St. Thomas school visit

Chennai, TN.

Hi Frenz,

One week back(Sat 18th Aug), we, myself(91) & Raja Soundar(176) went to St.Thomas Primary School, Amman Nagar, Tirisulam, Chennai. Its nearly 3 km only from Tirisulam. But, as far as ourselves is concerned, the place is a pukka village. I don’t think, thr is a bus service over thr. We didn’t see any buses till we have been thr in nearly 2 hrs. The school is not a better place. Thr is no proper road to go to the school. Behind a temple like structure, the school is situated. At first, noone can identify whether it’s the school building. We were standing in-front-of the school building and asking the neibours whr the school was. L

When we went thr, the school was in holiday. And so, we decided to meet any of the teachers living around. Only one teacher is living in that village. Others are coming from Nanganallur and other places. When we went to that particular teachers’ home, she didn’t know(or didn’t wanna tell) the details. For everything we asked, she gave just one reply… “Ask the headmaster”. L But, as the HM is not in that village, we cudnt meet her.

After talking to the local ppl, we came to a conclusion that, the panchayat doesn’t do any good for the school. Everything has been done by the villagers themselves. Now, they are moving to a new school building, where the construction is going on. (The person, we asked abt the politics in the panchayat, didn’t give much details. He might be scared)

Most of the ppl in the village are working in the stone quarries near by. I donno whether they are taking the stones legally. They didn’t allow us to take the fotografs.

Anyway, we didn’t collect much details abt the school, as we went on a holiday. The school will be open from Monday to Friday only. So, if anyone free in that days, please go and get some more details. As far as myself is concerned after the first analysis, the school is in bad condition and certainly needs somebody’s attention.

The fotos are in the following path…

Athi, Raja Soundar
Chennai, TN.

Used Computer Donated By India Sudar Member

Bangalore, KA.

Dear Friends,

1. Our India Sudar member Mr.UmaMahesh.P donated his used computer(CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, Printer) to India Sudar. We are moved this computer to Kadesh Childrens Happy Home, L.B.Shastri Nagar (near HAL), Bangalore on 26-Aug-2007 using Ravi Kumar.K Car.

2. We working to setup India Sudar Computer Training Center in Kadesh Childrens Happy Home, L.B.Shastri Nagar (near HAL), Bangalore. If anybody wants to donate used computer(Working condition and feasible configuration) for this program, Please contact me or Ravi Kumar,K

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Independence Day celeberation at Sahashra Deepika Institute for Education (SDIE)

Bangalore, KA

Hello All,

Sahashra Deepika school organised a very good Independence Day celeberations. Some of our India Sudar bangalore friends (Udhay Kumar, Ravi kumar, Ram, Vinod, Raghu and Shiva) enjoyed the function really well.

Another organistaion called ashwini trust from Ulsoor, Bangalore also attended the celebrations.


The function was really well organised & higlight was the excellent performance by the kids of the home and students of Ashwini Charitable Trust. All the events were well practised and performed. We were back to our good old school day celeberations.


Our sincere thanks to Dr.T V Ramakrishna and Mrs. Vijaya Ramakrishna, founders of Sahasra Deepika school, who had invited us and gave us an oppurtunity to see the kids perform. The function ended with a great lunch arranged by SDIE.

We also intercated with founders of Ashwini Charitable Trust Mrs (http://ashwinitrust .org/index. html) and their students. In the week end we are planning to visit the Ashwini trust also. Will update more on that.

A note has to be made on Dr. T V.Ramakrishna, who is a very inspiring person. Leaving a lucrative career in US as professor, he headed home to help the underpreviliged. Today he has 80 kids from different parts of the country. In fact he is even willing to give full administration guidance to those who are willing to start school for Orohans/Underprevil iged. We were very much inspired by his vision & clarity of thoughts !


It was a memorable 60th Independence day for us ! It is our responsibility to extend all the help we can for the school !!

For the photos please visit :

Ravi Kumar.K
India Sudar Team

Visited report Govt Children Home for Boys, Royapuram, Chennai, TN

Govt Children Home for Boys,
Royapuram, Chennai, TN
Click me to See ALL PHOTOS:

On 11-Aug-2007, We(Hari.T, Suresh.R, C.Senthil Kumar, Udhaya Kumar,V) visited to Home for Destitute Children(Govt Children Home for Boys), Royapuram, Chennai.
Who maintaining this Home ?

State government maintaining this home, In Tamil nadu we have 8 homes in different district. Every state in India having this type of home for Destitute Children and its based on the state government interest/influence.

How or Which Children coming to this Home ?

In city police, separate department works to catch any children rooming in bus stands, railway station and signals without parents. Same as any begging children and child labours, etc. First this police man try to get the information about there parents and try to handover to parents itself, if they are not able to find out, they will send this children to this Home. These kids not involved in any criminal activities.

  • Runaway and Missing children
  • Begging children
  • Child labour
  • Surrendered by parents
  • NGO handover children

How this Home Works ?

Reception: its hall and completely closed, children can’t come out from this place, this hall having one TV, some sports item, toilet, etc. They need to take the food inside itself. We can see one security in side they will monitory. They have two receptions, one for below age of 13, second one for above age of 13.

dsc00107.jpg dsc00108.jpgdsc00105.jpg

If police man catch any children, first they will put it in this Reception only. After that they will try to find out there parents or native place or native state, etc. If they can able to find out the native state, they they will send this kids to the corresponding state Children Home, it’s woks based on mother language. We met the children’s from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Bombay, Orisa, Behar and more north India(unknown state)

Why this home is having School ?

If they are not able to identify there parents or native place, they will put that children in this school for regular education.

Total number of students in School and Reception (Always change)
School – 95
Reception – 141 (TN – 47, Other state – 82)

How we can help ? What is there need ?

1. In school, they have only 4 teachers. One of the teachers was retired. Government not deployed any teacher for this posting. So we can file.

2. This school students asking several education materials, we can provide.

3. In Reception, we can deploy teacher to provide non-formal education, it may be anything, because this children in this room for more the 3 months. Just they will watch TV and sleep. Some time they will play inside games.

4. We can provide some indoor games material for this students.

5. Any way already we are planning to contact cultural program only for School students.
Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

4.10/TN/2007_08; Abirami, 9th Std student project implemented successfully.

Hi Folks,
We have successfully implemented another project for a poor student, Abirami. She was referred by Lalitha, Newlife. She is doing her 9th Std. Attached are the project report and her performance report.

We immensely thank Ramanujam, Kanimozhi, Pari and Indiasudar members, for their support to execute this project.

Athi (B +ve)

We are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be.                                —–Swami Vivekananda.

School Feel paid for Vijay Paul

8 Aug 2007, KA.

Hello All,

Hope you all read our previous mail (below mail). We had paid Rs. 8000 for Admission and School fee for Vijay Paul yesterday. Today is his first day of his school.

Vijay Paul is second son of Sophia.

Fund owners:

Mahesh Anjanappa (Samsung), Vinod Cherian (Samsung), Joshep, Kundan Kumar Lucky (Samsung), Ravikumar K (164)

Work Description:

Completed education support to Vijay Paul 1st standard.


About Student:

Sophia is left by her husband after 7 years of her married life with 2 sons (twins). She is not getting any support from her  parents and family. Since it was love marriage against parents. She is working as servant maid and making money for her
survival. She is very ambitious to provide quality educate her sons. She was looking for someone to help her financially to  pay school fee. One son got admission at Saharsa Deepika Institute for Education (http://www. sahasradeepika. org/) at free of cost with boarding.

Second son got admission at Kids Global School, 1st Cross, CT Street, Marathahalli, Bangalore. School Fee Rs. 8000 per annum to be paid. Our sincere thanks to fundowners and others put their effort to help the poor student. We also communicated to Sophia (Student’s mother) that she has to save money and take care of his educational expenses from next year onwards. Please find the project report attached with this mail and same will be uploaded in indiasudar website soon.

India Sudar Team – KA

Sincere thanks to Sahasra Deepika Institute for Education (India) – for supporting poor students

8 Aug 2007, KA.

Hello All,

One of my colleague’s (Pankaj Tyaji) told me that his servant maid Mrs. Sophia is looking for
a boarding school to admit her twin boys and continue their education. Both are doing second standard now. I met her at Tyagi’s residence about 3 weeks back.

Sophia is from Nellore, she went against her family for love marraige about 7 years back and she is left by her husband with her twin boys.She is not getting any support from her family except her sister. She is working as servant maid in few house and making around Rs.2000 per month.

She is living in a small room kind of house and paying Rs.1000 as rent near marathahalli. She is not able to manage  her work and her sons education. She put her sons into a convent school as well as boarding school (kind of church)  near seva nagar, but she came to know that school student
leaders beat them badly to wake them up in the early morning and follow the descipline.

Since these boys are very small and doing second standard, they are not able to bear that torture and came out with lots of injuries. When she complaint to that church father, he could not help it seems. He said that they need follow some rules for all to grow the students with descipline.

She was looking for another boarding & convent school, so that  she can work and support their education as well.

We had discussed with volunteers of Sahasra Deepika Institute for Education (India) (SDI – http://www.sahasrad Karthik , Usha and Arun. They made Sophia to meet the board of directors and founders Dr. T V Ramakrishna and Mrs. Vijaya L Ramakrishna and they agreed to admit both of her sons at their boarding school. The entire quality education and boarding is at free of cost until II PUC.

However, she wants to keep one son with her custody for various personal reasons and she found a school for him near Marathahalli. We found sponsers from Employee of Samsung India Software Operatios to pay school fee (Rs.8000) for her second son as well. We would send our detailed report in the next mail.

So her first son would continue his education at Sahasra Deepika Institute for Education (India) from next week onwards.

Infact, India Sudar team visited this school and wrote about this school and the quality of education for poor students in our society. Please visit http://www.indiasudar. org->BLOG

Our sincere and heartly thanks to founders Dr. T V Ramakrishna and Mrs. Vijaya L Ramakrishna for providing such a quality education for poor students.

We extend our sincere thanks to volunteers Usha, Karthik and Arun for their great help and follow up.


India Sudar Team – KA

More requirements from Govt Primary School at Chikkarogudoo School – Karnataka

Chikkarogudoo, Karnataka
Hello All,

Hope you all remember our visit to Govt School at Chikkarogudoo in Karnataka on July 17th,2007 to provide stationaries.

Here they have approached us with some more requirements.

Basic things are
1.    Uniforms
a.    I to IV std: M:60, F:49
b.    V to VII std: M:52 F:45
2.    200 page note books – 850
3.    100 page note books – 615
4.    Outline map books – 75
5.    Sketch pens – 170
6.    Drawing books – 200
7.    School bags – 205

Nice to have

8.    Lens (Convex/Concave)
9.    Shoes – 205
10.    Scientists portraits (See attachment for details)
11.    Chemicals for teaching chemistry (See attachment for details)
12.    Portraits of human body/parts (See attachment for details)
13.    Chairs – 20
14.    Desks – 40
15.    Computer + Printer – 1
16.    Tape recorder – 1
17.    Radio – 1
18.    Television – 1
19.    DVD – 1
20.    Mike set
21.    Cupboard  – 2

We received a letter from Headmaster with all the above requirements. However we are not focusing to provide all the items they asked for.

We are focusing more to provide the basic things in the above list from (1) to (7). If any of you willing to sponser/ contribute for this project. Please mail to any of India Sudar KA team members.

Ravi Kumar.K, India Sudar KA Team.

4.4/TN/2006_07: B.Manjula, B.E(CS) Student

7-Aug-2007, Chennai, TN
Dear Friends,

Our Partner Ignited Minds(P08) released second year fees for B.Manjula, BE (CS)
student. Attached project work report for your reference.

Udhaya Kumar.V
http://www.indiasudar. org
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

CHILD – Visit Report

CHILD Trust, Chennai, TN.

CHILD is a registered Charitable Trust, working for children of HIV +ve parents. Since the parents of these children are in the midst of darkness of their own life and expecting the end of their life, they are not in a position bring up their children. Adding to this, most of them are very poor.

Mr.Senthil is a AIDS control volunteer, who has started this Trust, two years back. These children are tested for HIV -ve. Thank God, they are safe. Senthil is spending most of his simple income for this noble cause. He is not yet married.

This home runs in a very old house at Kolathur, Chennai. 11 Childrens are taken care here. Mostly they are in the age group of 1.5 to 7 years only. Trust is paying Rs. 2500/- as rent for the house. Apart from this the major expenses is salary for two male care takers. All children are attending school near by. A retired old gentle man teaches these children during evening hours at free of cost. A few good hearted people pay for the provisions and vegetables. Apart from all these monetary aids, the most encouraging thing is good moral support for the children from youngsters. They use to visit this home on week end and spend a day with these children, playing with them.

Currently their immediate requirements are school fee payment for two children and some stationeries. Mr. Senthil expects only this from India Sudar. Apart from this, we have observed that house is very very old and is not safe place for children to live (that too rent is too costly for this house). If any one can help them to get a good rented house, it would be a great help for the children. This is an important safety measure.

Suresh.R and KaruppuSwamy. T
Visted CHILD on 22/07/2007.

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