Report on the visit to observation home on saturday- IS KA Team.


Hi all
Please find a report on the visit to observation home on saturday by IS KA Team.
Place of visit : Observation home for girls near kidwai hospital in bangalore.
Date and time:  9th Feb 2008 at 11.30 am
Volunteers visited : Emal pillai , Prathana unkalkar , Udhaya kumar , Shivanarayan , Vineet jain , Ramakrishnan, Lov jain, Jayasree. Few members represented associations like India sudar and Young jains of India.
Purpose of visit:
1. To study the functioning and infrastructure of this model and identify the areas of focus.
2. To see the utilisation level of the contributed material and get to know anything important is needed.
3. To understand the educational agenda set for the inmates here and work on improvising it.
4. To spent some quality time with the girls there and interact with them.
Things observed:
1. The infrastructure and cleanliness of this home is highly commendable. Credits to the chief supervisor here.
2. The girls are very sportive and open and can be mould to a wonderful social life with due educational and vocational training.
3. Out of 60 inmates here only 10 girls are appearing for the board exam this year.
4. There is no vocational training apart from the 4 sewing machine , training for which started very recently.
5. There are few mentally challenged inmates also. Some special counselling from a psychiatrist may bring them back close to normal life.
Things to be done:
1. A art of living course seems to be immediate requirement because the disorientation among the girls has to set right at very early stages.
2. Personal counseling to convince more students to appear for the board exam.
3. Our volunteers can mentor a few girls here as the group talks seems not to work here. We need to speak to them in person and make them realise how important is education may it be vocational or main stream.
4. Vocational training has to be arranged. Some candle making , doll making , embroidery or any kind of training will be ideal for the girls . It will engage them mentally also they shall continue to do it for a decent living after they move out from here.
5. We may also look for a psychiatrist and arrange for some counselling for the mentally challenged. Normal inmates may also require it as they have gone through adverse social impacts.
We also had a great time dancing and singing with them also Young Jains of India members distributed some snacks.
It was fun filled day with lot of smiles on the faces of the girls here.
Lets work towards the sustaining these smiles forever !
Thanks and regards
We have We exist ! We share We Live !!


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