India Sudar[IS] and Ignited Minds[IM] – One more Partner


From: “Karthik Swaminathan”
Subject: Re: Introduction

Hi Udhay,

About: We are a group of like-minded people carrying the will to serve the community we live in. Our mission is to work towards the betterment of the society we live in through our Services [like HOPE and WISOM] and Partners.


Contact Person Mail Id, Phone No
Sivaprasad, +919841188847,
Rajasaravanan, +919845077943,
Karthik Swaminathan, +13144841315,

The following are my thoughts towards the synergies that are available between India Sudar[IS] and Ignited Minds[IM]: Since IS and IM both operate with a vision of Education , for IS all the services and for IM the services pertaining to Education [i.e. HOPE and WISDOM currently] would be synergic.


1. India Sudar will visit to different Village, Institutions, and Orphanages to identify education requirement and Post to Partners. So you can execute these projects individually or with India Sudar based on your interest.
2. Provide assistance to India Sudar by Financial Assistance or through any other means.
3. India Sudar suggest/ refer suitable candidates for both HOPE and WISDOM.
4. Digital Library is another aspect which both IS and IM can work together.

IS and IM work towards the development of our country through Education.

Note: This may not be a exhaustive list and would explore more and more options as we work together.

Please let me know if there are any clarifications and also your thoughts.

With Regards

Karthik Swaminathan


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