Updates on Indira Gandhi Internation Academy

Bangalore, KA.

Hello All,

Myself and Uday Kumar had visited Indira Gandhi Internation Academy on last sunday (21st Jan 2007) and had discussion with Mr. Gracian, who is incharge of Administration.

Indira Gandhi Internation Academy is getting lunch delivered by ISKON from monday to saturday. ISKON supports and providing lunch for 75000 kids everyday.
Also, Indira Gandhi Internation Academy is getting milk (20 liters) and eggs (200) every day by two well wishers Mr. Paul Thangaiya and Mrs. Elizabeth. I would say they are managing their everyday food with little struggle. As per Mr. Gracian, they can manage food with local support.

Indira Gandhi Internation Academy arranged meeting with parents,well wishers and teachers on 10th April 2007 and expect us to join for the meeting to discuss about activities in that school.

They are planning to accomodate more students by Jun 2007, since they have building facility to accomodate more than 400 students and the expected strength will go up from current strenth 186 to 400.

They had recruited 4 more teachers to support extra students and they expected to join by June 2007.

They have 2 major requirements for this school

1. Shelf : They need shelfs to keep their clothes and study materials. We had visited their rooms, where they kept their belongings and books, those are broken shelfs and most o! f their belonging and books are lying on the floor. The worst part is they had converted some extra toilets to keep their belongings by using some small wood parts.
The shelf with locker facility will cost around Rs.3000 to 4000 and each shelf will have 5 to 7 lockers. We would find out the cost and other details and let u know by next week.

2. Teacher’s Salary Second Major requirement is salary for teachers. The list of existing teachers and their salary per month is
(i) S. Elamathi – Rs. 3000+ 500 (bus pass)
(ii) Jesudasam – Rs. 2000
(iii) Deniclass.A-Rs. 2000
(iv) Mary Nirmala-Rs. 2000 +500 (bus pass)
(v) Chandran. N -Rs. 2000
(vi) Parvathi.K -Rs. 2000
(vii) Neelakanda Prasad Rs. 3000
(viii) Kokilavani Rs. 1200
and 3 (2+1) wardens

And, they will have to pay Rs. 16000 for 4 new teachers from June 2007 onwards.
So they expected to pay Rs. 35000 (including warden salary) per month to teachers from June 2007 onwards and they are looking for some well wishers to support regularly.

Dream India 2020 – promised to provide salary for 1 teacher already.
May be INDIA SUDAR and Partner Organizations should join together to support their needs – Shelf and Teacher’s Salary.
Uday – Please update to group, if i had missed any information.


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  1. Chakravarthy BN
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 10:53:05

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am a parent of a mentaaly challenged boy aged 7 yrs., residing at yelahanka old town.i would kindly request u to mail info about Indira Gandhi Internationl Academy, Jakkur. I wanted to know about whether this academy is for mentally challenged children, fee structure, transportation availability, is it a residential,etc.
    Thanks & Regards
    Chakravarthy BN


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