Mark Sheet of Poor & Orphan Home Students

3rd February 2008
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Dear All,

Last week sunday (3rd February 2008), i had visited the Manavar Illam (Adi Dravida Samooga Sevagar Sangam Home) for follow up of our India Sudar Projects executed at here. I had interact with the 10th STD students for whom we provided free guides and free tuitions and also i collected the students performance in various exams.

Initially we observed that the students are worst in most of the subjects, especially in maths, students feel that maths is very hard for them. so we planned to start maths tuition for them. Mr. Thilagar, who is the Maths tutor was very much interested with the students career and he motivate the students to learn all the subject and also he teach all the subjects and gradually he started to take tuition for most of the subjects.

Half Year Examination results revealed that students are weak mostly in English. So, we are planning to arrange for an Special Coaching Class on Engl! ish on the coming saturday. Two volunteers  Ms. Niranjana & Ms.Geena are very much interested to teach English for this students.

Highlights of the Student Performance
1) All the students got higher Total Marks in Half Yearly Exams than the total marks they scored in the Quarterly Exam
2) In Quarterly Exams, only 3 got all passed, now in Half Yearly Exam 6 got all passed.
3) In Half Yearly Exam all students are passed in Maths & Tamil.
4) A Students got 90% marks in Maths in Half Yearly Exam.

Thanks & Regards,


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