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It was great pleasure in interacting with various group members who have been engaged in betterment  of the society. Our main aim was to get more familiarity with the Groups, missions, projects, good practices, plan for the future.
A very good beginning for a prosperous road ahead! Looking forward to working with all of our partners!

Our special thanks to Dr.Victor who encouraged us to use their premises for the meeting! In future meeting we eagerly expect more broad based group participation.


Highlights of the Meeting :

Venue: Kadeesh Children’ Home , Bangalore
Date   : 1 April 2007

Members  :       Karthik P T, Arun, Usha Baliga, Sriram, Vignesh, Senthil Pasuvaraj A S, Chandran ,Victor, Ravikumar G, Shiva Narayanan, Udhay Kumar, Ravikumar K, Victor Pauland S.Tyagu

Group’s participation:

Discussed points :


1. THOZAN GROUP (Sr iram)
– Based in Chennai, Sriram is the representative here is Bangalore .
– They have worked closely with India Sudar in a few projects.
– Fund raising are done among friends & execute the projects.
– Taking one project at a time! and executing.
– Operating with limited Trustee team to achieve a level of experience.
– More corporates can be made to join the consortium for expansion
can be done through presentations to corporate.

  2. MUKTHA FOUNDATION (Arun Kumar, Karthik, Usha )

– All of the members work with ARM technologies. Involved in field
works for sometime.
– They are also associated with Muktha Foundation.
– Muktha foundation is involved in integrating the requirements in field
and volunteers for the work.
– Work is being done through their website & volunteers can register for
the work of their choice.
– Currently involved with “Sahashra Deepika Children’s Home”,
Bangalore .
– They have provided educational aids for the school & try to raise funds
for various other needs of the Home.
– Raised a good point about each team to share their “lessons learnt” in
the respective projects. Though this involves little more work might
help the groups in longer run. May be we can follow for the future
– Suggested this group meeting alteast for once in a quarter.

3. CHANGES GROUP(Vignesh, senthil)

– Mainly started to carry activities in educational & general
empowerment of the underprivileged.
– Funding source is among the members.
– Carrying out activities at a home in Bangalore for Education.
– The “Village Model” they are adopting is to involve the nearby college
students in the work. Their experience is that the college has
continuous flow of students & new students take over the work.
– Based on other group called “Puthiyathoor” lead by a college
–  Are in the process of preparing taching material for Kids. Ready to
share material when complete.
– Vignesh will try to see if we can access material of Azim Premji
materials for free educational projects.


– A charitable educational trust.
– Has carried on Educational projects in state of Kerala, Pondichery, TamilNadu,
Karnataka & Andhra Prasdesh.
– Has been involved in “Open charity Platform” to partner with other
– Main requirement in project execution is to maintain account
transparency. So maintains all accounts on site itself.
Has individual project coordinators for each project. They are
responsible for project execution , tracking it & keeping
The group informed about the progress.
– Experience has shown projects coming voluntarily out of members are
more successful. Because the member volunteer takes full responsible
for the own idea. Ind! ia Sudar will suppor them.
– Looking forward to help of other groups.


– A group formed to spread Dr.Kalam’s India Vision 2020 ideas.
– Has been involved with various above groups for the projects.
– More a coordinate functions for various projects.
– has helped for teacher deployment in homes at Chennai, Bangalore ,
pondicherry .
– Continuosly look for new venues to execute India vision ideas.
– Also involved in spreading awareness of India Vision agenda.

– Is a school for 130 children of Srilankan Refugees.
– Funding is thorugh well wishers & Donor agencies.
– Iskon’s Akshya patra gives them lunch.
– Our partner groups lead by India Sudar is helping to deploy teacher for !
Indira Gandhi School .
– Managers are Mr.Gracian and Mr Chandran.
– Planning to scale up the strength to 300 this year.
– Shared their experience in running the school.
– The school does not have electricity for 3 yrs now.
– Govt no longer supports this school other then giving them land 5 yrs ago.


-Run by Dr.Victor for war torn children from North Eastern state of Manipur.
-Have nearly 75 children from 5yrs to 15 yr! s.
-Gives free boarding & education for all the children
-Runs a school called “Presidency school” , Bangalore .
Has two homes for boarding. The younger children & girls in Ramamurthy nagar, banglaore & Older boys
-The funds are through volunteers & Donor agencies.
-India Sudar provided educational aids to the children.
-Dr.Victor to work with Chandran of Indira Gandhi school to get help from “Iskon” from Akshya Patra.

Action Items :

-All the members to keep their groups informed on the integrated activities.
-Any project requirement to be shared among partner groups.
-To help each other in the possible ways.
-To create a google group to establish communication links.
-Vignesh would see if Azim Premji foundation material is accessible.
– Meeting once a Quarter or so.
-Encourage more participation from peer groups they know.
-Dr .Victor to work with Chandran to get Iskon help for MID DAY Meal programme.

Shiv Narayanan, Uday Kumar and K.Ravikumar

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  1. Muntaz Muslim
    Dec 19, 2008 @ 18:46:53

    Dear Sir/Madam


    I humbly beg for you kind assistance of granting me a donation or a loan facility of the amount of at least $500,000.00USD , so that I could start with purchasing the plot of land and start organising the contractors to commence with work in the building for Disabled and the underprivilage, in which our government has declined their assistance owing to the fact that they say 125 disabled and special children are not enough for their funding.
    I need an answer so as to start the project for the children, I again ask beg in the names of the ones who are unable to speak, fight, stand , or even champion for their cause hence the reason I am pleading for them.
    I am asking for whetever assistance that can be granted of if possible, not all I am asking is to be granted a Loan Facility to help the less fortunate Disabled in our society , an answer will allow me to commence with work since I only have 6 weeks before school reopens, the location where the school were our landlord before the Christmas party handed us an eviction notice to vacate her premises before the end of the year and when we approached the ministry of housing the just told us no I think its probably because of my name

    Please assist us in granting a LOAN FACILIYTY or a DONATION as we could start commencing work before the year ends

    I beg one last time in the for the ones who brings tear to my eyes and a special joy to my heart, seeing what they can accomplish and if push harder they can do so much better.
    All I ask is to be granted a loan facility I WILL ENSURE THAT IT WILL BE PAID WITHIN ITS DUE TIME I have emailed to you all document that you will require PLEASE I BEG YOU FOR THE CHILDREN
    The land cost $395,000
    The Building. $2,695,000
    To furnish. $285,000
    To secure building and land. $195,000.
    Total $ 3,570,000.00 tt dollars which is a total of $562,000.00USD
    All I am requesting from you is a loan of $ 500,000.00USD I will manage the rest.

    Yours sincerely
    Muntaz Muslim

    Muhammad’s Pharmacy
    257 Southern Main Road
    Trinidad and Tobago

    Muntaz and Muhammad’s Pharmacy
    Are one person who single handled champion the cause for the disabled and underprivilage children in my scociety , since I also have a daughter who is 10 years old and she is autistic plus she has cerebal pulsey so being a perent I know of the cost and the heart ache that comes with having a child as special as her, there are also some parents who are unable to afford to have their children sent to a school because I am lucky but some students are worse of than my daughter, hence i became the main contrubutor.

    In the absence of your assistance I will have to board the students at my home till all the work is completed.

    Name. : Muntaz Muslim

    Country : Trinidad and Tobago

    Address : 4a Soogrim Street Endeavour. Road Chaguanas

    Occupation : Self Employed / Pharmacist

    Maritat Status : Married

    Current Place of Work: Muhammad’s Pharmacy 257 Southern Main Road Cunupia

    Phone Number; 18687707661

    Monthly Income : $ 25,000.00


    Beneficiary Name:
    Muntaz Muslim      


    Beneficiary Account Number:  


    Beneficiary Bank Name:
    Intercommercial Bank Limited


    Beneficiary Bank Address:
    C/o DSM

    Old Southern Main Road


     Trinidad & Tobago


    Beneficiary Bank Code /

    Beneficiary Bank Account Number:      #360 246 37


    Intermediary Bank Name:
    Citibank, N.A.


    Intermediary Bank Address:
    #111 Wall Street ,
    6 th FL./6

    New York , NY


    Intermediary Bank Code:
    ABA / FW #021
    000 089


    Swift code:
    Intercommercial Bank Limited  -IBLITTPS

    Citibank Limited                               


    Payment Details:
    Additional details for payments of wire transfer e.g., invoice numbers, final
    beneficiary etc 














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