Today … IS Completed 3 Years !!!


Dear Friends,

We started India Sudar as Organization on 15-Feb-2004 to elevate our people throw Education under charity Platform. Today we completed 3 Years … 36 Months … 1095 Days !!!

We initially started activity in TN and last year extended our service to complete South India(TN, PY, KL, KA, AP).

In last 3 Years, 3924 students was benefited throw 58 project work under 19 On site(Orphanage & Villages), 5 states/ut, 9 Partners using 4,62,440 Rs fund.

We served to our society in excellent manner throw our Members, Leads and Trustees Commitment. Yes of course this is not our destination, it’s just one milestone.

We need to THINK … PLAN … EXECUTE more in EDUCATION perspective to achieve our Vision.

This is the time to appreciate our members, leads and partners for your commitment, Time, all support !!! Really Great work you did !!!

Lets work together under Charity Platform to make Our and Poor students life Meaningful. We can’t change the whole WORLD, but we have the capability to change our COUNTRY, Yes it’s our responsibility … Let’s do it.

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee,
Mobile: +91-98867-33607


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