Providing completed education for Sandhya studying in 6th standard

Chennai, TN.

Dear All,

Details of the student, Sandhya who is going to studying 6th standard is verified by our India Sudar Member Sivagami (SYSTIME) and came to know that there family was very poor. Her father had expired and her mother is sick and not able to go for work, but also she manage to get 96% marks in her 5th Standard Annual Exam.

So, i hope we can very well proceed further to help her to continue her education.
Her mother paid the Tuition Fees & Books Fees by borrowing money from neighbors and now they are unable to pay the Term Fees & Monthly Fees. So, we will try to pay the Term Fees & Monthly Fees of this girl.

Term Fees
August Term Fees   –   Rs.450/-
October Term Fees  –   Rs.450/-
Total Term Fees           Rs.900/-

Monthly Fees
Rs.270 Per Month From July 2007 – May 2008
Rs.270 * 11 Months   =   Rs. 2970

Total Amount (Term Fees + Monthly Fees)    =   Rs.900/- + Rs.2970/-
=   Rs.3870/-
Thanks & Regards,

Dear All,

I came to know that an poor girl named Sandya studying 5th Standard “B” Section and got 96% in the Annual Examination at Shri Dhanraj Misrilal Surana Jain Vidyalaya Matriculation School, East Tambaram, Chennai and her father had expired and her mother undergone two major surgeries so she is looking for financial help to continue her studies. Any of our member can find out more details about this student and check this girl and his family before we proceed further.

Herewith, i had attached the Last Year Progress Report and Fee Payment Detail of that girl.

Contact Details
D/o M.Shanthi,
Door # 16, Flat # 13A, Dwaraka Apartments,
Vasuki Street, East Tambaram,
Chennai – 600 059.

Thanks & Regards,

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