Visit to Royapuram Boy’s home.

Chennai, TN

Dear Friends

Last Thursday,9/11/2007, myself & Udhay Kumar visited Royapuram Boy’s Home. Main reason was to introduce the place to Art of living Voluteer, Mr.Zaheer Hussain.

During the previous visits we came to know that, only half of the boys visit the home school. Others are being retained in the Reception area only & they are not allowed schooling. So we had planned for some informal social skill building for them first before we go in for any formal education for them. Because they just stay in a hall & watch TV the whole day.

So through our friends network we had sought Art of living’s help. They readily agreed to help them with their specially designed programme for desolated & Juvinille children. Zaheer took the details & would further take it up with their own organisation. Hopefully this should bring in some kind of life training for those kids.

Updates from Superintend of the Boy’s HomeĀ  – Mr.Sivaraman:

– The board has been thinking of shifting the boys to another Unit in Mylapore area. Then they would re-moedl the whole of Royapuram to suite the boys correctly. Especially creaing more space instead of just a hall .

– Drawing master Mr.jagadidh showed the science models built by children with his help. they were pretty good !!!

– I also took up some issues with Mrs.Vidhya raman, who is in the board of management. She said we may have to wait as there are going to be some changes. Then she would seek our assistance for educational assitance.

Our thanks to Mr.Zaheer Hussain for visiting the home & Mrs. Vidhya for giving more inputs about the home(I met her the next day in her office)



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