KA TEAM WKEND Update: KWAB, GOM Orphange and NIMHANS (Girls) Home visit

Bangalore, KA.

Dear All,

We made a casual visit to KWAB, GOM Orphange and NIHMAN Girls Home during this weekend and here is the brief update.

One of my colleage (Mr.Senthil Nathan) donated lunch to KWAB kids from Krishnacafe on Saturday and I joined with them. Mr. Murthy shared their new-urgent requirement for Rs. 40,000. They had to vocate their current home from Kumara park area to Sheshardripuram, due to that they need to do some minor repair at new rented place. The estimated Cost is Rs. 40,000.  Ram would visit along with a builder to  this place during this week and check the estimation.

NIHMANS Home(Girls section) and Shishu Mandir:

Ashayein Foundation scheduled there brekfast program at NIHMANS (Girls Section) home near Shishu Mandir on last sunday. Myself and Shiva joined with them. It was surprise to see more than 30 volunteers assembled there. Based on our conversation with few staff and girls over there, there is no requirements as of now. And then we visted Shishu mandir, some renovation and extention work is in progress. We had a meeting after the breakfast program, we explained about India Sudar activities and our forthcoming project with Mr. Beluragi.

Ashayein Foundation is interested to work with us. Myself ,Shiva and Prashanth are making the plan and estimate for the project with Mr. Beluragi. Vinod would arrange for a meeting Ashayein Foundation once we are ready with our estimate.

GOM Orphange:
On Sunday evening, again Myself, Shiva and Jayasree visited GOM Orphange, Shivaji Nagar to celebrate one of her friend’s birthday. It was nice evening with children at home and they had shown their dance talents. They asked us to provide few tube-lights and we gave money for 4 tubelights. They have space problem over there, they are still discussing with the chairman to get permission to extend their shelter. We may need to help them, if they get proper permission.

Actions Plans :

Ram would visit KWAB and check their estimate
Ravi, Shiva and Prashanth – make the estimate and plan for the project with Mr. Beluragi
Vinod – need to arrange for a meeting with Ashayein Foundation once the estimate and plan is ready.
Shiva and Jayasree – Please share with this group, if i have missed anything.

KA Team,



  1. Hi,

    I chanced upon this site – and am so happy to see the motivation and inspiration behind it.

    I am the Founder of the Chrysallis Performance Arts Centre for the Challenged, Bangalore. We do a lot of work with challenged children, also children who are socially and economically challenged.

    At the end of the year we organise Christmas parties in various institutions and also gift a lot of Government Schools.

    I see many institutions with who we have already connected with and done several programmes with them.

    This year my target is to gift 20000 children in Bangalore – the gifts are small but it comes from the heart.

    Please do let me know whether there are any schools that your team would like us to gift.

    I look forward to this instution.

    With best wishes to all you wonderful people.
    Diana Tholoor, 9449816581

  2. I am supporting an orphan boy since his childhood when he was 7 years old wandering at a market place in Janakpuri, NewDelhi. I tried my best to get him education, but he did not show any interest that he remained quite illiterate. Now he is about 27 years old and I have got him employed with a garment store. He is getting about Rs.3599 to Rs. 4500/ per month which includes salary and sale incentives. At present he is living with my family for the last over 20 years. He is obviously now of marriagiable age. I am trying to get him married, but no suitable girl is found by me, inspite of trying at various levels. Could you guide me if some suitable match can be arranged for him through some gil orphanage in Delhi. I will get them a rented house nearby and provide them all household articles e.g. utensils,bed, gas cylinder and possible get employment for the girl also at the same garment store or some other suitable job. Thanks and do hope to get an early respone to my this request.

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