Visited to Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore.

Jakkur, Bangalore.

Dear Friends,

1. Today(03/Dec/06), I have visited to Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore – 560 064 School to distribute text books with India Sudar Seal.

2. I had the discussion with S.Mohan (Bright Society Secretary) for education requirement. Currently this school supports 200 students, now they received admission request from 1000 students for this school. But they are not in the position to accept every thing, they are planning to admit only 50 to 100 students out of 1000 from next academic year.

3. India Sudar Projects at Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur:

3.1 Providing Text book, Note Book, education material – DONE (WC: 2.16/KA/2006_07, work coordinator: Ravi Kumar.K)
3.2 Providing Book Shelf – Already Mr.Ravi Kumar(L) working with Samsung India Software to provide this.
3.3 DEPLOYING TEACHER: Already we are working with our partner organization to deploy teacher for this school.

Note: This School was set up in Bangalore in 1990 with funding by Bright Society, a non- governmental organization.

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee,
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

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