Great Success of Examination Awareness & Training Seminar to write the Exam for Poor & Orphan home Students.

From: T Hari <>

23th February 2008
Chennai, TN.

Dear All,

Last week Saturday (23th February 2008 ) @ 7 pm we conduct the Career Path Program which include the Tips & How to write the Exams/Future Career Guidance Discussion / Importance of Higher Education to the Poor & Orphan Students studying @ Adi Dravida Samooga Sevagar Sangam, Chennai.  IS Members Jeyaseeralan & Senthil Kumar & Niranjana (Volunteer) gave speeches to motive and tips to write exams and also about future career guidance to the students. Secretary of the home Mr. Anandarangan convey his special thanks to India Sudar and its Members for extending their support for educational needs for the home.

India Sudar wishes the students for their success in their exams and to have a bright future.
Following are the things given to the students w! ho are all going to take X & XII Standard exams.

S.No Things given to X & XII STD Students  Quantity
1 Hero Pen 1
2 All Round Ink Pen 1
3 Blue Ball Point Pen 1
4 Black Ball Point Pen 1
5 Pencil 2
6 Eraser 1
7 Sharpener 1
8 Long Scale 1
9 Short Scale 1
10 Chocoloates 2

Niranjana (Volunteer)
R. Jeyaseeralan (IS Member Code 254)
C. Senthil Kumar (IS Member Code 140)
T. Ha! ri (IS Member Code 114)

Total No.of Students Benefited : 10th Standard   –  9 Nos
                                                                   12th Standard    –  9 Nos
Project Report will be prepared and sent to you later.
Below is the link which have the photos taken on Career Path Program

Thanks & Regards,

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