India Sudar Trustees changes.

08-Apr-2007, 14-Apr-2007
Chennai, TN.

Dear Friends,

1. India Sudar Trust Completed three year of service and providing education service in complete South India. This is the time to provide Trustee role to our innovative leads came up with lot of ideas to achieve our vision. Already we discussed (on 03FEB2007) about organization decentralization in South India.

2. minutes_of_meeting_02_2007_08:

Our trustees Mr.KARUPPUSWAMY.T and SEETHARAMAN.D requested for release from India Sudar Trust because of there personal commitment. So India Sudar Managing Trustee and Trustees accepted the resignation.

From 08-APR-2007 KARUPPUSWAMY.T and SEETHARAMAN.D released from trustee role and will continue as India Sudar member and participate in all lead/member activities.

3. minutes_of_meeting_03_2007_08:

India Sudar Trust recommending following THREE India Sudar members for
TRUSTTES role. So Using Founder Trustee/Managing Trustee POWER specified in the TRUST DEED, Managing Trustee, UDHAYA KUMAR.V added following three leads as India Sudar Trustees, its effect from 14-Apr-2007

RAVIKUMAR.K, Residing At S/O R.Kalaimani, 2.84, Moncholai Street, Akkur
Post, Tranquebar Taluk, Nagapattinam Dist, Pin – 609 301.

ATHITHA NADARAJAN S, Residing At S/O Shunmugam.S.A, 190, New Street,
Kulasekhara Patnam, Tiruchendur Tlk – 628206.

HARI.T, Residing At Residing At S/O Late K.Thangaraj, 13/7, Nagathamman Koil
Street, Royapuram, Chennai-600 013.

4. Our sincere THANKS to Mr.KARUPPUSWAMY.T and Mr.SEETHARAMAN.D for their contribution and Our Wishes for our new Trustees.
Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

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