Thiyagam, Madurai, Tamil Nadu – Project Report

We have attached:

1. Report of Thiyagam Narpanbu Kalvi Maiyam(TNKM) – evening free tuition centre report from April to Sep.07 along with impact of the children.

2.  Photo-1 –
a. A boy with folding handing telling a moral story – Childrens Day program at Thiruvedagam village.
b. A boy taking pledge on Independance Day program at Pudur village
c. Role play on the importance of Village Sanitation at Kamatchipuram village
d. Children Day program Melakkal village

a. Camp photo – Cultural program
b. Camp – yoga by children at Nagatheertham village
c. Kamatchipuram teacher teaching children
d. Teachers meeting at Keelamathur
a. Melakkal village photo
b. Thiruvedagam parents meet
c. Pudur village
d. Keelamathur village

Report and Impact of Life Skills Program at Thiyagam Narpanbu Kalvi Maiyam(TNKM)-Madurai(Supported by India Sudar) From April 07 to September 07

Villages: Pudur, Thiruvedagam, Keelamathur, Melakkal, Kamatchipuram

 TNKM – Important Programs:

    • Five free evening tuition centres have been started in villages Thiruvedagam, Kamatchipuram, Melakkal, Pudur, Keelamathur in Madurai Dist.
    • Five committed lady teachers have been appointed to take care of these centres and 165 students are benefited
    • Due importance is given to Value inculcation through various methods inspired by V-Set and Mr Ravichandar from V-Set, Chennai visited Madurai and given special training to TNKM teachers on the implementation of life skills program.
    • Refresher camp conducted on 06-05-07 for all the 165 children at Nagatheertham imparting training on handicrafts, street play, oyilattam, Bommalattam, awareness songs, painting, moral stories etc. Children participated with great enthusiasm.
    • Nandini Voice for the deprived has donated Note books for the children of TNKM centres and the same was distributed.
    • Parents Meet was organized at Thiruvedagam on 15-07-07 with 15 parents and shared the views of Parents participation in TNKM efforts.
    • 15-08-07 – Independence Day was celebrated and the talents of children encouraged. Trees were planted by Chief Guests on the occasion.
    • 23-09-07 – Thiruvedagam Vivekananda College has conducted yoga and breathing training for the students of 8, 9,10th std was conducted.  College Principal Sri Vannirajan given his full support for the program.
    • Life Skills Program have been taught following the precepts from Thirukkural and also learning from V-Set.
    • Special Talent Improvement program initiated which consists of Ooyilattam, singing, dancing, story telling, drawing, essay writing and oratory.
    • Mini library is being set up in all five villages to improve the reading habit.



Individual level Family level Social level School level Emotional level Talent level


M Kani is a mischievous boy and do all kinds pranks now he listens to teacher


Nadhia, Priya is cleaning utensils at home and helpful to her parents

Saranya has given betel nuts to an old lady from her savings

Saravanan has given money to his friend to go his village who lost his bus fare

Helping mind and tendency has increased

Kartik, Mari,Saravanan ‘Vazhvil Thirukural’ convey the meaning daily



The qualities Civic Sense, Respecting others, Obedience to elders have been nurtured


Rakku girl student. she used escort a old lady to cross the road

Bharathi, student gave his pen to a friend who was weeping and given consolation

The quality of adoptability increased among children

Through Drawing, moral stories, essay writing the talent of the children encouraged

2. Pudur

Thirupathi is a week in studies.  Earlier he got fail marks. Now he has passed all the subjects. His parents appreciated the centre


Pichumani, a student unable to walk properly.  Now through the inspiration and guidance of the Centre he walks  and studies well.

Easwari went to Chennai and visited beach. She saw a girl was about to sink in the waves.  She informed the same to her parents and rescued the girl.

Divya gave her lunch to a girl student who swooned away due to hunger.  Teachers appreciated the kindness of Divya

Naveena was going in her by-cycle. She helped a girl who was standing for a long time waiting for the bus by giving her doubles.

Children are actively involved in

Handicrafts, maintaining the plantation



Kalaimani was walking on the road. She saw a girl fell down in the well while picking up a ball. Kalaimani ran to girl’s parents and informed the same. The girl was saved

Poornima, a girl student coming from a deprived family.   Understanding family situation she sells flower garlands and support the family during her spare times.

Nandini went to Thirthakarai temple.  She felt that it would be helpful to public if the hill was cleaned.  With the help of some students she cleaned the hill temple and increased the beauty of the place.

TNKM students gets good name from teachers in schools by their behaviour

TNKM students teach yoga and breathing to other students which they have learnt from Vivekananda College

Divya has written a wonderful essay on ‘Our village in 2010’.


Ooyilattam, hand work, singing are practiced by children

3. Keelamathur

Students interest in education increased and attend the Centre in time

Students help their mother in household chores

Village water tank was cleaned by our students during holidays which was appreciated by all.

School teachers appreciated the good behaviour of our students in the school

Helping others, the quality of sharing has increased

Students convey the message from Thirukkural and apply the same in their life.



Sonia, Vinod and Divyabharthi shared their lunch, pen and note books with fellow students


Respecting and obeying elders continues

TNKM students help in assisting in literacy to village elders


Service and kindness has obtained students good name from teachers

Practicing yoga and breathing with other students which they have learnt from Vivekananda College

4. Kamatchipuram

Dance, art also taught to students apart from regular tuition

Students help parents and sisters. Teach lessons to children at home

The teacher and students initiated awareness to build a toilet at every house

The school teacher said the children moves very well and has good manners.

The children put into practice good qualities taught in the centre

All children have passed in the exam


Students are active

Moral stories learnt at the centre are shared with family

Respecting elders continues

School is kept clean without putting garbage around and request the students to use garbage box


Children who gets angry are now patient

Doubts of the other students clarified in subjects by TNKM students


5. Melakkal 

Humaneness is practiced by children

Parents and elders are respected in the family

The awareness was created among children to improve their villages. The centre has been kept clean by the children

TNKM children have stopped fighting with other children on petty matters

The quality of give and take has increased among children. The lives of great ones has inspired them to live a noble life


Practicing yoga and breathing with other students.


Singing and dance are practised

Thanking you
Thiyagam Women Trust

India Sudar Partner with VShare Welfare Association.

Chennai, TN

Dear Friends,

I am very much happy to Indroduce our new Partner “VShare” under our Open
Charitable Platform to Develop Powerful India.

As you know already, Our IS-TN Team had meeting with VShare team members on
04-Nov-2007 at Chennai, TN. We decided to colobrate for our activity to reache
our Vision.


About VShare Activity: VShare is doing a lot to needy peoples like providing foods,shelter, Education, financial support for medical needs, converting kids in orphanages studying in corporation schools to matriculation schools and lot
more. VShare having volunteers from various companies like TCS, INfosys, Wipro,
Satyam, CTS, Scope, EDS, HCL, Ramco etc. Vshare is helping lots of kids in
orphanages and supported lots of people by providing financial support for
Surgeries also.


Name, Role, eMail Id, Phone No.
Logeshwari- President –, 044-9940205228  – Chennai
Selvakumar – Secretary –, 044-9940157141 – Chennai
Gopinath – Vice Secretary – ,- chennai
Ramanathan – Treasurer  –, 9948248919-  Hyderabad
Latha –  Vice President –

Lets work together as a Partner to achieve our common Vision !!!

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

IS INVENTOR Team Integrated with IS-TN Team.

India Sudar,

Dear Friends,

#1 As you know already, We have INVENTOR Team, IS-TN Team, IS-KA Team, IS-PY
Team, IS-KL Team & IS-AP Team in India Sudar.

#2 Now We have integrated INVENTOR team with IS-TN Team. So no more INVENTOR Team in India Sudar. Its effective from today (23-Nov-2007).

#3 If you want participate in any of the India Sudar Team activity as a
volunteer, Please send the mail to

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

visit to indra gandhi international academy for Quiz Program.

Bangalore, KA.

Dear friends,

I and Mr.Udhai visited Indra Gandhi International academy, Jakkur, Bangalore on 17. 11.2007. We collected required details to conduct the quiz program (General, Maths, Science and English) on 1.12.2007 in their campus itself.

1. Quiz program will be conducted for 8th, 9th and 10th students.
2. No of students: 8th- 17, 9th – 17 and 10th- 14. Total- 48.
3. There will be preliminary test for the 48 students and then 8
students ( 4 teams and two per team) will be selected for final round.
4. Discussion regarding prizes will be decided within this week.
5. Details about the quiz program along with the model question paper
will be given to the headmaster by Tuesday.

With care,

A Visit to Anantha Illam.

Chennai, TN 

I and our member Jeyaseeralan had visited the “Anantha Illam” (Community Health Educational Society) on 12th November 2007. There are totally 47 childrens who are infected and affected by HIV, most of the childrens are below 5 years. The Home is also providing education for the children till 5th Standard in their campus itself.  Children’s who are studying from 6th Standard are studying near by Corporation School. In our initial discussion had with Mrs.Chitra who is taking care of the home children, we found that the children are in need of our affection and care.
Infected  – Those childrens are affected by HIV
Affected  – Either father or mother of the child died because of HIV and relations are not ready to adopt
The following are the basic requirements for this home

S.No ITEM NAME Required Quantity
1 Umbrella 2
2 Flask 4
3 Huggies (For Kids) 10
4 Napkins (For Ladies) 20
5 Baby Sleeping Rubber Sheets (Small) 6
6 Baby Sleeping Rubber Sheets (Large) 2
7 Well Bucket 1
8 Soap Box 20
9 Towel (Thin) 10
The above mentioned basic requirements are going to purchase and provided to the home by an Online Orkut Community named “Uthavum Ullangal” along with my friends on 16th November 2007 at 11am at the “Anantha Illam”.
About Uthavum Ullangal: Motto of this Orkut Community is to help and show affection for aged and helpless people. They are visiting an home week end in every month and support their needs. For the past three months they are doing this noble service. The team is leaded by Mrs.Annapoorani her contact number is 9940613036.
Note: This Program is neither organized nor funded by India Sudar Educational & Charitable Trust.
Contact Details
Community Health Education Society.
“Anantha Illam”
No.1 Kumaran Colony (Near K.R Vijaya Garden)
SriDevi Kuppam Main Road

DATE: 18.11.2007 – SUNDAY – 11 O’CLOCK.

Route Map
From Vadapalani 100 Ft Road -> (Towards AVM) Kamala Theater->AVM Studio ->Big Bazzar ->Keasavarthini Bus Stop-> Agatheeswarar Temple Tank-> Take Straight Road and Turn Right you will see Friends Park Hotel ->Laser Soft ->Muthu Mari Amman Kovil -> Kuamaran Colony (near Link Up Textile)
Thanks & Regards,

Visit to Royapuram Boy’s home.

Chennai, TN

Dear Friends

Last Thursday,9/11/2007, myself & Udhay Kumar visited Royapuram Boy’s Home. Main reason was to introduce the place to Art of living Voluteer, Mr.Zaheer Hussain.

During the previous visits we came to know that, only half of the boys visit the home school. Others are being retained in the Reception area only & they are not allowed schooling. So we had planned for some informal social skill building for them first before we go in for any formal education for them. Because they just stay in a hall & watch TV the whole day.

So through our friends network we had sought Art of living’s help. They readily agreed to help them with their specially designed programme for desolated & Juvinille children. Zaheer took the details & would further take it up with their own organisation. Hopefully this should bring in some kind of life training for those kids.

Updates from Superintend of the Boy’s Home  – Mr.Sivaraman:

– The board has been thinking of shifting the boys to another Unit in Mylapore area. Then they would re-moedl the whole of Royapuram to suite the boys correctly. Especially creaing more space instead of just a hall .

– Drawing master Mr.jagadidh showed the science models built by children with his help. they were pretty good !!!

– I also took up some issues with Mrs.Vidhya raman, who is in the board of management. She said we may have to wait as there are going to be some changes. Then she would seek our assistance for educational assitance.

Our thanks to Mr.Zaheer Hussain for visiting the home & Mrs. Vidhya for giving more inputs about the home(I met her the next day in her office)


Visited to Ramannapalli Village in Cuddapah District of Andhra Pradesh.

Ramannapalli Village, Cuddapah District of Andhra Pradesh.

Dear Friends,

On 10-Nov-2007, I have visited to Ramannapalli Village in Cuddapah District of Andhra Pradesh. It’s 266 Km from Chennai through Train.

I have visited to this Village in guidance of DR.M.UBAIDULLAH Who is very much interested to provide education for Poor Students in Cuddapah District.

TELEPHONE:(R) 91-877-2240383, (0) 91-877-2249666 EX;316

My purpose of visit needs to understand this village student education status and setup tuition center for this village.

There are three habitations in this village viz., Ramannapalli Main, Ramannapalli Harijanawada and Modala.
There are 715 households in Ramannapalli Village. The total population of the village is 2,000. Most of the people in this village belong to backward castes and scheduled castes. The people living in this area depend on agriculture and some are weavers. A vast majority of the head of the households are illiterates and poor.

The total student strength in the two primary(1st to 5th) schools is 306 (159 boys and 147 girls). In the high school (from Class VI to X), 241 students are studying. (121 boys and 120 girls). Most of the children”s parents are working as labourers. A vast Majority of the children are poor in studies.


I needs to Thanks
 DR.M.UBAIDULLAH, who shown the interest to support this village
 Mr.Prasad, who identified this village and provided complete information about this school.

You can see some photos from IS Photo Album

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

One another partner – VShare.

Chennai, TN

Hi Folks,

I am very happy to inform u all that one another org, VShare also join their hands with us to make a powerful India.

We 3 (Athi, Sargunan, Senthil Kumar) met 3 members(Balasubramaniam, Selvakumar, Murali) of their org on Sunday, 4th Nov 2007 @ my home in T.Nagar, Chennai. And, we had a conference call with Prakash(US).

A brief intro abt VShare.

‘However small the share is, its V that matters’, with this tagline VShare is started by Mr. Prakash in Apr 2005 and registered in Govt in Jun 2006.. They are having volunteers from various companies like TCS, INfosys, Wipro, Satyam, CTS, Scope, EDS, HCL, Ramco etc.

They classify their work in 3 broad categories

1. Helping for education of the needies.
2. Infrastructure developments for poor homes.
3. Extending Financial support for Medical expenses of poor.

Through VShare from May 2007 – Jun 2007 they have provided School bags, books, Notes, Pencils, Pen etc, Shoes, Uniform and lot for kids in Pathai Orphanage home, Solomon Society, Udhavum Ullangal illam, Some kids in Naser Matriculation shool. And they paid school fees also for the kids as a total they have spent around 50,000 rs. Apart from these, they supported some other org like Nethaji Mercy Home-Velachery, Home & Hope for the Hopeless – Purasaivaakkam, Mercy Orphanage – Erode, etc. They make regular visits to the homes.

They built toilet & bathroom for Solomon Society. And, they paid various medical expenses and conducted medical camps.

Through our partnership with them, the following 3 things can be achieved.

1. If they know any projects, but not having enuf money, we will support the project, if we have enuf fund.
2. If we know any projects, but not having enuf money, they will support the project, if they have enuf fund.
3. We(ourselves & VShare) can implement any projects together. We will share our experience and ideas to execute new projects.

We will be supporting in Educational purposes only.Once again, thanx to everyone in VShare & in IndiaSudar for extending ur support.

Athi (B +ve)
IS-TN Team.

More requirements from Govt Primary School at Chikkarogudoo School – Karnataka

Chikkaballapur(district), Karnataka,
Dear friends,

As planned, we visited the school at Chikkakurugodu in Chikkaballapur district on Nov 1st (Kannada Rajyotsava Day). As with phase 1, it was a well-organized function in the school premises, presided over by the local dignitaries. Lunch followed, courtesy Sri. C.N.Mohan Rao.

A few satisying observations from our assessment are as follows:

– A quick inspection of the material we provided in phase 1 clearly suggested that it was put to “best use” by the students through the teachers and headmaster. What was especially heartening to see was the sample cursive handwriting notebooks of a few kids, with those flawless masterful strokes 🙂

– An interesting side-effect of our project execution here is the tremendous increase in the participation and contribution to the school by the localites. Sample these: 10+ chairs donated, School wall painted with a lot of useful information , Newspaper subscription and so on.

– The key contributing factor for these is the headmaster and his troupe of teachers, who have been working incessantly towards improving  the quality of education here.

Being impressed by our efforts, the resource personnel (CRP) arranged for a meeting with the local BEO (Block Education Officer) and a few assisting officers.  We elaborated on the vision/activities of our group and then had a brief discussion on the issues affecting the quality of education in the vicinity (Gauribidanur taluk and surrounding villages). The predominant ones are: drop outs due to lack of awareness (both parents and wards), increased inferiority complex due to competing private schools and lack of dedication on the part of teachers.

We intend to continue our efforts in this district to increase awareness and build confidence to improve enrollment, retention and learning. All helping hands towards this initiative are welcome :-).

The project report is attached herewith and the photos are available at


KA-IS Team

Phase1 Executed – Stationery requirements

27 Oct 2007
Bangalore, KA.

Hi all,

Last week (27 Oct 2007) we executed the Phase 1 requirements for KWAB. KWAB needed some educational stationery immediately for Mid term examination.

Anil, Sharath and Raghavendra purchased the books from Ebrahim Stationery at Avenue Road on 27 Oct 2007. Prashanth and Naveen also joined them at KWAB and distributed the stationery on the same day.

Mr Murthy and Ms Madhu thanked India Sudar group for providing the stationery.


Please see the project report attached and photos uploaded at

IS Members Attendees
Prashanth, Naveen, Anil, Sharath and Raghavendra

A4 size White paper 5 bundles
Fullscape paper 2 bundles
Envelopes (small) 100
Envelopes (medium) 100
Envelopes (big) 100
LongNoteBooks 200pg 20 nos
Box (lever) file 10 nos.
Tag file 10 nos.
Flat Spring File 20 nos
Plastic Folders 20 nos.
Gum Bottle 4 nos
Gum tape 5 nos.
Stapler (Std) 1
Stapler pins (Std) 5
Stapler (Big) 1
Stapler pins (Big) 2
Floppy 2 boxes
CD 2 boxes
Box file (small) 10 Nos.

Brief about KWAB:
KWAB is a NGO, formed in the year 1967. Association is serving the visually impaired and other persons with disability. Currently KWAB is run by Mr. S P Murthy who himself a visually impaired person. There are around 90 Students from the age 2 to 14. From 1999 KWAB started the blind school and syllabus is based on CBSE. This is a resident school where Association takes care of accommodation, food, cloth, study etc. 10 – 20 new admissions every year in Bangalore. Criteria for admission is blindness (complete or partial) and poor background. Absolutely there is no support available from the State Govt. or Central Govt. from the past 4 years. Currently the KWAB is run purely on the public donations.

Future Plans:
Going forward, we need to work with our contacts in Samsung (Ravi) and TI (Prashanth) to take care of the larger needs like Braille books and infrastructure.

India Sudar KA Team, Bangalore

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