Thiyagam Women Trust

Centre for physically challenged women

No.66/44, Kambar Street, S. S.Colonly, Madurai – 625 010

Ph: 0452-2602195 –  E-mail:






Vision: Man-Maing:


1. To excel in ones field of knowledge through academic exercise

2. To become a responsible social being through unfoldment of

    human values

3. To create Role Model citizens in each and every field of our society who will set an example in uprightness, integrity and humaneness.




It is well known fact that Schools have less time for Value Inculcation due to heavy syllabus and result culture. Children from rural areas are put into lot of stress due to examination related fear. Due to various reasons Values are not inculcated in schools in an effective way. Life skills are the need of the hour in villages since lack attention from Parent side as well as schools.   


This gap in a small way is filled up through our humble effort of Thiyagam Narpanbu Kalvi Maiyam(TNKM) initiated by Thiyagam Women Trust, where equal emphasis is given to Values along with academics. TNKM is focusing on the all round development of village children. These centres provide opportunity to regularly discuss Value themes with children. Noble personalities from different fields are invited to talk to children and share their valuable experiences.  These will help children to improve their life skills and act in a responsible way in all situations.  When these children grow up they would not compromise on the ideals on “Caring Society” set forth before them and become emotionally matured citizen.


Focus on – Rural Children


We have Thiyagam Narpanbu Kalvi Maiyam tuition centres in 5 villages – in Cholavandan taluk near Madurai where we get space, good teacher and community support.  In all the five centres 165 students are getting the benefit of free evening tuition in life skills and academics.






No.of students


























What is taught in TNKM?


1. We teach through living examples of great ones

2. We teach values through small incidents/moral stories

3. We cultivate reading habits through library

4. We teach self-management in small day to day chores

5. We encourage children to adopt the contents of Thirukural for life

6. We ask children to share with other children all the values they have

    Learnt in TNKM and put into practice in their day to day life.

7. We encourage children to help in identify and nurture individual talents in Camps.

8. We adopt in TNKM the theme of Humaneness of V-Set and update our training program in line with V-Set’s rich experience in moulding teachers and students in creating a harmonious society.



Impact on the lives of Children


Individual level

Clean habits like nail cutting, oil in the hair, proper combing, personal hygiene, expressing talents, punctuality, replacing road side unhygienic games with games in ground, inspiring to be truthful in all situations, accepting one’s own mistakes without compromise.


Family level

Respect to Parents, helping brother/sister in their studies, help in cooking at homes in case of sickness of mothers, gardening, helping neighbourhood and relatives.


School level

Sharing of pen/pencil with other students, Good ranking students teach mediocre students, Sharing of food, Stop bullying and blaming, when a student absent on a day, other student share the lesson, keeping the school and surrounding neat and clean.


Social level

Road crossing, seat giving in the bus, helping the physically/visually challenged, tree planting, cultivating civic sense



TNKM – Inspiring Experiences:


1. Kalaimani, a student has taken the wounded puppy on the road to Vetnary Hospital for treatment and rescued.

2. Poornima has learnt that her friend Sathya did not have a uniform.   Because of that Sathya could not attend the school. Poornima told her Parents to help Sathya in buying uniform which they have agreed and did the help.

3. Manigandan and Vijay are friends.  Vijay stole some money at home and informed to Manigandan.   Immediately Manikandan explained that how it’s wrong to steal something and made him understand.  Vijay came to his senses and apologized to Manigandan.   He also promised that he will not steal anything in future.

4. Solairaja was a student of very adamant type.  He would talk sharply with his friends and parents.  After his studies at TNKM gradually he changed his behaviour.  Now he is polite and courteous.

5. Vinodhkumar a student used to do small helps to poor and needy.   Once he helped an old lady in crossing a small river.  The old lady thanked the boy for the timely help.  But the boy told that he learnt this quality of ready to serve through TNKM tuition centre.



Budget Proposal for the Academic Year – 2007-2008


We give below the Budget proposal with notes which highlights the detail of the expenses.



Teachers Salary – Rs.400 x 12



Travel cost – Rs.300 x 12



Education Material



Administrative Exps



Camp Exps – Rs.3000 x 2



Teacher training  300 x 4



Full time staff – Rs.1200 x 12



Contingency Exps








²     At present we are giving to each teacher a token amount of Rs.300 /- per month. From next academic year we would like to increase this amount to Rs.400/- per teacher. Rs.400 per month x 5 teachers = Rs.2000 per month  – Rs.2000 x 12 = 24000 per annum

²     Travel Exps  – Rs.300 per month x 12 =   Rs.3600/- per annum – Visits to 5 villages by vehicle.

²     Education materials – Rs.1000/- per annum – for all centres

²     Administrative cost – Rs.3000/- per annum – Correspondence, telephone, postage, xerox, photos, documentation, award books, Visual show etc.

²     Camps per year(including food)  – Rs.3000/- per camp = Rs.6000/- per annum – We plan to conduct at least 2 camps per year so that we can identify individual students interest and talents.  This helps to motivate them in proper direction.

²     4 Teacher training program – Rs.1200/-   per annum

– Teacher training through experienced personnel to achieve the objective    which includes providing them training manual and ideas for documentation

²     We would like to appoint a full time staff to visit villages and co-ordinate the efforts of TNKM tuition centres on regular basis. On his spare time the staff will also work for Thiyagam Unit.   For this staff we have to pay minimum of Rs.1200/-.per month which comes to Rs.14400/- per annum

²     Contingency Expenses – Rs.5000/- per annum


The above Budget Proposal is prepared taking into account basic requirements only. TNKM will submit systematic accounts once in three months with receipts.   TNKM will also submit the report of the student’s progress on regular basis.



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