Discussion with Mr.Baluragi

Bangalore, Karnatka 

On sunday(06-Jan-2008), we met up with Mr.Baluragi at Agasthya foundation, Kuppam.

The aim was to discuss on training the Govt School teacher on science teaching in more easy & practical way.

Agasthya foundation has setup popular science centre in Kuppam to cater to Rural students. They also have mobile science Vans which travel to villages & poularise science to students.
Attendees : Prashant, Raghavendra, Ravi & shiva
Credentials of Mr.Baluragi:
 (more in http://www.vichar.nic.in/Allinthegame/individual_18.asp)

He has served as a teacher , Lecturer(Physics) in the L.V.D.College, Raichur (1968-80) and also as Assistant Registrar at the Gulbarga University.Shri Baluragi was also the Director of the Belgaum Vijnana Kendra(BVK), Belgaurn. He has authored 8 books, and nearly 100 popular science articles. 
In 1991 ,a National Awardees for Science Popularisation.
Discussion on physics teaching methods :
– He gave us a 40 minute demo on Physics topic “Optics” with easily avaliable day to day materials. The demonstrations were easy & kept us very engaged. Concept explanation was very much a relection of his expertise.
– ! Teaching method inolved easily avaliable mirrors, laser pointers, prism & card board models.
– Even in our earlier meeting with him he had insisted that we attend one of his demonstrations before we decide on any future course of action.
– Like optics session, he has prepared 20+ topics in science for Primary & high school syllabus. His idea os to compliment the existing syllabus with practical demonstrations.
– A few written laminations also to prepared to show theoritical concepts to supplement the demos.
Overall he was very brief in his ideas & kept things very simple.Other than travel expense, lodging he does not expect fixed renumration.He is doing this as a service. The training would also be in cost effective way !! His credentials would increase the quality of our training program.

Future project ideas :
– Orgainse taluk/sub-taluk level teacher training program to be conducted by Mr.Baluragi.
– The kit if required may maximum cost 4000-5000 if required to be given to the teachers. We have to find ways to creating one as he does not do it commercially nor he has the time.
 But Slide material would be prepared by him .
– Possible popular science lecturs to school students to make science intresting(Ofcouse he has been rightly awarded)
– Since he is based in Dharwad , also being native of Bijapur can help us with contacts to conduct sessions there also.

IS KA Team, shiva 


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