RE-Visted to Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore

Indira Gandhi International Academy,
Jakkur, Bangalore, KA.


From: K Ravikumar

To: [save address]
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006 07:01:34 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [India Sudar] RE-Visted to Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore.

Dear Friends,

Myself, Shiva and Gopalakrishnan visited Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur today and go through the addition update below.

* When we entered that area, we thought this place required really help or not. Coz they have big ground and buildings. We came to know all the problems after hearing from Mr. Chandran and Mr.Anangan(+91-80-2856-3430).

* They are in very bad shape. They are NOT getting proper funding to support students over there includng food, education and basic facilities.

* All Students are Srilankan refujees including 79 girls. There is seperate warden and teacher for girls.

* Their admission procedure is through Refujee Identity card provided by State Government.
* As Uday mentioned – this is supported by Bright Society and the contact point is Mr. Vaseekaran.

Govt Support:

* They are not getting any funding from either State or Central Goverment. They keep contacting govt to resolve their EB issue.

* Govt keep monitoring their headcounts and they are keep updating the record to govt.

Electricity Problem:

* As Uday mentioned in his mail, there is no power supply. The story goes like this
Congress Goverment asked them not to pay EB Bill and they were using for about 5 years, then next government asked them to pay EB Bill including for the previous 5 years used. EB Department sent bill for 2 lakhs and EB connection was disconnected.

* They are not afford to pay EB bill and then after few years, the bill was Rs. 7 lakhs with interest, then they approached Court and they are not able to get EB Connection until today.
Court ordered to pay by installments that is Rs. 50000 per installment.

* They are managing Electricity with Solar Power installed by Tata Solar Systems and sponsered by Radhakrishna Foundation (i’m not sure about this name). That is getting damaged now, and they can get power for only 3 hours. They have dinner and go to sleep before Solar power get exhausted.


* Mr. Chandrappa, Landlord from Jakkur Village supporting this place by providing water from his borewell.

Everyday Life:

* All the works in that place – Cooking, Environment Cleaning, Bathroom clearning , Washing and maintainance works – are taken care by themselves- students. They get some time to play during weekends.

* They have mat and blankets and they don’t have pillows.


* Rotary arranged salary for all teachers (Total 10 teachers, 7 from internal and 3 from outside) through HP. That total salary per month is Rs. 20000 for 10 teachers. The guy involved to collect money and pay salary is out of station and they stopped paying salary now.

* Mr. Sathesh Gowthaman from Rotary Club is the contact point and he is aware of this school and problems over there.

Daily Bread:

* Food is again another major problem for them. They get Midday meal through ISKON and paid by Rotary Club.

* They need around 60kg rice and other grocery items per day. They keep contacting some or other to get food items and surviving everyday.

* They have good kitchen and they are not using due to lack of gas supply. They need arond 1 cylinder per day that costs Rs. 300. So they are using normal firewood for cooking and they face difficulty during raining and winter season.


* Some doctors from MS Ramaiyah Medical College visit this place frequently to check their health.

* They go to Govt hospital nearby for any kind of small health problems


* Mr. Mosus from MindTree is one of the Major contributors for this concern. They keep contact him for any help and he is supporting his best by collecting from his colleaques.

* Rotary Club North Bangalore
* 2 guys and 1 girl (SW Professionals) visiting there once in a while and spending time with them for their education and playing games with them. They were there when we visited.

* Few other people are supporting them

Major Requirements:

1. Alternative for Power Supply
Since the power supply is major concern – we need to think of generators for minimum and emergency use in the nights.

2. Text Book and Stationaries
They had shared compelete details of text books and stationaries required. We would discuss with Uday and send out detailed update.

3. Old Clothes
They are ready to accept old clothes

4. Steel Shelfs to keep their books and belongs.
Request from all of you
If your employer is looking for some place to do some social service activities, you could recommend this place.

If any of you interested to do something for them, please approach me, Uday or Shiva.
Account Details
They have account with State Bank of Mysore. I can share account details if some wants to transfer money directly. But it is better to do something in person rather than transferring money.

Uday and Goki – Please update on this, if I have missed some information.

IS-KA Team Lead


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