KA Team Weekend (26th 27th jan) Update- Visit to Kwab and chesire home

Dear All,

IS KA team made  visit to KWAB,  Chesire home during this weekend and here is the brief update.

Occasion: Republic Day Celebration, 26th January 2008

Place of Visit: Karnataka Welfare Association for Blind.Sheshadri puram.

Members Involved: RaviKumar K Shivanarayan P Ram Jayasree J

Representative from Samsung: Shrein

Activities: Morning 

  • The India sudar team gathered at the KWAB campus at 9.30am
  • Ravi kumar  precided over the on behalf of IS, Shiva delivered a thought provoking speech and assured that India sudar will do its best to the welfare and development of this organization. Thereby we lit the hopes of the visually challenged kids, the smiles we brought on their faces energized us as well for our further deeds. Followed by this our team visited to the new location to which most of the inmates of KWAB are shifting.
  • After the primary study it was concluded that the place requires renovation and facilities were not meeting even the basic requirements.
  • Our team members interacted with the engineer and managing trustee and first level of decision regarding project estimation were made.
  • The activity of renovation was kick started on this special day.


  • Our members participated in the cultural event organized by the very talented kids here.
  • The events included extra ordinary vocal and instrumental music performances.
  • Our team also interacted with the NCC cadets from Ammani College, Bangalore. With the exchange of thought we could build a new network with the energetic students of this college.
  • With the sense of satisfaction and feel of patriotism we dispersed for the day.

Occasion:Breakfast Serving at Bangalore Chesire Home by Aashayein Foundation

27th January 2008

Place of Visit: Bangalore Chesire HomeAirport Road

Members Involved: UdhayRaviKumar K Shivanarayan P Jayasree J


  • The India sudar team gathered at the chesire home at 8.30am. 
  • A brief meeting was held with the founder and Managing director of Aashayein foundation. In this meeting the following points were discussed.
  • The scaling up shisksan abyan project where in the government school students will be guided in learning English so as to make them competitive enough.
  • Groundwork like feasibility analysis and resource structuring needs to be done for techno gyan project.
  • A preparatory meeting was planned to be scheduled during the weekends to conclude on points of discussion with Mr.Beluragi who is visiting Bangalore on Feb. 8th .
  • We also had breakfast with the physically challenged inmates of chesire home and got to know about their living standards there and were happy about its efficient functions.
  • The efficient functions in particular include the women empowerment by providing self-employment. This economic independence has made the physically challenged women here very self-reliant.  This is a remarkable learning for our members from this model.
  • We got to meet more volunteers and were very happily surprised to see energetic youth from IT sector interested towards such social cause more specifically because it was a Sunday morning. We then disperessed for the day.

Thanks and regards

Jayasree , IS KA Team

Help for B.Sc student – On verge of Dropout

Dear Friends

Our chennai chapter members came across this student sudying B.Sc in Tamil Nadu Arts and Science College , Vanagaram, Chennai. He is verge of dropping out of studies because of financial details.

We have collected comprhensive details of him. The pending fee is 8000/- We request you all to contribute & make his life brighter!!

Thanks to suresh/Saravanan who have got details !!


Student Details:
Percentage of marks scored in +2 (first group): 53%

Course Doing:    B.Sc. Computer Science I year, Tamil Nadu Arts and Science College , Vanagaram, Chennai

Semester Fee: Rs. 8000/-
Total Semester: 6
Fees paid: For first semester

About his family:

Brother: Elder brother working in Market earning Rs. 2500/- per month
Sister: Elder sister working in ICICI Tele marketing earning Rs. 3500/- per month
Father: not working due to his health condition
Mother: House wife
House: Rented (Rs.2500/- per month)

We verified all the information. Based on the relative confirmation, Ruban has decided and joined this course. Unfortunately, his relative is now no more. So, he is struggling to pay the fees now.

More info :
1. He had scored 78% in 10th std
2. He had scored 58% in +2, as he was put on to school called MCNHSS at TNagar which only has 7 students in +2, coaching standards were much below as those of govt schools.
3. His present college is affiliated to madras univ, which gives board exam results during mid of feb, it will be too late to wait till second fortnight of feb.

We would fund him provided he would score minimum 75% if has to get our fee funding.

-siva narayanan

Help Needed for Education of an Blind Orphan Student

From: T Hari hari_bca@yahoo.com

Dear All,
I have come to know that a visually challenged person (Blind) economically backward student named Mr. Robert White, who finished his graduation at Loyola College , Chennai and got selected for doing B.Ed., (English) at the same college. Owing to his disability and financial situation the college has given a concession of Rs.20,000/- and admit in the college and asked him to pay the balance Rs.40,000/- (Forty Thousand Only) within this month, which is an big amount for him to pay, since he was no relatives and close friends to support his education.
On hearing this last week, I along with India Sudar Member Jeyaseeralan went to Loyola College and met the student Mr. Robert White and spoke to him and found that he is an Orphan from Pudukottai District and very much interested in the studies.
I had attached the following in the pdf format with this mail:
1) Bonafide Letter given to student from Loyola College , Chennai
2) Identification Card given to student.
3) Requisition letter from the student
Below is the details about him and his fees:
Student Name
D. Robert White
Course Name
B.Ed., (English)
College Name
Loyola College, Chennai.
Year of Admission
2007 – 2008
Total Fees
Fees Concession given by College
Fees Paid by him so far
Rs. 7,900/-
Balance Fees Amount to be Pay
Please comment on this and try to help him to continue his education.
Last date to pay his fees is 31st January, 2008

Thanks & Regards,

KA TEAM WKEND Update: KWAB, GOM Orphange and NIMHANS (Girls) Home visit

Bangalore, KA.

Dear All,

We made a casual visit to KWAB, GOM Orphange and NIHMAN Girls Home during this weekend and here is the brief update.

One of my colleage (Mr.Senthil Nathan) donated lunch to KWAB kids from Krishnacafe on Saturday and I joined with them. Mr. Murthy shared their new-urgent requirement for Rs. 40,000. They had to vocate their current home from Kumara park area to Sheshardripuram, due to that they need to do some minor repair at new rented place. The estimated Cost is Rs. 40,000.  Ram would visit along with a builder to  this place during this week and check the estimation.

NIHMANS Home(Girls section) and Shishu Mandir:

Ashayein Foundation scheduled there brekfast program at NIHMANS (Girls Section) home near Shishu Mandir on last sunday. Myself and Shiva joined with them. It was surprise to see more than 30 volunteers assembled there. Based on our conversation with few staff and girls over there, there is no requirements as of now. And then we visted Shishu mandir, some renovation and extention work is in progress. We had a meeting after the breakfast program, we explained about India Sudar activities and our forthcoming project with Mr. Beluragi.

Ashayein Foundation is interested to work with us. Myself ,Shiva and Prashanth are making the plan and estimate for the project with Mr. Beluragi. Vinod would arrange for a meeting Ashayein Foundation once we are ready with our estimate.

GOM Orphange:
On Sunday evening, again Myself, Shiva and Jayasree visited GOM Orphange, Shivaji Nagar to celebrate one of her friend’s birthday. It was nice evening with children at home and they had shown their dance talents. They asked us to provide few tube-lights and we gave money for 4 tubelights. They have space problem over there, they are still discussing with the chairman to get permission to extend their shelter. We may need to help them, if they get proper permission.

Actions Plans :

Ram would visit KWAB and check their estimate
Ravi, Shiva and Prashanth – make the estimate and plan for the project with Mr. Beluragi
Vinod – need to arrange for a meeting with Ashayein Foundation once the estimate and plan is ready.
Shiva and Jayasree – Please share with this group, if i have missed anything.

KA Team,

Fund raised through Mukhosh’s excellant theatre play “Jibon Muchki Haashe…..”

12, 13th/Jan/2008
Bangalore, KA.

Dear All,
We had meeting with Mukhosh group few weeks back and discussed about fund raising and helping each other. We had sent this udpate to our group already.
Introduction of Mukhosh
mukhOsh is a Bangla theatre group comprised mainly of researchers and alumni
of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore . Please visit http://www.mukhosh.org to know more.
Mukshoh theatre play in Bangalore and their service to society. Mukhosh team made a wonderful theater play on 12th and 13th Jan 2008 at Seva Sadan Auditorium, Malleshwaram. The Show theme and name is “Jibon Muchki Haashe…..” (A sweet and sour comedy) by Ayan, (inspired by “The play is the thing”, a play by P.. G. Wodehouse)
The best part is Mukosh agreed to provide the proceeds to INDIA SUDAR.
On the show:

Ravi and Shiva attended on behalf of INDIA SUDAR and we had put a small stall with our posters and pamphlets. It was great experience to meet different people and explain our activities.
Show was close to 3 hour show with a break in between. The show was really very good and well prepared. Though we do not understand Bengali, we coul really appreciate their acting, stage preparation, technology usage, co-ordination and their presentation, it was really amazing and inspiring. We are sure a play of this length would have taken them quite some practice.
Myself and Shiva explained our India Sudar activities on stage before starting the show.
We met different people and they were interested to know what we are doing and how they can support us. One IIsc Phd student from US donated Rs. 500 there and we yet to receive other donation details.
On 13th Jan 2008, Mukhosh handed over a cheque for Rs.5000 as a token contribution to INDIA SUDAR on stage. They yet to check their accounts and calculate. We would get some more contribution from Mukosh :-).

On behalf of INDIA SUDAR, we thank MUKHOSH for providing a different platform to reach people and their wonderful support during their show including allowing us to put a stall (with table, chair etc), allowing us to give introduction to audience on stage and etc.
Thanks a lot for entire “Mukhosh team” for their support and it was excellent performance.
This is the first time India Sudar has partnered in cultural’s for fundraising and it seems to have had a good start.

KA Team, K.Ravi and Shiva

Mini-Taluk level Quiz program & Teacher Training in Chikkaballapur district, Karnataka

Dear friends,

The Taluk level quiz and training programs we conducted last weekend, generated a lot of excitement and enthusiasm among the participating students, teachers and local community in Gowribidanur taluk. These programs, conducted with the approval of education department (DDPI and BEO), were very successful in generating awareness in a rural setting. The photos are available at http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/IndiaSudarMiniTalukLevelQuizProgram and http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/MiniTalukLevelTeacherTrainingAtGauribidanurTalukChikkaballapurDistrict  

A summary of these programs is presented below:

Date: 12-Jan-2008
Venue: Chikkakurugodu HPS, Gowribidanur taluk, Chikkaballapur district, Karnataka.
Programs: Quiz program and teacher training
Number of schools: 16
Number of teachers: 24


– Preliminary written test conducted to select top 5 teams.
– Five rounds of quiz among the selected teams interspersed with audience questions
– GHPS Alipura, GHPS Melya and GHPS Chikkakurugodu emerged as the first, second and third team respectively
– Trophies for the top 3 teams and individual prizes (dictionaries, wren and martin, note books, pens, etc) to the members of each team were distributed

Teacher Training:

– 24 teacher trained on “Positive classroom teaching” and “Student-teacher relationship” modules
– Smt. Ambika and Lakshmi’s services engaged via a contract (5K as fees) for this purpose
– Positive overall feedback from the teachers, but for the opinion that a local trainer would be more effective.

Work Co-ordinators: Uday, Raghavendra, Deepak, Subramanya, Thejaswini, Santhosh and Prashanth

Quiz content contributors: Prashanth, Raghavendra, Rama Seshan, Thejaswini, Deepak, Subramanya

Special Thanks to: The headmaster, school staff and the villagers of Chikkakurugodu for excellent arrangement at the venue. Sri. C.N. Mohan Rao deserves a special mention for food arrangements to the visiting team of IS/trainers. Another noteworthy contribution is of the villagers who donated for the food and related cost during these programs.

KA-IS team
L.A. Prashanth,

Dear Friends,

Mini-Taluk level Quiz program & Teacher Training – One of our milestone in
Karnataka. Its really EXCELLENT project and we had more
student/teachers/goverment staff interaction through this project. Definatly we
got very good experience while working for this project in last one month.

Our Sincere THANKS to our KA Team members Prashanth, Raghavendra, Rama Seshan,
Thejaswini, Who planned and prepared Question papers in Kannada for last one

Our Sincere THANKS to our IS members Santhosh, Deepak, Subramanya, Mani, Who
worked for this project.

We got very good support from Headmaster, Teachers, Village People, BEO/DDPI for
our program. Teachers, SDMC (School Development and Monitoring Committee) and
villagers of Chikkakurugodu did complete arrangement like sending invitation to
schools, providing lunch to all the students/teachers, decorating school,
providing sound system for Quiz, Stage for Quiz, etc.

Our Sincere THANKS Headmaster Sri.Sheshadri, School teachers, Sri. C.N. Mohan
Rao, BEO, Who are all Co-ordinated the India Sudar project in Chikkakurugodu.

I have attached project report for your reference.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Visit to Visuddhaloka

Chennai, TN.

Click me to see ALL PHOTOS: 

Hi all,
A week before last week, on 31st Dec, I visited Visuddhaloka org. (Sorry for the delayed mail)

Brief abt the org:
Org is run by Jayasridhar. He along with his friends started his help in Thiruvotriyur. Later decided to register it and shifted it to Manali New town. Actually, he started to help the Tsunami affected ppl. Then, he picked up 50 selective children(both boys and girls) from Tsunami affected ppl and started a hostel @ Manali New town and registered it. He gives a sheltor for them in that hostel, provides food & materials for studies.

In every week-end Saturday, he arranged some of his friends to take personality development, career guidance classes. The home is having the students ranging from 6th std to ITI. Currently the home is having totally 43 students. Jayasridhar handed over the remaining students to their parents after their conditions have come to a stable situation.
Currently the home is run by 3 paid staff. They only teach the students and some times its by some volunteers.
He wishes to have a permanent teacher for spoken english class.
As far as myself is concerned, he is doing a gud job and gud future vision. He even talked abt the +ve and –ve points of our education system. Mind it.. he is only 12th std and finished his social service cross course in a private institute. So, it will be gud, if we can support him by any means.
12/95, Subramani Nagar
Manali New town
Chennai – 103
Ph: 25024826 / 9841255342
Athi (B +ve)
IS TN Team.

Discussion with Mr.Baluragi

Bangalore, Karnatka 

On sunday(06-Jan-2008), we met up with Mr.Baluragi at Agasthya foundation, Kuppam.

The aim was to discuss on training the Govt School teacher on science teaching in more easy & practical way.

Agasthya foundation has setup popular science centre in Kuppam to cater to Rural students. They also have mobile science Vans which travel to villages & poularise science to students.
Attendees : Prashant, Raghavendra, Ravi & shiva
Credentials of Mr.Baluragi:
 (more in http://www.vichar.nic.in/Allinthegame/individual_18.asp)

He has served as a teacher , Lecturer(Physics) in the L.V.D.College, Raichur (1968-80) and also as Assistant Registrar at the Gulbarga University.Shri Baluragi was also the Director of the Belgaum Vijnana Kendra(BVK), Belgaurn. He has authored 8 books, and nearly 100 popular science articles. 
In 1991 ,a National Awardees for Science Popularisation.
Discussion on physics teaching methods :
– He gave us a 40 minute demo on Physics topic “Optics” with easily avaliable day to day materials. The demonstrations were easy & kept us very engaged. Concept explanation was very much a relection of his expertise.
– ! Teaching method inolved easily avaliable mirrors, laser pointers, prism & card board models.
– Even in our earlier meeting with him he had insisted that we attend one of his demonstrations before we decide on any future course of action.
– Like optics session, he has prepared 20+ topics in science for Primary & high school syllabus. His idea os to compliment the existing syllabus with practical demonstrations.
– A few written laminations also to prepared to show theoritical concepts to supplement the demos.
Overall he was very brief in his ideas & kept things very simple.Other than travel expense, lodging he does not expect fixed renumration.He is doing this as a service. The training would also be in cost effective way !! His credentials would increase the quality of our training program.

Future project ideas :
– Orgainse taluk/sub-taluk level teacher training program to be conducted by Mr.Baluragi.
– The kit if required may maximum cost 4000-5000 if required to be given to the teachers. We have to find ways to creating one as he does not do it commercially nor he has the time.
 But Slide material would be prepared by him .
– Possible popular science lecturs to school students to make science intresting(Ofcouse he has been rightly awarded)
– Since he is based in Dharwad , also being native of Bijapur can help us with contacts to conduct sessions there also.

IS KA Team, shiva 

Meeting with Aashayein Foundation

5th Jan 2008
Bangalore, Karnataka.

Atendees :  Dharmesh, Prashant, Vinod,Ravi, Raaghu, shiva

On Saturday 5th Jan 2008 with Dharmesh Porwal of Aashayein Foundation, an educational trust. We discussed the work we are involved with & possible areas of collabrations.

About Aashayein Foundation : ( www.aashayeinfoundation.org)

– Started in Jan 2007, with aim of serving the needy students in their education. Has more than 400 members with activity spanning in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh.

– Has successfully brought back to schools 78 Kids based in the slums of Bangalore. All their educational needs are being taken care of.

– Note book drive “Pusthaka Abhiyana” has given few thousand notebooks to derserving children. Plan for 2008 is 1 lakh note books.

– SUnday Breakfast is being provided every week, to one orphanage, old age home,NIMHANs. This has been happening for 52 weeks continuosly.

Collabarative areas :

– Since India Sudar also is into note book donation drive, we can partner with
Aashayein to purchase them in cost effective manner. Aashayein has been procruring current orders from manufcaturer directly.

– Regular exchange between the groups on the ongoing projects. Admins of both groups to facilitate.

– Cross funding of projects, exchange of voluteer wherever possible. Aashayein can be brought into IS open charitable paltform.

– They are also interested in knowing more on our “Teacher Quality improvement” program we are planning to train Govt schoolteachers. Another potential area of common ground execution.

– To share best practises in project execution,funding, project evaluation.

IS look forward in working with Aashayein in future work we would undertake.
IS KA Team, shiva.

Attended Ennangalin Sangamam Meeting in Hindu College.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Dear Friends,

I have attended Ennangalin Sangamam Meeting on 07-Jan-2008 in Hindu College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Its full day(10 AM to 5.00 PM) program. Near 300 organization/individuals attended this meeting.

About Ennangalin Sangamam: NGO’s/Orphanages/Individual who is doing the service/Groups/etc from complete Tamil Nadu People meeting on January in every year. This program was organized by “Ennangalin Sangamam” organization. This organization provides the platform to see what Social Workers doing in our society & Provide the opportunity to interact with different people.

In first half, most of the organization or individual presenting there service and second half mostly kind of Discussion.

I had discussion with following people(India Sudar supporting organization/Villages) for our India Sudar Projects.

Jagan, India Sudar Computer Training Center(Melappedu), Chennai
Prabhu, Gudur, AP
S. Komala, Iniya Udaiyam Charitable Trust
Nisha.R.J, Manitham Trust, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu
Prasanna, ciosa, Ciosa.org.in
Amuthashanthy,Thiyagam Madurai
Dhana(Teacher), Athivaakkam Village, Thiruvalluvar (District), India Sudar Computer Center
BalaSubramanian, Artist
Ramanujam, DhanaKotti.T.N (L to R)

Very Useful Contact: I met Mr.Dhanakoti.T.N (Retired Teacher), He is providing training to elementary school teachers(1st to 5th standard) to make simple models to educate students in very easy way. Already he trained 2000+ teachers in Tamil Nadu. He agreed to come and provide this type of the training in any place at free of cost. He is doing this complete work at free of cost for government school teachers.

Mr.Ramanujam, Mr.Dhanakoti.T.N (L to R)

As you know already about our Mr.Ramanujam, Who is created the models to simplify Maths and Science education from 6th to 10 standard.

Lets plan for this type of the training in known schools.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

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