TEMENOS INDIA Pvt, Chennai Donated 10 used computers to India Sudar.

Chennai, TN.
TEMENOS INDIA Pvt. Ltd, 9th Floor, 146, Sterling Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai -34 Donated 10 used computers to India Sudar for Village students computer education.

One of our Lead Mr.Senthil Kumar.P requested this computer from his company to use in India Sudar Computer centers.

Please see this 10 computer configuration:

HP CPU/ P3 500 MHZ/Del Monitor/NO RAM/8.4. GB HD/CD/ FDD/HP Keyboard/Mouse/ SNO: 8G00101424

DEL CPU/P3 450 MHZ/Del Monitor/NO RAM/10GB HD/Del Keyboard/Mouse/ SNO: TQ9XD

HP CPU/P3 500 MHZ/Del Monitor/NO RAM/CD/FDD/HP Keyboard/Mouse/ SNO: SG00101421

DEL CPU/P3 700 MHZ/ Del Monitor/NO RAM/15 GB HD/CD/FDD/ Del Keyboard/Moues/ SNO: 27CC11S

DEL CPU/P3 450 MHZ/ Del Monitor/10GB HDD/FDD/Del Keyboard/Mouse/SNO:TQ9XF

HP CPU/P3 500 MHZ/ Del Monitor/128 MB RAM/8.4 GB HDD/CD/FDD/Del Keyboard/Mouse/SNO: SG00101416

DEL CPU/P3/15GB HDD/ Del Monitor/CD/FDD/128/Del Keyboard/Mouse/SNO: CYJF11S

DEL CPU/P3 733 MHZ/ Del Monitor/128 MB RAM/15 GB/Del Keyboard/Mouse/SNO:2YJF11S

HP CPU/P3 500 MHZ/ Del Monitor/No Ram/20 GB HDD/CD/FDD/Del Keyboard/Mouse/SNO: SG00101420

DEL CPU/P3 733 MHZ/ Del Monitor/128 MB RAM/15GB HDD/CD/FDD/Del Keyboard/Mouse/SNO:5YJF11S


Our Sincere THANKS to Mr. C.R.RAVI, TEMENOS INDIA Pvt. Ltd, Who did the complete co-ordination from this company.

Our Sincere THANKS to Mr.Senthil Kumar,P, Who initiated this activity from India Sudar throw his HR & get the approval.

Our Sincere THANKS to Mr.Suresh.R, Who co-ordinated this complete work and prepared this paper document to submit in TEMENOS INDIA Pvt. Ltd.

Our Sincere THANKS to Mr.Prince & Mr.Senthil Kumar, Who moved this computers to my home from TEMENOS INDIA Pvt. Ltd company chenna.

We are planning to setup one computer center in AP & one in TN based on this computer.

-Udhaya Kumar,V


2 Comments (+add yours?)

    Jun 30, 2008 @ 12:29:09

    Nice to here this!….keep trying this always in ur wonderful life. u will get new wonderful
    gifts from the lord!


  2. Music mates
    Apr 28, 2009 @ 17:09:06

    The computers donation is nice, but its not worth to use, worst configuration.


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