Chennai, TN.

Dear Friends,

Suddhanandapuram, East Coast Road, Uthandi, Chennai – 600 119, Tamilnadu, India to discuss about our Andhra Pradash projects and awareness program for Simplify Science Using Models.

I had the meeting with Mr. Mr.Ramanujam, Prabhu(Guthavaripalem Village, Nellore District, AP), Bala(Artist, Chennai) and Bala(Artist, Social Worker, Chennai).

We are discussed to setup some of the tuition centers in AP and Science Awareness Camp for South India.

Let see, what we can make out based on this discussion!!!

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Newlife Cultural programme was finished off well…

11th Feb 2007, Chennai, TN.

Hi Folks,

Hope you all know that we announced our Cultural Program in Newlife Oldage home and Orphanage, Eraiyoor village. And, we succesfully celebrated the moments on 11th Feb 2007.

We 10 people arranged a cab and went thr. By 10:30 AM in the morning we started our schedule(attached) with Tamil thai vaazhthu and proceeded to juice. Students in the orphange actively participated in every events. First they showed their talent by Theme plays. Man… believe me. They had done it with absolute humour sense. Then they played other game, Dancing as per singing. After that, we had lotta time for lunch. So, they started with other theme play and started dancing for movie songs. Everybody started dancing and the notable point is, we didn’t pull anyone’s leg to dance. They themselves started and finished it well.

 Then we had our lunch and proceeding with Drawing competition for students. But to our surprise, a grandpa, aged almost 70+ also participated in the event and won the jury award. J Then they were playing Baloon busting game, Gunny Race, Number game.

After every event, we asked some GK questions and distributed the prizes immediately.

After finishing all of the events, prizes had been distributed to all students (we gave prizes even for those who didn’t win in any event) By 6PM, we finished off everything and again to our surprise students asked us when would we conduct such programme in the future.

Spcial thanks to Lalitha and Anthony, who are running the org, and to the faculty(sorry, forgot the name), who prepared every students for the events and to those who had come on tat day and helped to conduct the programmes, especially to Hari, T, who took every pain to take print outs, laminating them, distingushing every grp, make the list as print out for every event and keeping them in a file… Amazing… Gud work buddy!! And, more thanks to our Indiasudar members who constantly support our org. And unforgettably to our beloved Udhaykumar too!!

U can see the fotos in the following link…tamilthai-vaazhthu-anthony-who-is-running-the-home-the-one-in-pyjama-1.JPG




http://s64.photobuc 20Program%2011FEB07/

To see them in the order pictures were taken…

Complete Plan:  is_cultural_program_at_new_life.pdf

Athi (B +ve)

We are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be.
                                —–Swami Vivekananda.


Visited New Horizon Trust for Disabled, Bangalore, KA.

Bangalore, KA.

Hello All,

Myself, Uday Kumar, Vinod and Ragavendra are visited New Horizon Trust for Disabled today.

They are not as wealthy as their web site shows with UK branch and many supporters.


We had about 3 hours interaction with Ms. Dorothy and her father Mr.G. P. Prabhakar and they are the core people and founder of this trust. Ms. Dorothy is very inspiring and self motivated lady.

You can very well read about her story and how they had started this trust through their website and it is really admiring and inspiring.

Ms. Dorothy herselft is challenged person and she doesn’t encourage anyone to show sympathy on any challenged person and asking us to show empathy. Her aim is to encourage persons with disability to realize their potential and become active contributors to the community. She got many awards from different community.

She has contacts with many well wishers and they all inspired by her initiative and activities for disabled persons, also she is getting moderate support from many individuals and corporate.


She is running this trust in a rented place (Rs. 15000 per month) and electricity is donated by one of the well wishers. However the monthly expenses shoot up to Rs. 50,000

Skill Development programs at New Horizon Trust

They run different skills development programs for individual with job assurance.

(1) Computer training program for the past 4 years and they charge the minimum amount Rs. 600 per month. They have 5 computers and 15 persons are undergoing training now. They conduct in different batches.

(2) Spoken English program and they charge Rs. 500 per month

(3) Tailoring program – Rs. 100 per month

(4) Painting

(5) Crafts making program

If the student is very poor and not able to afford money, then they give free training. Their aim is not to give anyting free, unless it is required.

So far, they trained and given job opportunity for 160 challenged persons. There are 15 staff including teaching and non-teaching staff. Ift you come across any challenged person while visiting orphanges or neighbours or through known persons, please encourage them to visit this place and connect them.


Integrated School program

They got free land from one of the rich well wisher from Bangalore and land is situated behind Garden City College near Krishnarajapuram, registration and formalities done in September 2005.

Their aim is to provide integrated school and support for challenged and normal people in society. However they wish to give more preference (80%) for challenged people. They expect more donors and well wishers to come forwarded to support them financially to construct school building and run the school. They had consulted architect and given the specifications to design carefully by keeping challenged people in mind.

Land owner donated a small building in that place and they have plan to start the school in that building by June 2007. They expect to have 50 students only for nursery in June 2007

They have planned to deploy 3 additional teachers for the new school. They also require table, chair, desk and other stationary support from well wishers.

Medical Help

They also help challenged people to go for surgery with major support from Ramaiyah Hospital and Rotary Club. They had done surgery for more than 160 challenged people so far.

Handicrafts Display


They have connection with few corporate to display their products and collect money for their trust. We can help them by allowing them to put a stall at our corporate and encourage our colleagues to buy their products. That money would go to their trust.

dsc01311.jpg untitled-1-copy.jpg

This New Horizon Trust for the Disabled is situated at

# 213, 9th Main, 1st Block,

HRBR Layout,


Bangalore- 560 043.

Mobile: 9845663460 , Ph : +91-80-25454653

Email :

Web :

Uday, Vinod and Ragavendara – Please feel free to add, if i would have missed anything here.




+91 98452 22670.

India Sudar Trust meeting

Chennai, TN.

Dear Friends,

India Sudar Trust meeting held on 03/Feb/07(Saturday), 06.00 PM at No2, Old43, D-Lakshmi Sree Apt, Chinmaya Nagar Stage II Ext, Chennai-92.

I have attached MINUTES of MEETING for your reference.

From web:

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee,
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Deployed teacher at Chittadu Village, Kadivedu Village, AP.

Gudur Thaluk, Nellore District, AP.

Dear Friends,

We deployed 3 tuition teachers for Chittadu Village, Gudur Thaluk, Nellore District – 524 410, AP to teach 1st standard to 9th standard students. This is our first project in AP.

We deployed TWO teachers to teach English, Math’s & Science for Kadivedu Village, Gudur Thaluk, Nellore District – 524 410, AP students (9th &10th student). This is our second project in AP.

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee
http://www.indiasudar. org
indiasudar.blogspot .com
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Visited to Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore.

Jakkur, Bangalore.

Dear Friends,

1. Today(03/Dec/06), I have visited to Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore – 560 064 School to distribute text books with India Sudar Seal.

2. I had the discussion with S.Mohan (Bright Society Secretary) for education requirement. Currently this school supports 200 students, now they received admission request from 1000 students for this school. But they are not in the position to accept every thing, they are planning to admit only 50 to 100 students out of 1000 from next academic year.

3. India Sudar Projects at Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur:

3.1 Providing Text book, Note Book, education material – DONE (WC: 2.16/KA/2006_07, work coordinator: Ravi Kumar.K)
3.2 Providing Book Shelf – Already Mr.Ravi Kumar(L) working with Samsung India Software to provide this.
3.3 DEPLOYING TEACHER: Already we are working with our partner organization to deploy teacher for this school.

Note: This School was set up in Bangalore in 1990 with funding by Bright Society, a non- governmental organization.

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee,
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Today … IS Completed 3 Years !!!


Dear Friends,

We started India Sudar as Organization on 15-Feb-2004 to elevate our people throw Education under charity Platform. Today we completed 3 Years … 36 Months … 1095 Days !!!

We initially started activity in TN and last year extended our service to complete South India(TN, PY, KL, KA, AP).

In last 3 Years, 3924 students was benefited throw 58 project work under 19 On site(Orphanage & Villages), 5 states/ut, 9 Partners using 4,62,440 Rs fund.

We served to our society in excellent manner throw our Members, Leads and Trustees Commitment. Yes of course this is not our destination, it’s just one milestone.

We need to THINK … PLAN … EXECUTE more in EDUCATION perspective to achieve our Vision.

This is the time to appreciate our members, leads and partners for your commitment, Time, all support !!! Really Great work you did !!!

Lets work together under Charity Platform to make Our and Poor students life Meaningful. We can’t change the whole WORLD, but we have the capability to change our COUNTRY, Yes it’s our responsibility … Let’s do it.

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee,
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Visited to New Life, Thambaram, Chennai.

Chennai, TN.

Dear Friends,

Today(02-Feb-2007, 2.00 PM) I have visited to New Life Charitable Trust(Office), “Saipark”, 31/50, Periyalwar Street, Tambaram (East), Chennai – 600 059 to see our students(EDUCATION TO POOR STUDNET – Project) education progress.

I had discussion with Mrs. G.Lalitha, Founder Trustee about our students. She given very good feedback about these sponsored students.

1.D.Umamageshwari, B.Com(Ist year), IS Project
2.S.Srividhya, BCA(IInd Year), DI under IS Open Charity Platform.
3.N.Nithya, Diploma In Health Assistant, DI

I am very much happy to see their interest showing towards their education, I just verified their University ID Card & Fees receipt. I spend some time to explain our University Education System, Examination process, Career opportunity in different field, etc

Your all just changed this student life … Every one can’t go and see this students, So I took photo for you.
Photo Attached: (Left to)D.Umamageshwari, G.Lalitha(New Life), S.Srividhya, N.Nithya

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee,
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Meeting with Mr.Ramanujam to Simplify Science Using Models

Chennai, TN.
Today(02-Feb-2007, 7AM to 12.00), We had discussion about Simplify Science education using models. Already Ramanujam created basic model(India Sudar Project) and given to SIRAGU Montessori School with training. This is very useful for these students. Last month India Sudar executed 4 days Science Camp in AP throws Mr.Ramanujam using these models.

Mr.Ramanujam plan is, This Simplified Science Education system needs to reach throw out India using Schools, Orphanages (NGO’s), Villages, etc. so that Students can able to map science theory with real time scenario. This models will provide thinking capability towards science for the students.

Project 1: We are planning to create 3 Package of models for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

Package 1 – Upto 10th students will use.
Package 2 – Upto 12th Students will use.
Package 3 – College students will use.

Project 2(Multiple Phases): We are planning to start 3 days camp in every schools, NGO’s, Village to provide this training with model at free of cost. Initially we are executing this project in Tamil Nadu and parallel we are going extend this training to across our country.

India Sudar going to execute this project in multiple phases and we are expecting our Partner Organization also to support this project.

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee,
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

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