Great Success of Examination Awareness & Training Seminar to write the Exam for Poor & Orphan home Students.

From: T Hari <>

23th February 2008
Chennai, TN.

Dear All,

Last week Saturday (23th February 2008 ) @ 7 pm we conduct the Career Path Program which include the Tips & How to write the Exams/Future Career Guidance Discussion / Importance of Higher Education to the Poor & Orphan Students studying @ Adi Dravida Samooga Sevagar Sangam, Chennai.  IS Members Jeyaseeralan & Senthil Kumar & Niranjana (Volunteer) gave speeches to motive and tips to write exams and also about future career guidance to the students. Secretary of the home Mr. Anandarangan convey his special thanks to India Sudar and its Members for extending their support for educational needs for the home.

India Sudar wishes the students for their success in their exams and to have a bright future.
Following are the things given to the students w! ho are all going to take X & XII Standard exams.

S.No Things given to X & XII STD Students  Quantity
1 Hero Pen 1
2 All Round Ink Pen 1
3 Blue Ball Point Pen 1
4 Black Ball Point Pen 1
5 Pencil 2
6 Eraser 1
7 Sharpener 1
8 Long Scale 1
9 Short Scale 1
10 Chocoloates 2

Niranjana (Volunteer)
R. Jeyaseeralan (IS Member Code 254)
C. Senthil Kumar (IS Member Code 140)
T. Ha! ri (IS Member Code 114)

Total No.of Students Benefited : 10th Standard   –  9 Nos
                                                                   12th Standard    –  9 Nos
Project Report will be prepared and sent to you later.
Below is the link which have the photos taken on Career Path Program

Thanks & Regards,

Help for 2 girl students – Banglaore!

Bangalore, Karnataka

Dear Friends

Our IS team in Bangalore visited Mrs.Reeta(& her family), who is a domestic maid with one of our friends.

Members Visited: Udhay, Goki, shiva

We came to know they are struggling to pay fee for their 2 daughters : Yashoda(4th std) , Chitra(LKG).

Reeta works as maid in a couple of households. Her husband SasiKumar has a mobile Ironing stand.So their combined income is less than 2000/-.The rent for the small house(Should I say room!? See photo) is 650/-. Rest they manage for 4 of them.We visited their house also & saw the conditions are not very good.

We will be extending our help for educating both the kids. They study in Sathyanarayana school in Audogodi.
We also got assurance from them that they will not discontinue their children’s studies in between.

School : Sathyanarayana School, Audugudi, Bangalore

Home Address : No. 287 / 3, Koramangala Village, 8th Block, Bangalore – 95

Fee for Yashodha – 2500/-
Fee for Chitra – 1700/-

Both the above fee includes 2 sets of uniforms, shoes, notebooks & textbooks.
This is for academic year 2008-09. But some advance fee will have to be paid by March end.

Photos of our visit (We insist you take a look!)

We thank Lalitha from IBM for bringing this to our notice


Cultural Program @ New Life Home for Old Age People & Orphan Children

24th February 2008, Chennai, TN. 

Dear All,

We are all very happy to share the joyous moment of our visit to “New Life Charitable Trust” (Home for Orphan Children & Old Age People) on 24th February 2008 and spent a day with the Children & Old Age People and they are all very happy to accept the gifts, which we provided and we hosted many games and competitions, prizes and gifts were distributed to all. Over all it’s an enjoyable day for all. Home Incharge Mrs. Lalitha & Mr. Antony conveyed their special thanks to our Contributors and volunteers for support extended.

This event was jointly organized & executed by “Udhavum Ullangal” (An Orkut Community) & India Sudar Educational and Charitable Trust. Our Special thanks to all the coordinators for their excellent work to pull out people to make this event a grand success. I also request you to extend the same support for the forth coming celebrations. Nearly 30 volunteers participated and make the event an memorable one for all.

We appreciate your valuable Suggestions/Comments about the event to plan and improve our future events. The excess amount of Rs.93.40 (Rupees Ninety Three and forty paisa only) would be utilized for this month event.

Please view the attached Contributions & Expenses Open Account Sheet for your reference, which also contains the Bill number column. All pertinent bills were scanned and uploaded in the below mentioned link along with the Photo Album.

Thanks & Regards,

Examination Awareness & Training Seminar To Write the Exam for Poor & Orphan Home Students

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow ( 23th February 2008 ) @ 6 pm we are planning to Conduct an Examination Awareness & Training Seminar to explain the students how to write the Exams & Importance of Higher Education to the Poor & Orphan Students studying @ Adi Dravida Samooga Sevagar Sangam, Chennai. 

Gifts such as Pen, Pencil, Rubber, Sharpener, Scale are to be presented to the students who are going to take the 10th Standard & 12th Standard Exams

India Sudar wish all the students “Best of Luck” for their Exams.

I am cordially inviting all the members presence.

Date & Time                : 23th February 2008 @ 6 pm

Total No.of Students :  10th Standard   –           9 Nos
                                        12th Standard   –             9 Nos
Home Address
Adi Dravida Samooga Sevagar Sangam,
19, Rathina Sabapathy Street,
Old Washermenpet,
Chennai – 600 021.

Thanks & Regards,

KWAB: project update on the new premises

KWAB, Banalore

Dear All,

KWAB moved to the new premises following the function that was held on 09/02/08. Myself, Udhaya, Shiva, Raghavendra & Jayashree along with Nitin, Indrajeet, Shereen & Ramakrishna of SISO Seva committee (Samsung India Software Operation) attended the function. This project was completely sponsored by SISO & intiated by India Sudar. The cost of the project was Rs.64900/-.

Mr.Veerappa, a close friend of Mr.Murthy (KWAB secretary), took up the renovation work and completed it in a span of 7 days.


The new premises can accommodate 40 students and the KWAB boys who were earlier residing in leased accommodation in Kumara park will be moved to this new premises.

Mr.Ravi Kumar (India Sudar trustee) was solely responsible in getting SISO involved in this project, who were instrumental in the successful completion of this project.

Again, I would like to thank all the members for their timely help in successful completion of this project.

Please find the project photos at the following location:

Sorry for the delay.


Attended Thapasvini Trust First Year Annual Celebration

17th Feb 2008
Nellore, AP

Dear All,
Thapasvini Trust has successfully completed one year of Services on Last Sunday i.e. 17th Feb 2008. Thapasvini is sincerely working for the following services in the villages around Gudur, Nellore Dt. A.P
Thapasvini Vidya Seva
Thapasvini Amrta Seva
Thapasvini Vaidya Seva
Thapasvini Prakrti Seva
Thapasvini Jnaana Seva
We India Sudar help them for Vidya Seva and successfully setup 16 free education care centre at 10 villages and also we established free computer centre. (About 500 students are getting benefitted)
I have attended the First Anniversary of Thapasvini Trust on Sunday. It is really proud that in short span of time, Thapasvini has done wonderful services. We wish him all success and do our continuous support for them in Educational perspective.
Please visit This site is designed by our India Sudar Member Mr. Baskar (182) within 3 days of time. I thank him and appreciate for the good work.
Thanks and best regards,
India Sudar

Visited to villages in Chetpet, Polur Taluk, Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu

Chetpet, Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu

Visit Photos:

I have visited(4.5 hours travel from Chennai in Tamil Nadu bus) to some villages in Chetpet, Polur Taluk, Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu on 16-Feb-2008 to set up Learning center for village student through Mr.M. Manavalan, President – SDD(Society for the Development of the Depressed)


About SDD( Society for the Development of the Depressed (SDD) is a registered society since 1989. Already this organization involved in involved in a number of community development activities such as non-formal education for Dalit working children, organising dalit women and youth in to groups, Dalit Empowerment Programme, Students Summer Camps, and conducting cultural programmes, Environmental Protection Programme and Socio-Economic Development.

Currently SDD running only one learning center within the town(within there office itself) & they are running different type of the projects for 40 villages.

India Sudar Visit & Plan:

I have visited to following villages (backward place) & dicussed with local people to setup India Sudar Learning centers.

Chetpet (No need of Center)

This villages contain 100 to 150 houses. Most of them are daily agriculture labors.

I planned to visit Khalighapuram village & Namadhthodu village also. But I am not did because of the time constrain.

I seen one of the church (ST Joseph’s Chuqch Thathanoor) & absolutely converted as Primary School. Its really good approach to serve.

I feel finding the teacher for this centers will be difficult. Any way Manavalan commited to find some of teachers from nearby villages.

We need to pay Rs,1500 as monthly salary for our learning center teachers.

We can start our learning center for this village. Its really helpful for this student.

I can see more dropouts this villages. Most of the time, they are dropping there education because of the family economical situation.

Even I am thinking we can setup Literacy Learning center to educate old people using software. it will be really useful.

We will plan for our leaning center from coming academic year.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

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