Gudur visit Report

Gudur, AP

Dear Friends,

I (Suresh) and Baskar (Code:182) visited the service centre (THAPASVINI Trust) in Guthavaripalem Village, Kadivedu Post, Gudur Thaluk, Nellore District, AP on
05/05/2007 (i.e. Last saturday) to verify the computers installed for Training centre. Except one computer, other 3 computers are working fine. Due to hard disk failure, one system is down. We are just finding the used/new hard disk to resolve the issue.

Also, we had discussion on computer course syllabus which is planned during this summer holidays. At present, 40 students are enrolled for computer training. These students are from the villages around Guthavaripalem. Apart from computer, they are also been trained in Yoga. Due to shortage of computers, they are just able to cover only few Villages.

As per the discussion we had with Mr. Prabhu of THAPASVINI Trust, it is found that they are having very good plan for execution of several activities releated to Education for the poor students in Villages. THAPASVINI Trust is not only involved in education, they are also doing other noble services for the villages around the trust. We will do our best
to achieve our common goal.

Thanks and best regards,

Trustee, India Sudar


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