Activity report for Royapuram Home !!

Dear Friends

Our recent projects being undertaken at Royapuram Home,Chennai has been expanding with help of great minded people from Art Of Living(A.O.L)To give you all a brief history, besides deploying a teacher at the School in the Royapuram home, we also were discussing the idea of giving the children some life skill training.

Mr.Zakir from A.O.L cheanni visited the home along with me & Udhay.
Last week they visited the home & delivered the first 5 day training to the 45 children(Age12-17). This is a great piece of dedicated work done by A.O.L to those children. We will continue to work together in future at many places as we can.

Intially When I discussed with one of our well wishers, Mr.Venkatesan(Hyderabad), he directed is to A.O.L chennai.  With help of Mr.Ganeshji, Mr.Vikram I was able to firm up things. Ofcourse Mr.Zakir readily agreed to visit & now HE HAS DELIVERED WHAT THEY PROMISED.

India sudar thanks all of those involved heartily & invite them ao tall our future missions to work together in complimentry ways !!

Jai hind !



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