of the day to day needs on our visit as per the attached pdf file.
The rough estimated cost for this event is Rs.25,000/- (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand Only).
We are expecting the same support from volunteers for this Noble cause.
Total No.of Beneficiaries         –           60 Women
Visit Date                                 –           27th Mar 2008 @ 10 am
Tamilnadu Association of the Blind
# 36 , Rettai Kuzhi Street,
Chennai – 600 081.
Phone: 044 – 25956677
Hari: 9840341973
Route Map:         
From Koyambedu Bus Stand
Koyambedu Junction —-> Arumbakkam —-> Aminjikarai —-> Pachaiappa’s College —->
Kilpauk Medical College & Hospital —-> Central Railway Station —-> Parrys Bus Stand —> Beach Station —-> Mint (Vallalar Nagar ) —-> Maharani Theatre ——> Tondiarpet Clock Tower ——> Behind Tondiarpet Police Station.

From Theayagaraya Nagar (T.Nagar)
SIET —-> DMS —-> TVS —-> LIC —-> Simpson —-> Central Railway Station —-> Parrys Bus Stand —> Beach Station —-> Mint (Vallalar Nagar ) —-> Maharani Theatre ——> Tondiarpet Clock Tower ——> Behind Tondiarpet Police Station.
Thanks & Regards,

Providing 2 sets of school uniform to 22 poor students project and deploying teacher at GOVT MIDDLE SCHOOL, MATHOOR, TAMIL NADU – Project Reports.

Tamil Nadu.

Hello All,
Thanks a lot for your wonderful support to execute TWO major projects at GOVT MIDDLE SCHOOL, MATHUR, Tamil Nadu.

1. Providing TWO sets of school uniforms to 22 poor students :

India Sudar identified 22 poor students at Govt Middle School, Mathur, Tamil Nadu and provided TWO sets of School uniforms on 3rd March 2008 along with 150 Pens, 29 slates, pencil and rubbers. IS appreciates all the volunteers given their full support to execute this project and brought SMILES into 22 poor student’s life.  Please find the project report attached with this mail. IS express our heartily thanks to Dream India 2020 Group (Natarajan, Krishnan and others), Archana, Jayasree, Nandhini, Balaji ,Shiva Narayanan ,my local friends and my family members.
2. Deployed a Teacher – funded by India Sudar

India Sudar identified the shortage of teacher at Govt Middle School, Mathur, Tamil Nadu and deployed a teacher for the benefit of about 50 students. The Teacher name is Miss. S Suganthi and she had completed her M.Phil in commerce. She agreed to receive our compensation Rs. 2000 per month, would be working as teacher until April 2008. We would continue this project from June 2008 for the next academic year. We are looking for sponsors to continue from next academic year. Please contact me or, if you wish to support for this project.

Please find the detailed project report attached with this mail.

All the photographs are available at

I’m discussing with Headmaster and local people to collect data from 30 govt schools from nearby villages and provide necessary things to support their education. Please let us know, if any of you willing to support for this project.
If any of IS member is interested to collect data from any village school (mainly focusing on rural areas) and share the data with us, we can work on to support them.



[India Sudar] IS Applied for Renewal of TAX Exemption (80G)


Chennai, TN.

Dear All,
We have applied for renewal of 80G (TAX exemption) on 19-Mar-08. The following documents were submitted to Income Tax Department:
1) Form No – 10G
2) Copy of Trust deed
3) List of Trustees details
4) Copy of Last Three years Balance sheet, Income/Expenditure account & Return file
5) Copy of Last Three year activities details
6) Copy of 12A, 80G certificates
In one month of time, we will be called by Income Tax department for assessment.
This is just for your kind information about our India Sudar official activities.
Thanks and regards,
Trustee, India Sudar

Brief report on visit to KWAB

19th March 2008 

Hi all
Please find a brief report on visit to KWAB.
Place of visit : Karnataka Welfare Association for Blind, Sheshadhripuram.
Date and time:  19th March 2008 at 11.00 am
Volunteers visited : Jaganathan R, Jeyachandran J, Deepa, Hema Sarathy, Jayasree and Shivanarayan representing india sudar
Purpose of visit:
1. To study the functioning and infrastructure of this model and identify the areas of focus.
2. To interact with core members of KWAB to understand its credibility.
3. To know the requirements this academic year, specifically the educational requirements.
4. To understand the educational agenda set for the inmates here and work on improvising it.
5. To spent some quality time with the studnets here and interact with them.
Things observed:
1. They are around 80 students , also there are some teachers and care takers.
2. The organisation is doing a very commendable job and operating since last 40yrs , but it is not NOT getting any funds from the govt of Karnataka
3. The students are from very poor , rural background and almost abandon by their parents due to their disability.
4. The students stay here and learn various courses through conventional Braille scripts.
5. There are classes from 1st to 10th , also musical classes are conducted as a part of extra-curricular activities
6. There are two computers sponsored by some well wishers but is underutilized because of lack of expertise and relevant CDs that can help the visually challenged.
7. Students are very poor in spoken english and still have inhibitions to socialize.
Things to be done:
1.Basic educational requirements like text books and notebooks for the next academic year has provided.
    No one here has a personal copy of the text books( Braille format) they study on a shared basis.
2.The students are physically very week. Yoga classes , orientation and mobility classes should be arranged.
3.Spoken english classes also should be arranged to make them competent enough.
4.Most of them lack motivation and feel that they are not worthy, this attitude should be changed.
    This can be done by some cultural event say skit along with a lecture from a visually challenged person who has made a successful career.
5.The syllabus in form of audio CDs should be provided. One subscription of British council library shall mostly solve this.
6.Need to deploy and fund the teachers and care takers as the no. of teachers and take cares are very less.
7.They are not able to meet the maintenance cost like electricity , water bill etc. Support can be offered in this area as well.
8.They need some career guidance , which make them realize the kind of courses they choose and study to get employed and hence self sustained.
Other Activities:
We had a wonderful time interacting with the kids and they were happy to know that we had come to spend time with them.
Jagan and Jeyachandran distributed some sweets and kids loved those yummy gulab jamuns. (anyhow from next time we know we should take fruits as they are adviced not to eat sweets for medical reasons) . Special thanks and appreciations to them for their interest shown to visit this place and interacting very effectively with the founder. We wished them all the best for their forthcoming exams. We also interacted with the principal of this school.
We may not be able to support them completely with all their rquirements however we will prioritize and offer our support in the most needy areas.
The other volunteers who visited may add their views and points which i might have missed out.
Everyone do share your thoughts and inputs.
We need to work out the concernt plan so that it ideally happens by mid april. Some of these  students may also give a 10 minutes performance on the event day  which be a value addition to our program.
In may most them will have a short visit to their house, so it will apt to conduct the show before april end.
This calls fo a quick action plan from all of us !!
Lets work towards sustaining these smiles forever !
Thanks and regards
We have We exist ! We share We Live !!

Visit to Tirupattur(Vellore District)

Tirupattur, Vellore(Dt), Tamil Nadu

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Dear All
On sunday(Mar 16,2008) myself & Uday visited Tirupattur in Vellore District, TamilNadu. The main purpose of the visit was to see the learning centre being run by  Saravanan & his team.(Manam maralttum Trust)

 The main idea for the tution/learning centre(Manam Malarattum trust) is to give enthusiastic & bright Govt schools from Rural areas more coaching for enabling them score more in 12th exams. The centre is located in Tirupattur caters to surrounding villages – Mittor, Kursilapattu, Kunichi,  Kuruberi, Jayapuram.
 The group has been running the centre “FREE OF COST ” to these poor Rural students. FOr past 4-5 years they have been running this centre. Over the years they have been supporting many enngg students, nursing, teacher training to poor students who successfully came of this tution centre.
 In summer, (Apr, May)classes are organised daily while during acedemic times, in the weekend(2 days a week). During summer some students are even given bus pass(school students pass free in TN only to-fro in home-school route & no pass during summer holidays) Cost is 300/head for 2 months of bus pass.
Their future aim is to build a model school which gives free & quality education to rural students.

– Currently there are 4 tachers (Maths, Bio, Chem, Phy). Previously they had even for Accountancy, Economics, Commerce.

– But due to lack of funds accountacy, economics, commerce teachers stopped. Saravanan has requested to fund these 3 teachers.

– He feels that this group of 3 sunjects(acc, comme, eco.) is ignored & students from this group need mroe coaching. Only then they can enter good degree college/Charted account/.

– Salary of teacher is 1000/month for all subjects. In summer 2 months the salary is 5000/- since it is full time for teachers. We would see & try to fund the 3 tution teachers.

– There are 3/4 students who are on verge of drop out. Once we have full info on them, we can pay the school fee depening on the cost.

India Sudar MoM – KA core team meet last weekend.

Bangalore, KA.

From: “L.A. Prashanth” <>
Sent by:
Date: 13/03/08 01:44 PM

Dear friends,

Please find below, the minutes of the meeting the KA-core team members had last weekend

Date: 8-Mar-2008
Attendees: Uday, Shiva, Arun, Prabhu and Prashanth
Venue: Cubbon Park, Bangalore

1. Survey and Budgeting for the next academic year
2. Awareness programs formulation

1. [Decided] Formulate a “Survey Questionnaire” that would help IS members understand the requirements on rural school visits. Uday to create a document for this purpose and circulate within the group. The key items to be included in the survey are:
1.1 School details: Teacher-pupil strength and ratio, no of villages catered to by this school, etc
1.2 Infrastructure: Sanitation, water and the school building – manageable or collapsing condition?, blackboard availability, radio (for broadcast lessons)
1.3 Village and Parents’ background – Population size, Primary occupation, average income, literacy and education levels – first generation learners or not?
1.4 Primary reason for education
1.5 Follow-up: high school and pre-university institutions and their accessibility

2. [Discussed] Prashanth to survey Gowribidanur taluk to identify requirements for next academic year. Shiva to discuss with Dharmesh (Aashayein foundation) on possible requirements in Kolar district. Prashanth to also check if there are any requirements around Madhugiri town (of Tumkur district), from his father’s friends.

3. [Discussed] Scientific awareness programs by Sri. Beluragi. It is decided to conduct one sample session for the teachers and based on the response, evolve the complete program schedule (over 6-10 months) with evenly spaced sessions. The district currently under contemplation for this is Chikkaballapur, where IS has received excellent support from the teacher and Govt departments in the recent past. Owing to the examination season in Mar-Apr, it is decided to conduct the sample session in the month of June.

4. [Discussed] Prashanth to post the newspaper extracts of the programs held in Chikkaballapur district over the last year to the IS group

KA-IS team

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