India Sudar Trustees changes.

08-Apr-2007, 14-Apr-2007
Chennai, TN.

Dear Friends,

1. India Sudar Trust Completed three year of service and providing education service in complete South India. This is the time to provide Trustee role to our innovative leads came up with lot of ideas to achieve our vision. Already we discussed (on 03FEB2007) about organization decentralization in South India.

2. minutes_of_meeting_02_2007_08:

Our trustees Mr.KARUPPUSWAMY.T and SEETHARAMAN.D requested for release from India Sudar Trust because of there personal commitment. So India Sudar Managing Trustee and Trustees accepted the resignation.

From 08-APR-2007 KARUPPUSWAMY.T and SEETHARAMAN.D released from trustee role and will continue as India Sudar member and participate in all lead/member activities.

3. minutes_of_meeting_03_2007_08:

India Sudar Trust recommending following THREE India Sudar members for
TRUSTTES role. So Using Founder Trustee/Managing Trustee POWER specified in the TRUST DEED, Managing Trustee, UDHAYA KUMAR.V added following three leads as India Sudar Trustees, its effect from 14-Apr-2007

RAVIKUMAR.K, Residing At S/O R.Kalaimani, 2.84, Moncholai Street, Akkur
Post, Tranquebar Taluk, Nagapattinam Dist, Pin – 609 301.

ATHITHA NADARAJAN S, Residing At S/O Shunmugam.S.A, 190, New Street,
Kulasekhara Patnam, Tiruchendur Tlk – 628206.

HARI.T, Residing At Residing At S/O Late K.Thangaraj, 13/7, Nagathamman Koil
Street, Royapuram, Chennai-600 013.

4. Our sincere THANKS to Mr.KARUPPUSWAMY.T and Mr.SEETHARAMAN.D for their contribution and Our Wishes for our new Trustees.
Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Vidiayal Educational & Chartitable Trust as Partner of IS

18-Apr-2007, Chennai, TN.
Dear Friends,

It is pleasure to introduce the Vidiyal Rural Educational development Trust as our partner
organization after understanding the activities of Vidiyal social organization. Please find the details below:

Vidiyal rural educational development Trust:

Vidiyal organization started their activities from the year of 2003 by young active indians. They have mainly focussed on providing assistance related to education in particularly rural areas and already executed several projects in and around their villages.

Some of he main activities are listed below:

1) Education awareness & Importance of education to he younger generation
2) Providing books and stationary to the poor students
3) Providing basic amenities to the school in rural reas
4) Motivational programme for the teachers and tudents in public school of rural

About Trust : Head office is in Velachery, takes care f administrative functions and all the projects areexecuted in and around villages of Gingiee talukVillupuram districit. Trust is registered undercharitable trust act, managed by co-founder and 6trustees. The financial support for this organizationis from the public. The scope of the trust is to
provide educational related assistance to the rualareas, initially Gingiee taluk Villupuram district

Requirements: Monitory & moral support to execute more projectsFree computers to setup training centre Support for setting up tuitioncentre for poor students

Work Co-ordinator : Mr. Kanniyappan
Mobile: 98419-58283

Site location : Gingiee taluk Villupuram districit.

Villages covered :
1) Modaiyur
2) Thuduppakam
3) Kammanthur
4) Kizhpapampadi
5) Thaiyur
6) Rajampuliyur
7) Kurinjiphi
8) Jambothi

It is really possible to help them through India Sudarin some perspective. Let us do our best together tomake our common vision success.

Thanks and regards,


Our Third India Sudar Computer Training Center(Athivaakkam Village) in TN inaugurated

Athivaakkam village, TN
Dear Friends,

India Sudar Computer Training Center has been inaugurated in
Athivaakkam village, TN on 13/Apr/2006 to provide computer education to poor students from Athivaakkam, Aalapakkam, Kilapakkam and Pethanayakanpattu villages at free of cost.

IDEAL SOLUTION: THREE Parties involved in this project 1. India Sudar 2.
HINDU COLLEGE, Chennai, NSS Team 3. Athivaakkam Panchayat Leader.

HINDU COLLEGE, Chennai, NSS Team: This team had two camp in this villages for last two years. They did some of the good work like painting schools, clean the village, clean the roads, numbering to home, Eye camp, Agriculture camp and awareness program in this village. We need to really appreciate Prof. M.Jawaharlal Nehru, NSS Program Officer and Prof. S.Dhanasekar, NSS Program Officer for all this initiative.

Athivaakkam Panchayat Leader: if we can able to find leader like Mr.Bakthavachalam.M in every panchayat, defiantly we can create powerful India practically soon.

We are expecting your innovative ideas to use this center in effective manner. Same as we are working to setup computer centers in AP & KA(Contact Mr.Ravi Kumar.K) also.

Udhaya Kumar,V

Meeting with Mr.Nirmal – Chief founder of EXNORA and Co-Founder of 5thpillar

Saturday, 07/Apr/2007
Chennai, TN.

We(Sargun, Athi & Udhaya) had meeting with Mr.M.B.Nirmal on 07/Apr/2007 at 8.00 AM. He is Chief founder of EXNORA and Co-Founder of 5thpillar. His profession is Social Worker, Contacting Programs like Motivation, Seventh sense, etc, Writer(Author for 18 books). He is 64 years old and very simple person, but still actively participating in sever activity and allocating time for every body/things.

EXNORA mostly working for environmental service in city and villages. Currently exnora having 75 divisions across the state. EXNORA adapting the villages and provide the basic environmental facility throw EXNORA Club.

We visited to 5th Pillar office with Mr.Nirmal & discussed about 5Th pillar activity. This organization working to eliminate corruption at all levels of our society.

Currently we don’t have any plan, how we can work together to EXNORA in Education perspective. This visit really help full to understand EXNORA activities.

Nirmal’s eMail:

Udhaya Kumar,V

India Sudar[IS] Partner with Helping Minds[HM]

Chennai, TN.

Dear Friends,

Happy to introduce our New Partner organization Helping Minds[HM] to work together under India Sudar Open Charity Platform to achieve our Common Vision.

Our sincere thanks to Mr.Sankara Narayanan, who made this partnership from HM.

About HM: The primary objective of Helping Minds (HM) is to provide quality guidance and support to the poor people for fulfilling their basic necessities and obtaining good education. HM identifies and evaluates the economically challenged but brilliant students and sponsor their education till the completion of their course or degree. HM does a vigilant monitoring of the performance of the sponsored student and provides assistance for improving the skill of the identified students.

Contact Persons: Sankara Narayanan, Trustee,, 94441 05560

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Meeting with Prabhu, Ramanujam and Vijaya Baskaran for AP Projects

Chennai, TN.

Dear Friends,

1.Today(08/Apr/2007), I had meeting with following people for our future project in AP.
Prabhu, Guthavaripalem Village, Kadivedu Post, Gudur Thaluk, Nellore District – 524 410, AP
Mr.Ramanujam (Creating models to teach science)
Vijaya Baskaran.P.M(Social Worker)

2.Discussed about summer camp in Guthavaripalem Village, AP for 40 days program. Summer course planned program as follows.
Computer Awareness – 10 Days
English grammar Course – 10 Days
Arts & Crafts – 10 Days
Yoga – 10 Days

3.Discussed to setup computer center in Guthavaripalem Village, AP to educate 8 village students at free of cost. If this is setuped, then it will be our first center in AP.

4. Discussed to setup 10 tution centers for next academic year, already we have 5 teachers for three villages.

5. I will let you know the computer center setup & plan ASAP.

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

TEMENOS INDIA Pvt, Chennai Donated 10 used computers to India Sudar.

Chennai, TN.
TEMENOS INDIA Pvt. Ltd, 9th Floor, 146, Sterling Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai -34 Donated 10 used computers to India Sudar for Village students computer education.

One of our Lead Mr.Senthil Kumar.P requested this computer from his company to use in India Sudar Computer centers.

Please see this 10 computer configuration:

HP CPU/ P3 500 MHZ/Del Monitor/NO RAM/8.4. GB HD/CD/ FDD/HP Keyboard/Mouse/ SNO: 8G00101424

DEL CPU/P3 450 MHZ/Del Monitor/NO RAM/10GB HD/Del Keyboard/Mouse/ SNO: TQ9XD

HP CPU/P3 500 MHZ/Del Monitor/NO RAM/CD/FDD/HP Keyboard/Mouse/ SNO: SG00101421

DEL CPU/P3 700 MHZ/ Del Monitor/NO RAM/15 GB HD/CD/FDD/ Del Keyboard/Moues/ SNO: 27CC11S

DEL CPU/P3 450 MHZ/ Del Monitor/10GB HDD/FDD/Del Keyboard/Mouse/SNO:TQ9XF

HP CPU/P3 500 MHZ/ Del Monitor/128 MB RAM/8.4 GB HDD/CD/FDD/Del Keyboard/Mouse/SNO: SG00101416

DEL CPU/P3/15GB HDD/ Del Monitor/CD/FDD/128/Del Keyboard/Mouse/SNO: CYJF11S

DEL CPU/P3 733 MHZ/ Del Monitor/128 MB RAM/15 GB/Del Keyboard/Mouse/SNO:2YJF11S

HP CPU/P3 500 MHZ/ Del Monitor/No Ram/20 GB HDD/CD/FDD/Del Keyboard/Mouse/SNO: SG00101420

DEL CPU/P3 733 MHZ/ Del Monitor/128 MB RAM/15GB HDD/CD/FDD/Del Keyboard/Mouse/SNO:5YJF11S


Our Sincere THANKS to Mr. C.R.RAVI, TEMENOS INDIA Pvt. Ltd, Who did the complete co-ordination from this company.

Our Sincere THANKS to Mr.Senthil Kumar,P, Who initiated this activity from India Sudar throw his HR & get the approval.

Our Sincere THANKS to Mr.Suresh.R, Who co-ordinated this complete work and prepared this paper document to submit in TEMENOS INDIA Pvt. Ltd.

Our Sincere THANKS to Mr.Prince & Mr.Senthil Kumar, Who moved this computers to my home from TEMENOS INDIA Pvt. Ltd company chenna.

We are planning to setup one computer center in AP & one in TN based on this computer.

-Udhaya Kumar,V


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