India Sudar – Karur Distrit Level Quiz 2008 at Tamil Nadu

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Karur Distrit, Tamil Nadu


Total no of schools invited: 45 participated: 20 ( due to first time and also there was a gov’t training program for teachers)
First we had preliminary examination for 20 schools student. After completion of paper correction, We invited 5 schools for Quiz program.
Final round : 5 teams

First Prize: Gov’t Hr.Sec School, Karur
second: Govt’t Hr.Sec school, K.Paramathi,
Third: Gov’t High School, Karvazhi
No. of benefited participants: 60 students+ 20 teachers+ 15 local village students

Special Thanks to…..
Future pillars of india- M.S.Pavithra devi – 5th std, Gokul-7th std-for their timely help in arrangements.
Chief educational officer- for his presence and support
Mr. Robert Matthew – HCL Technologies- arranging the preliminary question papers.
Mr.Rajamadasamy- CDOT,Bangalore——arranging the final round questions
Mr.Ramkumar, Ms.Sangeetha and Mr.Manikandan- college students- doing B.A. Tamil final year-Gov’t College,Karur-function arrangements
Mrs.Shanmugavadivu- Paper correction and IS activities speech.
Mr.D.Murugesan- registration,TA Counter activities
Mr.Raman- HM-Navjeevan School-active support
G.Devaki-Rtd Teacher for supervision and prize distribution
Mr.G.Murugesan,G.Gomathi- Food preparation

India Sudar Participants: Balamanikandan.K, Athi, Udhaya Kumar.V

1.We followed proper time management
2.Food, tea and other arrangements were good
3.We displayed the answer key after the exam.
4. We collected feedback from students ans teachers.
5. We identified four to five service minded teachers. They are ready to help us in our future activities.
6. Chief educational officer came for the quiz program and he was there with us for two rounds. he encouraged us and students.
7. Before starting the program, a small introduction about India Sudar was given by Mrs.Shanmugavadivu.
8. Information along with the video was broad casted in two local TV channels.
9. Final round consists of GK, Current affairs, science,English,Tamil and history etc.
10. Really students were excited and motivated and all of them gave the positive feedback. Till now they did not come across this kind of program. Students are also very intelligent. Next time i should increase the question standard.Most of the rural school students got benefited.
11.Apart from the five teams,entire participants were encouraged by asking questions to audience and also by giving small prizes on the spot( famous confidence quotes with Vivekananda photos).In general all 20 schools are participated actively in final round. This one can be seen in the photographs.
12.Regarding the prizes…..
1- prize- shield, memento ( to remember India sudar),cup, file
2 prize- cup, memento, English grammar book
3 prize- cup. memento, digital alarm clock
4th and 5th – consolation prizes- silver coated medals, pen and calculator
We also gave gold plated medals and a small gift to over all written test toppers ( 7th,8th and 9th).
We provided a small book and 7 page english-tamil easy learning material-print out copies to all the students and teachers.
We also gave the certificates to all participants.
13. We gave the summary report and thanking letter to the school Head masters that day itself. We prepared the common report already.

Ongoing Process:
1. Photographs for the first 5 prize winners will be sent to the schools.
2. Feedback and suggestions letter will be sent to the schools by this weekend.( some teachers gave us proper feedback they identified our mistakes regarding the final round quiz procedure).

1. Less no of India sudar members participated.
2. Less no of banners.we have to keep more banners ( one abt IS activities, one about invitation for new members etc).

Future plan:
1. Planning to conduct quiz program and basic english written test competition for Namakkal dt in the month of July.
2. to conduct a career path guidance program only for rural gov’t schools. Initially three nearest rural schools will be called for this program. One person from karur is ready to sponsor his LCD projector for this activity for one or two days.
3. We can conduct one quiz competition between chennai based homes and orphanages.
thanks for all…..suggestions and feedback are welcome.

With luv and care,
kbmani 91-97391 75123



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