Phase1 Executed – Stationery requirements

27 Oct 2007
Bangalore, KA.

Hi all,

Last week (27 Oct 2007) we executed the Phase 1 requirements for KWAB. KWAB needed some educational stationery immediately for Mid term examination.

Anil, Sharath and Raghavendra purchased the books from Ebrahim Stationery at Avenue Road on 27 Oct 2007. Prashanth and Naveen also joined them at KWAB and distributed the stationery on the same day.

Mr Murthy and Ms Madhu thanked India Sudar group for providing the stationery.


Please see the project report attached and photos uploaded at

IS Members Attendees
Prashanth, Naveen, Anil, Sharath and Raghavendra

A4 size White paper 5 bundles
Fullscape paper 2 bundles
Envelopes (small) 100
Envelopes (medium) 100
Envelopes (big) 100
LongNoteBooks 200pg 20 nos
Box (lever) file 10 nos.
Tag file 10 nos.
Flat Spring File 20 nos
Plastic Folders 20 nos.
Gum Bottle 4 nos
Gum tape 5 nos.
Stapler (Std) 1
Stapler pins (Std) 5
Stapler (Big) 1
Stapler pins (Big) 2
Floppy 2 boxes
CD 2 boxes
Box file (small) 10 Nos.

Brief about KWAB:
KWAB is a NGO, formed in the year 1967. Association is serving the visually impaired and other persons with disability. Currently KWAB is run by Mr. S P Murthy who himself a visually impaired person. There are around 90 Students from the age 2 to 14. From 1999 KWAB started the blind school and syllabus is based on CBSE. This is a resident school where Association takes care of accommodation, food, cloth, study etc. 10 – 20 new admissions every year in Bangalore. Criteria for admission is blindness (complete or partial) and poor background. Absolutely there is no support available from the State Govt. or Central Govt. from the past 4 years. Currently the KWAB is run purely on the public donations.

Future Plans:
Going forward, we need to work with our contacts in Samsung (Ravi) and TI (Prashanth) to take care of the larger needs like Braille books and infrastructure.

India Sudar KA Team, Bangalore


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