Visit to Pudhiyadhor Urappakkam

30-JUN-07, Chennai, TN

Hi Folks,

2 weeks ago, we, myself(91) and SenthilKumar, B(144) visited “Puthiyadhor”, an org for underprivillaged. The org is running by Aravind and his friends. It is situated in Urappaakkam, Chennai. Most of the ppl in the org were that slum area students. The head of that community is fully supportive for their initiative and talked to his community ppl and made them to attend the classes conducted by Pudhiyathor.

Actually, the org was started by Crescent College Alumnis by 2004 and is a registered one. Its just 30 min walk from Crescent. So, it will be easier for those students to take classes and to make any arrangements. Till now, they don’t have any full time employee to take care of the children. They managed to run the trust by the alumnis and the junior students. Interested volunteer junior students and alumnis take classes yet. ‘coz of this, they couldn’t track each children. Ie: one volunteer maynot know the previous day happenings. So, they need a full time teaching staff.

Apart from this, they consolidated their other needs als. I am forwarding the mail sent by them.

I think, we can support either full time co-ordinator or teaching staff.

Araving can be contacted @ or 9940023940

Vinoth – 9940033940

Athi (B +ve)

From: Aravind S02 <>
Date: Jul 2, 2007 2:34 PM
Subject: FW: Pudhiyadhor Urappakkam – Expenditure details


Immediate need of the hour:

Teaching/Non-teaching staff salaries are of major concern now.

The salaries of Full time coordinator and teaching staff alone amount to Rs.19,000 per month.

It would be great if you could support that expense on a regular basis.

So this is the priority of our needs.

1.Salaries for teaching/non-teaching staff
a.For Full time coordinator – Rs.10,000/month (recurring)
b.For teaching staff – Rs. 3000/month * 3 (Staff) = Rs.9000 (recurring)

2.Food -Rs.4500/month (recurring)

3.Medical Expenses -Rs.5000/month (recurring)

4.Education expenses

a.Notebooks -Rs.100 per child for 1 year (recurring)
b.Stationary -Rs.50 per child for 1 year (recurring)
c.Uniforms -Rs.700 per child for 2 years (recurring)

5.Library -Rs.4000 (One-time)

6.Computers & accessories – Rs.20000 (One-time)

7.Materials – Rs. 500/month (recurring)

8.Subscription to newspapers and magazines – Rs.450/month (recurring)

Please let us know if you need any more info.

Thanks and regards



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