Visit to Karantaka Blind welfare school, bangalore

Hello All,

Yesterday (28th July 07) myself, Ravi, Shiva, Raaghu, Prashanth and Sharath had being to “KWAB – The Karnataka Welfare Association For The Blinds” to understand the teaching req. and see the place.
In brief about the KWAB: KWAB is a NGO, formed in the year 1967. Association is serving the visually impaired and other persons with disability. Currently KWAB is run by Mr. S P Murthy who him self a visually impaired person. Also a lecturer in MES college, he takes English classes from morning till afternoon. After the college he spends time at KWAB staying there .

Currently the Association are having branches in Mandya and Devanhalli. Devanahalli has integrated school and hostel facility for around 40 students, this branch is having a mix of Blind, Deaf and Dumb children’s Mandya has house for hearing impaired students and gives training in tailoring for ladies.

In Bangalore there are around 90 Students from the age 2 to 14. From 1999 KWAB started the blind school and syllabus is based on CBSE. This is a resident school where Association takes care of accommodation, food, cloth, study.. etc. 10 – 20 new admissions every year in Bangalore. Criteria for admission is blindness (complete or partial) and poor background. All the students here are from all the parts of Karanataka. These children’s are picked up from the different parts of the Karanataka where the parents of these physically and visually challenged children’s thinks that they are burden for them and leave them to live isolated life or left in the streets. Association gets this data from the Census which is issued by the state govt.

All the study material at KWAB are build in house and library is maintained. CBSE syllabus is converted in to the Braille and materials are kept in the Library for reference. All this conversion of books are done by the students only. KWAB also maintains Braille library and audio cassettes.

Absolutely there is not support available from the State Govt. or Central Govt. from the past 4 years. Currently the KWAB is run purely on the public donations. Admin Manager was mentioning that Students here are skilled in making handicraft items also. Which they are thinking to put in exhibition which would be a help full for raising the funds against the day 2 day expenditure.

Along with the Handicraft Admin Manager updated that students are doing cultural activities which also some times adds up the funds. But at the same time she said that these kind of cultural activities are diverting the students attention as they are visually impaired and cannot concentrate on studies.

– Detailed requirement is expected from Admin Manager in a days time.
Below are the req. which we understood with the interaction with Admin Manager and which will also be covered in the detailed req. mail which she will send.
– Grill to be put in 2nd Floor
– Braille Materials
– Furnitures
As per the Admin Manager any kind of help is fine.
From our India Sudar team we can provide the education related support and more also based on the activities and budget, but for others day 2 day needs we need to really think in some alternative way.

Plan of Action (Preliminary):
– Get in touch with some organization/temple where they donate lunch dinner or breakfast. (Like Iskon, Sathya Sai Baba Sangha)
– Used cloths but good ones. (Washed and Ironed neatly). Regarding the same I spoke to my Aunty who is a high school teacher to check with there students parents who can give used cloths so that we can distribute.
– Any electronics item (radio / cassette player / cd player etc) which are in usable condition.
– Contact admin guys from our office to set up a exhibition for a day or two to exhibit and sell the handicraft items.

Contact Details:
Mr. S P Murthy – 91.98806.89753
Madhu – Admin Manager – 91.99451.69300
Office : 080.2336.9703

Raaghu, Will send the detailed req. in a day or two. India Sudar TeamBangalore

Visited Iniya Udhayam

28th Jul 2007
Visited Iniya Udhayam, Chennai, TN.

Hi Folks,

Last Saturday(28th Jul 2007), I visited Iniya Udhayam Charitable trust @ Avadi. Here we are supporting Spoken English class for poor students. 1st set of batch was over by May. As far as myself is concerned, the result was good. When, most of the students don’t know ABCD, making them to speak atleast few words in just 5 months is not an easy job. J  (Hope u all read my mail few months ago, reg the coaching of the faculty.) Mrs. Gayathri who was taking the class, is unable to continue, as she is pursuing her P.hd now. So, from Aug 1st onwards, a new staff is coming. He has finished 3 MA.(English, french and another one) He is a retired school teacher.

BTW, Iniya Udhayam has acquired new building(rental only) in Avadi. SMILE foundation has donated some computers for the home and also the syllabus. The syllabus is gud. Its prepared having poor plus two students in mind. It has four parts. 1. Spoken english, 2. Computer Skills, 3. Retail Marketting, 4. Gender Understandability. It’s a 6 months course. When I went thr, one of the trustee gave a topic in tamil and made them to act in english. The full conversation was translated by the students themselves and their performance was gud. Most of the students are drop-outs after plus two.

Now, they have two needs:
1. SMILE foundation ask them to arrange the faculty and payment. For spoken english class, we are already supporting them. For, computer faculty, they arranged a new staff. Apart 4m taking classes, he is in-charge of full administrative work. So, he demands Rs. 6000(Six thousand) per month.

2. For the new place also, they need to support their monthly rental. Rs. 6000(six thousand) per month.

At present, thr are no regular donors for the home apart 4m ourselves and one another grp(which provides supplimentary food). After they get regular donors for these two needs, they decided to start a tuition centre in the evening, for the govt school students in the nearby locality.

Athi (B +ve)
We are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be. –Swami Vivekananda.

A Visit to Abandoned, Runaway & Exploited Children Boys Home @ Chennai

Chennai, TN.
Dear All,

Last Week, i had visited the Government Children Home for Boys @ Chennai, an organization for abandoned, runaway and exploited children of more than 210 students and met their Superitendent Mr. S. Thansekara Pandian.

Following is the details of that organizaiton:
Government Children Home for Boys,
Mannarsami Koil Street, Royapuram, Chennai – 600 013, Phone: 25951450
About Government Children Home for Boys, Royapuram, Chennai.

Children who are
Runaway and missing children
Abandoned by parents
Surrendered by parents
Child labour

Exploited and abused children end up in Juvenile Homes (called Children’s homes) in the State of Tamil Nadir.
The children are detained and are brought before the Govt. Reception Unit at Royapuram, which is the center for the children in need of care and protection in Chennai District.

Each child’s case is registered and is investigated by the Probation Officers. Until the case is over, the child stays in the Reception Unit for shelter. The Govt. provides for the basic needs of the child such as food, clothing and shelter. There are separate dormitories for boys and girls. The number of children ranges from 125 to 150 children at any moment in time. These children are brought before the Juvenile Welfare Board (now re-constituted as the Child Welfare Committee under the new Act), which decides the future rehabilitation of the child.
Children who have no other option of family care are placed in the Govt Boys Home or the Govt Girls Home by the Board. At these Homes there is a residential school and the children stay here till they are 18 years of age.
At present their needs are Kitchen Vessels, Water Pots, Stationaries, Notes, etc.

Based upon our approval to support their needs, i will get their needs in detailed.

Thanks & Regards,

Started 10 Tuition centers in Gudur Thaluk, Nellore District – 524 410, AP from India Sudar

01-Jul-2007, Nellore District, AP.

Dear Friends,

We have started 10 Tuition centers in Gudur Thaluk, Nellore District – 524 410, AP to support 297 students from following villages.

1.33, Gurhavaripalem Village, 26 Student, 75 Family
1.34, Kamavaripalayam, 43 Student, 100 Family
1.35, Kadivedu Village, Muslim colony, 23 Student, 50 Family
1.36, Kadivedu Village(Bus stand center), 20 Student, 50 Family
1.37, Kadivedu Village , SC Colony,33 Student, 133 Family
1.38, Kantriga Village, 26 Student, 70 Family
1.39, Kantriga & Kadivedu (9th & 10th), 25 Student, 60 Family
1.40, Mettu, 45 student, 200 Faily
1.41, Armenipadu, Pidoor, 29 Student, 100 Family
1.42, Boodanam, 27 Student, 150 Family

As you know, Last year we started 5 Tuition centers in this District, Now we are increased to 10 Centers. Still we are planning to open 6 more tuition centers & Looking for the funding.

I have attached project reports(10) for your reference.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Provided education material to 499 Students from 16 Tuition Centers in Gudur Thaluk, Nellore District, AP.

Dear Friends,

We have started 16 Tuition centers(10 Centers from India sudar & 6 Centers we are looking for Partner to support) in Gudur Thaluk, Nellore District – 524 410, AP. We have provided very basic Education material to 499 Students from following 16 Tuition Centers.

1.Gurhavaripalem Village, Vaani, 26 Student, 75 Family
2.Kamavaripalayam, K.Seenia, 43 Student, 100 Family
3.Kadivedu Village, Muslim colony, Sheikh Shabnam, 23 Student, 50 Family
4.Kadivedu Village(Bus stand center), Divya, 20 Student, 50 Family
5.Kadivedu Village , SC Colony, K.Savanthy, 33 Student 133 Family
6.Kantriga Village, Surekha, 26 Student, 70 Family
7.Kantriga & Kadivedu (9th & 10th), Pinchaliiya, 25 Student, 60 Family
8.Mettu, Sheikh dawood, 45 student, 200 Faily
9.Armenipadu, Pidoor, Renuka, 29 Student, 100 Family
10.Boodanam, Rajandaran, 27 Student, 150 Family
11.Dhimana Kara Palayam(Church) Sulakshana , 30 Student, 75 Family
12.Dhimana Kara Palayam(Mulim Colony), Manjula, 22 Student, 100 Family
13.Dhimana Kara Palayam, Arjun warda Colony, J.Indra, 31 Student, 75 Family
14.Gudur, Paramashwari, 34 Student, 200 Faily
15.Ragavapuram, Suhasini, 32 Student, 170 Family
16.Kondu Gunda, Divhya, 31 Student, 60 Family

I have attached project report for your reference.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Providing completed education for Sandhya studying in 6th standard

Chennai, TN.

Dear All,

Details of the student, Sandhya who is going to studying 6th standard is verified by our India Sudar Member Sivagami (SYSTIME) and came to know that there family was very poor. Her father had expired and her mother is sick and not able to go for work, but also she manage to get 96% marks in her 5th Standard Annual Exam.

So, i hope we can very well proceed further to help her to continue her education.
Her mother paid the Tuition Fees & Books Fees by borrowing money from neighbors and now they are unable to pay the Term Fees & Monthly Fees. So, we will try to pay the Term Fees & Monthly Fees of this girl.

Term Fees
August Term Fees   –   Rs.450/-
October Term Fees  –   Rs.450/-
Total Term Fees           Rs.900/-

Monthly Fees
Rs.270 Per Month From July 2007 – May 2008
Rs.270 * 11 Months   =   Rs. 2970

Total Amount (Term Fees + Monthly Fees)    =   Rs.900/- + Rs.2970/-
=   Rs.3870/-
Thanks & Regards,

Dear All,

I came to know that an poor girl named Sandya studying 5th Standard “B” Section and got 96% in the Annual Examination at Shri Dhanraj Misrilal Surana Jain Vidyalaya Matriculation School, East Tambaram, Chennai and her father had expired and her mother undergone two major surgeries so she is looking for financial help to continue her studies. Any of our member can find out more details about this student and check this girl and his family before we proceed further.

Herewith, i had attached the Last Year Progress Report and Fee Payment Detail of that girl.

Contact Details
D/o M.Shanthi,
Door # 16, Flat # 13A, Dwaraka Apartments,
Vasuki Street, East Tambaram,
Chennai – 600 059.

Thanks & Regards,

Project at Chikkarogudoo School – KA

Chikkarogudoo School, KA




Last weekend took us to a village called Chikkakurugodu ” in Chikbellapur distict(90 Km from Bangalore ). Our member Prashant had taken requirement from the local school there for stationeries. Prashant, Usha, Vijay Babu & few of our IS members were quick to collect funds for this. Vinod and Prashanth were purchased the notebooks on Friday itself.



IS team attendees:

Prashant, Santosh, Ragavendra,Tejaswini,Vinod, Reena , Ram, Ravi , Udhay, shiva.

Requirements :

Long graph book : 40dsc02757.jpgdsc02757.jpg
– Square line note book (100pg) : 60dsc02757.jpgdsc02757.jpg
– Four line note book (100pg) : 40
– Atlas (sharada) : 30
– Pen (Ball point/Ink pen): 50
– Geometry box : 75
– Maps ( World , India , Karnataka, Continents with political,
agriculture and leaders):

Funded by IS members :

Prashanth, Naveen, Krishna, Madan, Arjun, Vijay Babu, Keshavan, Karthi, Srini, Venkat, Muttuva and Usha K

Details of the school :

School is located at Chikkakurugodu 4 Km from a town called Gowribidhanur, Chikbellapur District, Karnataka.

The school is a govt run school. But govt provides only text books, not the note books.
The school headmaster Mr.Hemachandran contacted Prashant& Family with his
requirements. He felt this could give more motivation for the school children to study. Most of the students are from very modest background. The headmaster is very encouraging and make sure that all kids in that village are going to school.
The school strength is 206, from Std 1 to 7. They have 6 full time teachers. Since there is shortage of 1 teacher, some classes would be combined together.
The school had arranged a very neat ceremony type programme for books distribution. Our IS member Ragavendra gave some good speech to inspire the students.
For classes 8Th and above nearby town Gowribidhanur (3 Kms away) caters.
The programme was attended by local Panchayat members and local well wishers.

Our sincere thanks to Prashant’s family members, especially his uncle and his family.The school headmaster & teacher very enthusiastically coordinated the event. After the event, Prashant’s family greeted us with great lunch!!. Thanks a lot for the feast !

Prashant to be in continuous touch with the school for guidance and any future requirement they might have.


India Sudar Team , Bangalore.


Project exected at Indira Gandhi School

08th Jul 2007 , Bangalore, KA.

CLICK me to see complete PHOTO:

Dear All,


It was a great weekend for India Sudar team-Bangalore.
Attendees from India Sudar Team : Durga , Michael , Shekar from Tanjore, Ravikumar , Gopal Krishnan, Shiva, Sriram, Ragavendra, Ram Ganesh, Vijay Babu.
We visited Indira Gandhi School , Bangalore in the weekend and funded for their 3 top most essential needs.

India Sudar members Mrs. Durga Owen and her husband Mr. Michael Owen from Australia joined with us and they flew down to Bangalore from Chennai just for this purpose. They were also accompanied by Mr.Shekar their well wisher in India .
Mrs.Durga & Mr.Michael live in Syndney, Australia. This young couple married for 3 yrs now, they have been involved in various social activities world wide. This includes their work in Japan for 2 yrs, 6 months of Tsunami Affected Areas in Srilanka coordinating with UN & other NGOʼs.

The couple had contacted us before visiting India & their willingness to visit Indira Gandhi Internal School. So on Saturday we took them all to the place , to get a feel of the circumstances. The School manager Mr.Gracian had explained their situation and their needs and given a list of most essential requirements.

Major Requirements for Indira Gandhi Internation School


1. There are 310 students at this school and they get lunch from Mid-day meal program, but they need 40 kg rice for their dinner everyday. They don’t have constant sponser for this.

2. Since the total strengh is increased from 200 to 310, they had asked us provide 100 eating ever silver plates and 200 ever silver glasess.

3. There are 5 students studying PUC at different (akshaya school)school, (coz Indira Gandhi school supports until 10th Standard) and they are spending Rs. 100 for bus fares every day. (Rs. 20 per student, For 5 students – Rs.100).This is becoming very expensive, the only solution getting bus pass. The bus pass fare is Rs.900 for 1 year for 1 student. They need Rs. 4500 for 5 students to get bus pass.

4. We had discussion with all teachers – they have 9 teachers now and they planned to have 3 more teacher in this year. Salary is pending for many teachers and Management don’t have fund to provide salary. This is one of the most essential requirement.

After hearing all the require! ments, we had detailed discussions with Mrs.Durga & Mr. Michael, and then, we decided to suppot the following projects, which are considered as essential & having wide impact.

Agreed and executed projects for Indira Gandhi School with financial support from Mr. Michael and Mrs. Durga Owen.

1) Food Items purchased and supplied 10600.00
– Rice 300 Kg
– Thoor Dal 100 Kg
– Cooking Oil 21 litres
Impact : This would solve the food problem for more than 10 days.
2) Paid Bus pass fare for 5 PUC students 4500.00
(Yearly pass costs 900/- per student)
Impact : Total bus expenses is reduced. Money paid to Indira Gandhi School Management, they would get bus pass on Wednesday.

3) Ever Silver Plates and Drinking glasses – 4700.00
We supplied 100 ever silver plates and 200 drinking glasses


4)Funding 4 Teachers for 8 months 96000.00
– Decided to provude salary for 4 teachers for 8 months
– 4 x 3000 x 8 months
– This money would be transferred to India Sudar account and India Sudar would issues the cheque to teachers directly.
– Project report would be created once the money transfer to india sudar is completed.

Total project cost 115800.00

Thanks a lot to Mrs. Durga Owen and Mr. Michael Owen on behalf of India Sudar and Indira Gandhi International School.

Special thanks to Durgaʼs Mother Mrs.Nagula and her friends Mrs. Anushya, Mrs Sashi who initiated this whole process. On their consent, Durga traveled here to execute the project. We are deeply touched by all their dedication.
Without Mr.Sriram & his Father we would not have been able to purchase food items at best rates. They gave their whole hearted effort on this Sunday. Thanks a lot for Sriram and his father.

Sriram arranged a truck to deliver food items and he negotiated for Rs. 250, we we expecting that truck driver would ask more money due to more distance than he expected. The surprise was that truck driver Mr. Moorthy – charged only Rs. 150 and he said that he also wanted to contribute for this noble cause. It was a real surprise !! Thanks to Mr. Murthy, Truck driver.

We sincerely thank all who were responsible for this execution. This gives us more confidence to do take up bigger projects creating greater impact for the needy.
Will upload the photos to blog in a day or two !
India Sudar Team,

Visit to Pudhiyadhor Urappakkam

30-JUN-07, Chennai, TN

Hi Folks,

2 weeks ago, we, myself(91) and SenthilKumar, B(144) visited “Puthiyadhor”, an org for underprivillaged. The org is running by Aravind and his friends. It is situated in Urappaakkam, Chennai. Most of the ppl in the org were that slum area students. The head of that community is fully supportive for their initiative and talked to his community ppl and made them to attend the classes conducted by Pudhiyathor.

Actually, the org was started by Crescent College Alumnis by 2004 and is a registered one. Its just 30 min walk from Crescent. So, it will be easier for those students to take classes and to make any arrangements. Till now, they don’t have any full time employee to take care of the children. They managed to run the trust by the alumnis and the junior students. Interested volunteer junior students and alumnis take classes yet. ‘coz of this, they couldn’t track each children. Ie: one volunteer maynot know the previous day happenings. So, they need a full time teaching staff.

Apart from this, they consolidated their other needs als. I am forwarding the mail sent by them.

I think, we can support either full time co-ordinator or teaching staff.

Araving can be contacted @ or 9940023940

Vinoth – 9940033940

Athi (B +ve)

From: Aravind S02 <>
Date: Jul 2, 2007 2:34 PM
Subject: FW: Pudhiyadhor Urappakkam – Expenditure details


Immediate need of the hour:

Teaching/Non-teaching staff salaries are of major concern now.

The salaries of Full time coordinator and teaching staff alone amount to Rs.19,000 per month.

It would be great if you could support that expense on a regular basis.

So this is the priority of our needs.

1.Salaries for teaching/non-teaching staff
a.For Full time coordinator – Rs.10,000/month (recurring)
b.For teaching staff – Rs. 3000/month * 3 (Staff) = Rs.9000 (recurring)

2.Food -Rs.4500/month (recurring)

3.Medical Expenses -Rs.5000/month (recurring)

4.Education expenses

a.Notebooks -Rs.100 per child for 1 year (recurring)
b.Stationary -Rs.50 per child for 1 year (recurring)
c.Uniforms -Rs.700 per child for 2 years (recurring)

5.Library -Rs.4000 (One-time)

6.Computers & accessories – Rs.20000 (One-time)

7.Materials – Rs. 500/month (recurring)

8.Subscription to newspapers and magazines – Rs.450/month (recurring)

Please let us know if you need any more info.

Thanks and regards


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