Help Needed for Education of an Blind Orphan Student

From: T Hari

Dear All,
I have come to know that a visually challenged person (Blind) economically backward student named Mr. Robert White, who finished his graduation at Loyola College , Chennai and got selected for doing B.Ed., (English) at the same college. Owing to his disability and financial situation the college has given a concession of Rs.20,000/- and admit in the college and asked him to pay the balance Rs.40,000/- (Forty Thousand Only) within this month, which is an big amount for him to pay, since he was no relatives and close friends to support his education.
On hearing this last week, I along with India Sudar Member Jeyaseeralan went to Loyola College and met the student Mr. Robert White and spoke to him and found that he is an Orphan from Pudukottai District and very much interested in the studies.
I had attached the following in the pdf format with this mail:
1) Bonafide Letter given to student from Loyola College , Chennai
2) Identification Card given to student.
3) Requisition letter from the student
Below is the details about him and his fees:
Student Name
D. Robert White
Course Name
B.Ed., (English)
College Name
Loyola College, Chennai.
Year of Admission
2007 – 2008
Total Fees
Fees Concession given by College
Fees Paid by him so far
Rs. 7,900/-
Balance Fees Amount to be Pay
Please comment on this and try to help him to continue his education.
Last date to pay his fees is 31st January, 2008

Thanks & Regards,


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