Meeting with Mr.Beluragi

Bangalore, KA

Dear All
I met up with Mr.Beluragi yesterday to discuss our ongoing work & his expertise.
Beluragi’s back ground:
– Worked as prof of physics in Raichur, belgaum.
– Retired as Director of a science centre , Belgaum
– Native of Bijapur.  Currently based in Dharwad
Current interests/projects:
– After retirement he has been actively involved in lot of educational activity.
– Prominent has been training the teachers in science to teach in simple ways. By using commonly used daily items.
– Popularization of science among school children through lectures.
– Involved with Agasthya foundation as volunteer, also few orphanages.
– Has been associated with Synopsys for science training the govt school teachers for 3 years consecutively now.
How he can help us ?
– Since he is based in Dharwad & bijapur can start their. Reason simply he being close.
– He is well versed with local conditions & knows people there. So arranging things is not a problem.
– Beluragi does not expect any fee for conducting this as he also does this as service. Mainly we have to give him travel allowance on actuals. When I asked him how much do you charge he said “Nothing. But whoever wants to give it will be one rupee to Infinity”. May be a one time model construction of 2000-3000 maximum.(since re-used nio more charges than one time).
May be we can decide a very nominal we feel per session say 500-1000 for one session(10-20 teachers a session).
Ofcourse we can decide this later after discussion among us.

Future course of action :
– For next 3 days is at “Agasthaya foundation” in Kuppam. He does not visit Bangalore often , even if he not often on weekends.
-We can visit on Sunday, see a demonstration for 30-40 minutes(Infact he stressed that we see that first before taking any  decision)
– After that we can decide on future course of action there, logistics.

I think we should plan to visit coming Sunday . We can start morning 9 Pm after breakfast.
Guess we should not miss the opportunity. Because I feel this is a very reasonable offer & we should NOT MISS THIS OPPURTUNITY !!
Because you would be in better position (Ofcourse he is native of Bijapur J !! )
Please confirm your presence by tomorrow !!
Sivanarayanan Pasupathy
KA Team,



  1. I’m also studying in this hostel only i’m proud ma hostel…i’m thanking yo one nd all who r all helping us ..march on witt hope nd wisdom…i love yo my mama..

  2. Wen i was 12 year old i came to india..i’m not studied one year .later my mom searching for school to join me. mom don’t have enough money to join the school .in tat my mom came to knw n bangalore gud hostel ter without money can study .they are helping refugee my mom so happy later we decide to cum here ..they put me n 5th standard my age was 13. i don’t knw english but i’m learning step by step and learned out .annual xam finished i got 3rd grade i’m got price n parents meeting my mom so happy i’m also so happy b’coz i’m got the price infront of all the parents i’m final yr…..studying n i.g.i.a

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