visited Iniya Udhayam

Chennai, TN.


On the way back to my home 4m Siragu, I visited Iniya Udhayam also. Actually, I didn’t plan it b4. So, cudnt meet the trustees. But, I conversed with the Spoken English teacher, to which course we support. She works as a professor in MOP.Vaishnava college. She takes classes here only in the week-ends. She is very much talented. Apart 4m her, her daughter also comes to classes then and thr out of her own interest. (She is doing only her 11th).

At first, I thought whether the salary is over for just the week-end classes. But, after seeing the performance of the students, I changed my mind. It has been only just 3 months shorter after the course started. But, by now, they are able to understand atleast what we speak, if its simple sentence and are able to reply in english. Of course in broken english. But, within 3 months, this seems to be a tremendous improvement.

The materials are prepared by the faculty by herself and are verymuch innovative. Like… She tells a word like sports, fashion, etc and asks them to collect the relevant paper cuttings and prepare a chart. And, she asks them to write a passage abt a topic in Tamil and asks them to translate into english. Like this for everyweek she prepares a new thing and distibute among the students. I am sure, the day when the students talk in gud english are not very far. J

I took some fotos and will send the link once I uploaded them.

Athi (B +ve)

We are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be.
—–Swami Vivekananda.


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