Providing Education for 55 Child Labor in Madurai, TamilNadu

16/Feb/2008, Tamil Nadu.

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Dear All,
Last week I and our member Jeyaseeralan met representatives (Anitha & Arivan) of an NGO named “Blue Blood” ( (BlueBlood was started by the various students from different Engineering Colleges in and around Chennai) and came to know about their proposed project of sponsoring the education for the 55 Child Labors living from rural areas of Madurai, Tamilnadu. Most of these children have parents who are from a very poor background. Their parents are daily wage labors (umbrella repair, agriculture labors, construction workers etc) who find it almost impossible to send their children to school and so they prefer sending them to work to meet ends. All the 55 Children mentioned in the below are all girls. But if we can sponsor for their education, they can surely continue schooling without any hi! ndrance from their parents or financial crisis. 55 is just a start, if we get enough funds we wish to sponsor more n more children in the future. Out of these 55, few are going to complete 12th and wish to pursue higher education especially teacher training courses. A girl named Thavaselvi had to discontinue school due to pressure from her parents to go to work. But after much struggle and resistance, she has gone back to school. These children are really determined and have great perseverance to come up in life even under adverse conditions. Many of these children are studying in the Government High School in their respective villages… They need everything right from food, clothing to books and other writing materials…
Currently children who are studying 12th Standard are wish to do teacher training course in future which costs about Rs.25,000 per year… Currently children who are studying 7th Standard to 11th Standard would costs about Rs.2500 per year for a child and it is needed to continue their education. I explained about our India Sudar Activities to them and they appreciate our members and eager to share this project with India Sudar (Hence the Rough Total Cost for this Project may be around Rs.3,50,000/-)
Site Name                               :           Rural Areas of Madurai City, Tamilnadu.
Type of Support Needed       :           School Fees, Dress, Books, Stationeries
Total No. of Beneficiary        :           55 Children
Estimated Project Cost          :           Nearly Rs.3,50,000/-(Rupees Three Lakh only)

Please feel free to comment on this and suggestions are welcome to decide about this project.

S.No Student Name Class Native place
1 S.Easwari 7th Usilampatti
2 K.Sudha 7th Usilampatti
3 R.Ramya 7th Usilampatti
4 P.Easwari 9th Usilampatti
5 P.Amudha  10th Usilampatti
6 P.Nandhini 9th Kavanampatti
7 P.Gayatri 9th Kavanampatti
8 Murugeswari 10t! h Velamalaipatti
9 J.Jayanthi 11th Kavanampatti
10 Pandeeswari 11th Kavanampatti
11 R.Karthikairani 11th Kavanampatti
12 K.Chitradevi 10th Kavanampatti
13 Paunthai This gal has written her exams with CHICKENGUNIA. 12th Kavanampatti
14 P.Magadevi 11th  Madha! rai
15 M.Ilakiya 11th Madharai
16 Krishnaveni 12th Karadikal
17 R.Jayalakshmi 12th Dhodabetta nayakkanur
18 Sangeetha 12th Bommai Nayakkan
19 J.Alees 11th Bommai Nayakkan
20 Gokilavani 12th Chellampatti
21 A.Sukanya 10th Chellampatti
22 M.Kodiarasi 10th Chellampatti
23 R.Nagarani 9th Chellampatti
24 M.Nithya 10th Chellampatti
25 K.Mahalakshmi 9th Karumathur
26 Anjugapandi 10th Karumathur
27 A.Pandeeswari  9th Karumathur
28 N.Shruthi 8th Karumathur
29 Udahayarani 8th Karumathur
30 P.Pandeeswari 9th Karumathur
31 M.Ranjini 9th Karumathur
32 M.Satya 10th Karumathur
33 K.Umadevi 9th Vadagampatti
34 V.Priya 9th Vadagampatti
35 R.Thavaselvi 9th Vadagampatti
36 Nidhi 12th Vadagampatti
37 Pavithra 10th Vadagampatti
38 Sasikala 12th Vadagampatti
39 P.Priya 12th Vadagampatti
40 P.Anandha jyothi 10th Karuvepilai
41 S.Lalitha 10th Karuvepilai
42 K.Kavitha 10th Karuvepilai
43 S.Muthulakshmi 10th Karuvepilai
44 Sujatha 10th Karuvepilai
45 K.Thilakavathi 10th Karuvepilai
46 K.Valarmathi 11th Karuvepilai
47 P.Sowmya 11th Karuvepilai
48 P.Revathy 12th Karuvepilai
49 J.Nandhini 11th Karuvepilai
50 M.Vasuki 9th Karuvepilai
51 K.Nithya 12th Karuvepilai
52 Priyanka 9th Karuvepilai
53 Vaitheeswari 8th Karumathur
54 V.Karthika 8th Koyilangulam
55 P.Pavithra 9th Koyilangulam

Thanks & Regards,

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  1. Ayesha Lakhani
    Apr 07, 2008 @ 10:45:21

    United Nations-MDG..this might interest you…
    One of the darkest characteristics of poverty is that is seems to prey on the vulnerable and defenseless. In low-income countries, one out of every 10 children dies before the age of five. In wealthier nations, this number is only one out of 143.
    I think its high time we all individually or collectively Stand Up and Speak Out for our rights

    This will help all you people on this blog to do something along with the United Nations in your locality.
    Check this


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