Visited to Guthavaripalem Village, Kadivedu Post, Gudur Thaluk, Nellore District – 524 410, Andhra Pradesh.

Guthavaripalem Village, Gudur Thaluk, AP.

0. I have visited to Guthavaripalem Village (110 Km from Chennai), Kadivedu Post, Gudur Thaluk, Nellore District – 524 410, Andhra Pradesh on 02-Sep-2007 to review our ongoing projects & Identify new requirement.

1.1 India Sudar Computer Training Center(Guthavaripalem Village) in THAPASVINI Trust campus: Currently we have three batches in this center, other then the students, married women’s also studying in this Center. Electricity is the biggest problem in this Village. Most of the time there is no Power in this village & It’s affecting the compute training. We need to find some alternative solution for this.


2.1 Tuition centers: As you know, already we started 16 tuition centers(10 from India Sudar, 6 from Partners) for all neighbor villages.

2.2 This tuition teachers concentrating/teaching only Telugu, English and Maths in evening classes. Even 8th standard student not able to read and write in Telugu, that is the level of education in this government schools.

2.3 Some of the villages, we can see the more students in our tuition centers compare with School. Good to see this improvement. This is because of quality of education in Government Schools in these villages.

3.1 Tuition Teachers Meeting: Every month, First week of Sunday we have meeting. This meeting used to discuss about the center activity, problems, requirement, etc. Specially I went this time to see all the teachers in this meeting. I had discussion (through translator) with this teachers based on our need.

4.1 Visited to Saraswathi Vidhyapeedam Trust, Private School: I have visited to this school in Gudur with Prabhu. This trust was maintaining this private school for ST colony students. There is no government support for this school, only through donor they are managing. This school they made it for ST students.  They have several education requirements like Teacher, etc. I had the discussion with Mr.Srinivas Reddy, (91-99122-11989), he is running this school & he stayed in school itself with his family.
5. Bad thing I seen in Village names: Still they have village or place called “ST colony” / “SC colony”, even in postal address they have cast name. You can see very rich people in this place or Very poor people in this village, there is no concept of middle class family.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607


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