More requirements from Govt Primary School at Chikkarogudoo School – Karnataka

Chikkaballapur(district), Karnataka,
Dear friends,

As planned, we visited the school at Chikkakurugodu in Chikkaballapur district on Nov 1st (Kannada Rajyotsava Day). As with phase 1, it was a well-organized function in the school premises, presided over by the local dignitaries. Lunch followed, courtesy Sri. C.N.Mohan Rao.

A few satisying observations from our assessment are as follows:

– A quick inspection of the material we provided in phase 1 clearly suggested that it was put to “best use” by the students through the teachers and headmaster. What was especially heartening to see was the sample cursive handwriting notebooks of a few kids, with those flawless masterful strokes 🙂

– An interesting side-effect of our project execution here is the tremendous increase in the participation and contribution to the school by the localites. Sample these: 10+ chairs donated, School wall painted with a lot of useful information , Newspaper subscription and so on.

– The key contributing factor for these is the headmaster and his troupe of teachers, who have been working incessantly towards improving  the quality of education here.

Being impressed by our efforts, the resource personnel (CRP) arranged for a meeting with the local BEO (Block Education Officer) and a few assisting officers.  We elaborated on the vision/activities of our group and then had a brief discussion on the issues affecting the quality of education in the vicinity (Gauribidanur taluk and surrounding villages). The predominant ones are: drop outs due to lack of awareness (both parents and wards), increased inferiority complex due to competing private schools and lack of dedication on the part of teachers.

We intend to continue our efforts in this district to increase awareness and build confidence to improve enrollment, retention and learning. All helping hands towards this initiative are welcome :-).

The project report is attached herewith and the photos are available at


KA-IS Team


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  1. Hai Dignatries,

    Congratulations…….You people stepping ahead with great work to develop our surrounding villages ,,,,,,,,

    I am Salute U for your effort…………

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