Brief report on Summar camp conducted in Gudur, AP

Thapasvini Trust, Gudur, AP

Dear Friends,

All of us know that the summer camp is conducted in
Thapasvini Trust, Gudur (AP). This camp was scheduled
for 40 days program in which Yoga, Pranayama,
Terracotta Art, Greeting card making, Spoken English,
Simplified Mathematics and Science through models,
Mind Maturity and personality development classes are
taught for the welfare of the school and college
students enhancing their carrier opportunity and
knowledge in computer operations.

The brief of the Summer camp “May 2007” is given

Start date: 06/May/2007
End date: 10/June/2007
Timing: 6:30am – 12:30pm daily
Total Number of Students benefitted : 40 students
Villages covered : Kadivedu, Kammavaripalem, Kadivedu,
Guthavaripalem, Budanam, Kesavaram, chittedu, Gudur,

The summer camp was successfully completed and the
students were very happy from this course with more
self confidence. We will send you the detailed report
of this summer camp soon.

Best regards,

India Sudar


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