Meeting with Aashayein Foundation

5th Jan 2008
Bangalore, Karnataka.

Atendees :  Dharmesh, Prashant, Vinod,Ravi, Raaghu, shiva

On Saturday 5th Jan 2008 with Dharmesh Porwal of Aashayein Foundation, an educational trust. We discussed the work we are involved with & possible areas of collabrations.

About Aashayein Foundation : (

– Started in Jan 2007, with aim of serving the needy students in their education. Has more than 400 members with activity spanning in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh.

– Has successfully brought back to schools 78 Kids based in the slums of Bangalore. All their educational needs are being taken care of.

– Note book drive “Pusthaka Abhiyana” has given few thousand notebooks to derserving children. Plan for 2008 is 1 lakh note books.

– SUnday Breakfast is being provided every week, to one orphanage, old age home,NIMHANs. This has been happening for 52 weeks continuosly.

Collabarative areas :

– Since India Sudar also is into note book donation drive, we can partner with
Aashayein to purchase them in cost effective manner. Aashayein has been procruring current orders from manufcaturer directly.

– Regular exchange between the groups on the ongoing projects. Admins of both groups to facilitate.

– Cross funding of projects, exchange of voluteer wherever possible. Aashayein can be brought into IS open charitable paltform.

– They are also interested in knowing more on our “Teacher Quality improvement” program we are planning to train Govt schoolteachers. Another potential area of common ground execution.

– To share best practises in project execution,funding, project evaluation.

IS look forward in working with Aashayein in future work we would undertake.
IS KA Team, shiva.


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