Great Work done for KWAB, Bangalore

Bangalore, Karnataka.

Hello All,
Hope you all remember KWAB (Karnataka Welfare Association for Blind), Bangalore and we had visted couple of times and served lunch for them.
Also, we found one of the most critical requirement was to put grill beside walking lobby. It is really dangerous to walk in area, since it was having only 2 feet side wall. They had asked to arrange for grill on top of sidewall.

Vinod and his friends took initiative to set up grill there. Finally it is done by Mind Space Architects. Those students can walk without fear and they are really safe.

On behalf of India Sudar, we convery our sincere and heartful thanks to Mind Space Architects, Mr. Venu ,Mr. Ashish and Mr. Sundresh.

Thanks a lot to Vinod, Vinod’s fiance and Raagu, Ram and other friends involved in this activities.


Some more Updates:
1) Last sunday, me and Raaghu visited the KWAB on the way and gave some used children’s cloths which were collected by Sumangala Madam from RT Nagar where she is a teacher. Met Mr. Murthy and spoke for some time. Mr.Murthy updated us that they are having budget sanctioned for constructing 2 rooms but no contractor is coming forward and ready to take the contract.

Mr. Murthy were saying that it would be great if some contractor we can
suggest and we said that we will get back to you.
It was really great work.
India Sudar Team,


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