KA – KWAB: New premises update


Hi all,

Last Saturday we (Anil, Ram and Raghavendra) visited KWAB and met Mr Murthy and Ms Madhu to check the progress of the construction work at the new premises.  Most of the construction work is complete and on Sunday they had planned to do the painting work.  Apart from this only Carpentery work is pending.

Mr Murthy was mentioning that they would be shifting to new office sometime this week.

Also, I have got a copy of the lease agreement for the new premises.  Owner of this new premises was quite reluctant on mentioning that it would be leased for a minimum of 3 years as part of the agreement, but was quite ok saying it orally.  Finally he agreed to mention it in the agreement, with a clause.  I am unable to attach the scan copy of agreement with this mail, as it is too big.



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