St. Thomas school visit

Chennai, TN.

Hi Frenz,

One week back(Sat 18th Aug), we, myself(91) & Raja Soundar(176) went to St.Thomas Primary School, Amman Nagar, Tirisulam, Chennai. Its nearly 3 km only from Tirisulam. But, as far as ourselves is concerned, the place is a pukka village. I don’t think, thr is a bus service over thr. We didn’t see any buses till we have been thr in nearly 2 hrs. The school is not a better place. Thr is no proper road to go to the school. Behind a temple like structure, the school is situated. At first, noone can identify whether it’s the school building. We were standing in-front-of the school building and asking the neibours whr the school was. L

When we went thr, the school was in holiday. And so, we decided to meet any of the teachers living around. Only one teacher is living in that village. Others are coming from Nanganallur and other places. When we went to that particular teachers’ home, she didn’t know(or didn’t wanna tell) the details. For everything we asked, she gave just one reply… “Ask the headmaster”. L But, as the HM is not in that village, we cudnt meet her.

After talking to the local ppl, we came to a conclusion that, the panchayat doesn’t do any good for the school. Everything has been done by the villagers themselves. Now, they are moving to a new school building, where the construction is going on. (The person, we asked abt the politics in the panchayat, didn’t give much details. He might be scared)

Most of the ppl in the village are working in the stone quarries near by. I donno whether they are taking the stones legally. They didn’t allow us to take the fotografs.

Anyway, we didn’t collect much details abt the school, as we went on a holiday. The school will be open from Monday to Friday only. So, if anyone free in that days, please go and get some more details. As far as myself is concerned after the first analysis, the school is in bad condition and certainly needs somebody’s attention.

The fotos are in the following path…

Athi, Raja Soundar
Chennai, TN.


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