Visit to Iniya Udhayam…

Last saturday I visited IniyaUdhayam Charitable Trust. Komala and Sujatha (sisters) started this org on Jan 2004. After finishing their course in CSIM, chennai, they started this org. (CSIM – Centre for Social Initiative and Management —

— They are providing free tuition in the evening for the govt shool students nearby. Apart from this, they conduct some games like things in saturdays to increase the concentration power and other extra curricular activities.
— Nearly 70 students are studying there. Students are from 1st to 11th std.
— For this tuition they appointed 3 faculties. (Two from Arts & Science backround, another one from BE backround) They are providing tuition fee for those faculties.

— They are running one another centre in Ananda Nagar. 30 students are there. 1 faculty is taking care of them.
— Supplementary food is provided for 3 days per week.
— They conduct awareness camp, medical, dental camps also.

— The current place they are residing is not considerably large enuf to hold that much students. They are shifting to a new place in December. After going there, they decided to start Abacus training & Spoken english training. For this, they are going to appoint faculties. They need fund for this project.
— Apart from this, they teach some basic computer functionalities too to the students, with the computer available with them. (They have one computer). But they feel a computer centre will serve the purpose fully.

My views:
As far as myself is concerned they are doing good work. Its a genuine org. We can support their education purpose. ie: like providing tuition fee for spoken english class or abacus training.

Org Address: (This will be changed in Dec)
Iniya Udhayam
No. 4, Ganesh Nagar
3rd Cross Street
Ayappaakkam (Near Tonakela camp)
Chennai – 77

Registrered Address:
Iniya Udhayam
No. 2, Azhagiri sami Street
Periyar Nagar
Chennai – 71

Ph: 26557012/9444423600

About THIYAGAM Women Trust – Physically Challenged Women

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Dear Sir

Pl find below some outline of my life which I don’t send normally unless called for.

This has prepared by my friend from few magazines.

With all humilty I confess I need to go a long way to achieve my cherished goal – reaching out to

Physically challenged women of rural India.

Best wishes



“The only handicap is to depend on others. For physically challenged we don’t want any compassion or consolation. We want opportunity to express our talents and earn our livelihood. If the opportunity is given we will prove our ability.”


She is standing at the entrance of a Company with files. Oh, perhaps she might request employment expressing her disability, one might think… Yes. Only half of this is truth. She is seeking employment not for herself but for others… like her to other physically challenged women. With broken feather she walks erect with confidence. She is young, beautiful, dynamic lady doing accounts work in a Theological Seminary in Madurai District of Tamilnadu. She is the only bread winner of her 4 member family. She doesn’t have her left forehand right from her birth. It is difficult to believe but absolute fact. Yes. Amuthashanthy was born with one arm from her birth itself.

When she was born as a girl baby with one hand, her mother Jayamani was burst out with a great agony in deep anguish. The relatives advised her mother, ‘your family is not in good condition now. You can better leave the child in the Hospital and through them join her in an orphanage.’ But, the very girl who was referred by relatives as a bane to household has now lighting the lives of so many families – seeing this my heart is full so says her mother Jayamani with tears of joy.


The path Ms Amuthashanthy treaded in the past was not the bed of roses but full of bricks and thorns. She could not crawl in her childhood. The troubles she had to undergone can never be expressed through words but can well be felt in one’s heart. She does not like to be looked after by each and every family member. She had joined in Avvai Ashram in Tirunelveli Dist. managed by Gandhigram Trust at the age of 11 for VIth std., Avvai Ashram is a residential hostel for destitute girls which gave her complete training and moulded her personality in all life skills. She also learnt there tailoring, candle making, camphor making etc. She got State Award in Essay Competition when she was studying her VIIIth Std from the then Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. This gave her self-reliance and motivated her to go forward. There she realized the great lesson – ‘Not for you, be ready to be of service to so many like you….’ and which has become her life’s mission. Education has become a passion for her. This passion led her to complete her Post Graduation and join in a decent job though she had to undergo lot of hindrances from family circle.

Her job did not stop her to take up her mission. The pain she had undergone due to physical disability and family circumstances motivated her to dedicate her life to the welfare of her numerous challenged sisters. She was eager that they should not face the struggles and pain she faced in her life. She says, ‘the only handicap is to depend on others. For physically challenged we don’t want any compassion or consolation. We want opportunity to express our talents, earn our livelihood and join the mainstream of society. If the opportunity is given we will prove our ability. She feels for challenged sisters endowed with good talents couldn’t get good opportunity is my concern.’


When she was working in the Seminary, after her working hours she used to spend her time to meet the various needs of Physically Challenged Women (PCW). She used to visit remote villages and identify challenged women in distress who knows no hold for their future. The conditions of many of these girls are very pathetic. Their parents wouldn’t permit them to go outside from home. Due to acute poverty they don’t give them proper education. She talks to them lovingly giving courage and hope. She had to pacify and soothe their hearts with her loving words of solace and concern. These challenged women immediately gather full energy on seeing Ms Amutha Shanthy’s blooming face in spite of the fact she has been carrying on everything with just one hand. They instantly feel that she is their own sister and pour their hearts to her. Her feeling of oneness with the woes of challenged sisters and her deep concern for their welfare draws them towards her.

She says, ‘during weak ends I used to go to their houses and meet them to understand their deplorable situation of discomfort. I bring them to training centre and show them how other challenged women affected with more disability lead a respectable life by earning their own livelihood. Putting them in a positive environment slowly I change their outlook by feeding them with the soothing words of self-confidence. I also see situation vacant in News Papers and visit small industries and private companies to identify vacancies. It would help me to arrange for the placement of deserving challenged women to suitable position.’

Her care and service extends to Visually Challenged and deaf and dumb women. She used to write exams for Visually Challenged girls. She also does regular book reading for them. She gets numerous letters from her challenged sisters and brothers seeking solace and comfort. She answers every one of them giving words of courage and confidence.


When asked what is that inspired Amuthashanthy to take such a decision to plunge in the service of Physically Challenged Women (PCW)? She said, “For last 6 years I got the blessed opportunity to associate closely with the world of PCW. The constant interaction with PCW in rural areas made me to think – I should act. This constant fellowship provided an in depth knowledge to the plight of PCW.

The needs are many. Some of them want to complete their education. Some are seeking an employment. Some wants wheel chair, crutches, tricycle etc. Ultimately they all expect a decent livelihood without depending on any one. Most of them are from very poor economic back ground, rather, struggling to maintain their livelihood.”

“I have made a detailed research into the problems of PCW and subsequent personal visits to remote villages presented me clear action plan seeking permanent solution to their problems. It is great pity to note that many of them are not even aware of the details of grants provided by Government for their development. The deplorable condition is that even after many announcements of grants for the development of physically challenged, not even 1% reaches the ground level. The demonstrations, fasts are done by physically challenged in various districts is only to draw the attention of Higher Authorities to implement the statutes and grants already announced by the Government.”

“Based on the above assessment and being a PCW myself by birth I am convinced that it is my prime duty to bring sunshine to the numerous lives and keenly felt the inner call to dedicate my life for the cause of rural based PCW. Only a PCW knows the real situation of another PCW.”

“No more weeping, no more blaming of any one – up and doing – it is time to arise and awake and stop not till the goal of economic independence of PCW achieved. I strongly believe that mere economic independence without having faith in values of life will never result in contented life. All my efforts will go along with infusing positive approach in PCW by following cardinal values of life.”


When I meet PCW after hearing all their woes I gently ask them to count their blessings. I make a note of all the positive points. No doubt. Physically challenged are facing numerous problems. What about our blessings? I constantly highlight this point to PCW. “When we obtain the help and love from society, we feel, it is our duty to pay forward it to society at large. We can afford to forget anything but not our attitude of gratitude to even a smallest of help we received. We receive love, kindness, care and concern from the society. It is our foremost duty to pay it forward to other sisters who are in similar situation. No one is a stranger in this small world.” Each of the physically challenged sisters of our Centre is inspired to guide and help 10 challenged sisters in their villages.


As I began to interact with PCW I felt deeply wounded and my heart was pierced as it were. I share here few problems faced by PCW.

1. PCW used to go to Employment office. The staff there used to ask them to go and take Xerox copy. Here the PCW may be a person with just one leg. The staff treats this PCW like any other normal person ask them to go and take photo copy without realizing how much hardship it would cause to PCW. PCW may have to cross the roads, wait in the hot sun or traffic.

2. Many of PCW wouldn’t take water or food when they go out just to avoid the nature calls.

3. While traveling in train, most of us may not realize the inconvenience of challenged persons in using toilets with crutches, disability shoes, artificial leg, crawling disability.

4. Rural based PCW condition is still more deplorable. They are not permitted to go to schools because of non-availability of proper transport.

5. It most cases of PCW there is lack of emotional maturity to withstand the problems of day to day life. When asked to one PCW, what is your goal? She simply replied, existence itself is a big question before me – how can I set another goal for me to achieve. One could guess from this she is struggling hard to earn her single livelihood.

6. There is no relaxation or friendly approach in cases like sanction of loan for disabled in Banks and employment opportunities in Govt.

7. The most of the grants announced by Govt. have not been come into effect even after lot of petitions, appeals, fasts, struggles etc. and Non-implementation of the Persons with Disability Act of 1995 has left the physically challenged people high and dry.

8. The world of physically challenged is not expecting any big thing from the society – just a word of encouragement, a pleasing smile and a kind look – this would mean a lot to us.


Ms Amutha Shanthy has resigned her bread-winning job and work full time for her cherished dream to become a reality from 2nd October 2005. She is now running a Tailoring Unit in Madurai in Tamilnadu, where twelve disabled women and four women from very poor families with little education have been provided job training and also earning. The poor women have also been provided free accommodation.

She is also running free tuition centres for poor children in four remote villages near Madurai , by employing four poor and qualified unemployed women (two of them are challenged women) and paying them honorarium. To sustain herself and her activities, Ms Amutha Shanthy is carrying out some part time accountancy work in late night.

Like a typical revolutionary, she has not thought about her own future welfare or as to where she would get the resources from when she left her job and started this small service activity. Anybody who has an opportunity to meet this young lady and discuss the issues with her would be instantly impressed by her extraordinary commitment and conviction for the cause. She says that the only way of ensuring that more physically challenged people are employed in public services is to sensitize them and launch an awareness campaign in their favour.

Counseling to challenged women has become a regular feature for her now. It’s unique sight to see the challenged women visit her place from far off places to get her guidance to make their livelihood meaningful. ‘It’s Always Possible’ attitude has been injected with physically challenged Families during her village visits. Her very life inspires many PCW to take up an upright and meaningful life.

Because of her tireless endeavour, many have completed their studies, many have joined in good employment, and still many have achieved laurels in the Sports field. She is not interested in any kind of awards or felicitations. She dedicates everything to her own challenged sisters. When asked, why she is not evincing any interest in awards, her crisp reply would be ‘if you do it to your own sister will you expect award or honour? I just fall like silent dew on the hearts of my numerous challenged sisters.’

We come across in this world many great achievers who scaled the heights of success. Among these here is one who counts success of any physically challenged women as her own.

Yes! She has no time to thought of her life, the journey of this humble soul is going to a village to wipe the tears of her own challenged sisters. She has a vision to reach out to more and more of her challenged sisters in villages with a mission to enable them to join in the mainstream. A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

Her contact address:

Ms Amutha Shanthy

Annai illam, No.66/44, Kambar Street,

S.S.Colony, Madurai 625 010

Tamilnadu, India

Phone: +919345213417


Education Stationary Provided to Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore – 560 064 School.

Jakkur, Bangalore, KA.

Dear Friends,

Today(26-Nov-2006), We(Myself, K.RaviKumar(L), Shiva.P, Gopalakrishnan, Ravi Kumar.G) purchased Text Book, Note Book, Pen, Pencil and Geometry boxes based on Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore school initial education requirement.

We purchased(Rs.18,042) all this stationary from V.R MOHAMED EBRAHIM, Avenue Road, Bangalore-560 002 shop and delivered to Indira Gandhi International Academy, #10/2, Yelahanka Jakkur Road, Jakkur, Bangalore – 560 064 through auto itself.

We are planning to distribute text books to students on 27/Nov/2006 with India Sudar Seal. If any one interested to visit this school, Please mail me.

We are planning to execute remaining education projects based on the priority. Mr.Ravi Kumar.K will let you know the remaining project execution plan/status soon. I will send you the project report within 2 days for this work.




A. You can see some photos (27/Nov/2006):

B. Text Book, Note Book, Pen, Pencil and Geometry Boxes – Purchase report attached for your reference.

Great event within very short period … Our sincere thanks to our Work Coordinators and members for Support and Time.

Auto Charge     320
Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee,
Mobile: +91-98867-33607



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India Sudar[IS] and Ignited Minds[IM] – One more Partner


From: “Karthik Swaminathan”
Subject: Re: Introduction

Hi Udhay,

About: We are a group of like-minded people carrying the will to serve the community we live in. Our mission is to work towards the betterment of the society we live in through our Services [like HOPE and WISOM] and Partners.


Contact Person Mail Id, Phone No
Sivaprasad, +919841188847,
Rajasaravanan, +919845077943,
Karthik Swaminathan, +13144841315,

The following are my thoughts towards the synergies that are available between India Sudar[IS] and Ignited Minds[IM]: Since IS and IM both operate with a vision of Education , for IS all the services and for IM the services pertaining to Education [i.e. HOPE and WISDOM currently] would be synergic.


1. India Sudar will visit to different Village, Institutions, and Orphanages to identify education requirement and Post to Partners. So you can execute these projects individually or with India Sudar based on your interest.
2. Provide assistance to India Sudar by Financial Assistance or through any other means.
3. India Sudar suggest/ refer suitable candidates for both HOPE and WISDOM.
4. Digital Library is another aspect which both IS and IM can work together.

IS and IM work towards the development of our country through Education.

Note: This may not be a exhaustive list and would explore more and more options as we work together.

Please let me know if there are any clarifications and also your thoughts.

With Regards

Karthik Swaminathan

RE-Visted to Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore

Indira Gandhi International Academy,
Jakkur, Bangalore, KA.


From: K Ravikumar

To: [save address]
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006 07:01:34 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [India Sudar] RE-Visted to Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore.

Dear Friends,

Myself, Shiva and Gopalakrishnan visited Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur today and go through the addition update below.

* When we entered that area, we thought this place required really help or not. Coz they have big ground and buildings. We came to know all the problems after hearing from Mr. Chandran and Mr.Anangan(+91-80-2856-3430).

* They are in very bad shape. They are NOT getting proper funding to support students over there includng food, education and basic facilities.

* All Students are Srilankan refujees including 79 girls. There is seperate warden and teacher for girls.

* Their admission procedure is through Refujee Identity card provided by State Government.
* As Uday mentioned – this is supported by Bright Society and the contact point is Mr. Vaseekaran.

Govt Support:

* They are not getting any funding from either State or Central Goverment. They keep contacting govt to resolve their EB issue.

* Govt keep monitoring their headcounts and they are keep updating the record to govt.

Electricity Problem:

* As Uday mentioned in his mail, there is no power supply. The story goes like this
Congress Goverment asked them not to pay EB Bill and they were using for about 5 years, then next government asked them to pay EB Bill including for the previous 5 years used. EB Department sent bill for 2 lakhs and EB connection was disconnected.

* They are not afford to pay EB bill and then after few years, the bill was Rs. 7 lakhs with interest, then they approached Court and they are not able to get EB Connection until today.
Court ordered to pay by installments that is Rs. 50000 per installment.

* They are managing Electricity with Solar Power installed by Tata Solar Systems and sponsered by Radhakrishna Foundation (i’m not sure about this name). That is getting damaged now, and they can get power for only 3 hours. They have dinner and go to sleep before Solar power get exhausted.


* Mr. Chandrappa, Landlord from Jakkur Village supporting this place by providing water from his borewell.

Everyday Life:

* All the works in that place – Cooking, Environment Cleaning, Bathroom clearning , Washing and maintainance works – are taken care by themselves- students. They get some time to play during weekends.

* They have mat and blankets and they don’t have pillows.


* Rotary arranged salary for all teachers (Total 10 teachers, 7 from internal and 3 from outside) through HP. That total salary per month is Rs. 20000 for 10 teachers. The guy involved to collect money and pay salary is out of station and they stopped paying salary now.

* Mr. Sathesh Gowthaman from Rotary Club is the contact point and he is aware of this school and problems over there.

Daily Bread:

* Food is again another major problem for them. They get Midday meal through ISKON and paid by Rotary Club.

* They need around 60kg rice and other grocery items per day. They keep contacting some or other to get food items and surviving everyday.

* They have good kitchen and they are not using due to lack of gas supply. They need arond 1 cylinder per day that costs Rs. 300. So they are using normal firewood for cooking and they face difficulty during raining and winter season.


* Some doctors from MS Ramaiyah Medical College visit this place frequently to check their health.

* They go to Govt hospital nearby for any kind of small health problems


* Mr. Mosus from MindTree is one of the Major contributors for this concern. They keep contact him for any help and he is supporting his best by collecting from his colleaques.

* Rotary Club North Bangalore
* 2 guys and 1 girl (SW Professionals) visiting there once in a while and spending time with them for their education and playing games with them. They were there when we visited.

* Few other people are supporting them

Major Requirements:

1. Alternative for Power Supply
Since the power supply is major concern – we need to think of generators for minimum and emergency use in the nights.

2. Text Book and Stationaries
They had shared compelete details of text books and stationaries required. We would discuss with Uday and send out detailed update.

3. Old Clothes
They are ready to accept old clothes

4. Steel Shelfs to keep their books and belongs.
Request from all of you
If your employer is looking for some place to do some social service activities, you could recommend this place.

If any of you interested to do something for them, please approach me, Uday or Shiva.
Account Details
They have account with State Bank of Mysore. I can share account details if some wants to transfer money directly. But it is better to do something in person rather than transferring money.

Uday and Goki – Please update on this, if I have missed some information.

IS-KA Team Lead


Bangalore, KA.

From : K Ravikumar
11/06/2006 02:33 PM
To :
cc :,

Dear Friends,
As you all know India Sudar distributed Text Books, Note Books and education stationeries for 61 Kadesh Childrens Happy Home students on 8th October 2006 and then we have mentioned that they are lack of English as well as Spoken English.

We had approached one of the well known Training Organization in Bangalore is called “iProdigy” to guide us to appoint a dedicated person to help these kids and they agreed immediately to do this service at free of cost.

Myself, Shiva and Gopalakrishnan visited KADESH CHILDREN HOME with Mrs. Puja from iProdogy. She had interacted with chilren and divided into 2 groups to start classes from Next Sunday.

I thank iProdidy on behalf of India Sudar.

iProdigy training organization is into train people on Leadership skills, Performance Appraisal, Business English and many other behaviour trainings for big corporates. Plz visit their site for more information.

Thanks & Regards
IS-KA Team Lead.

Mr.Ramanujam about scientific concepts through physical models

Chennai, TN.

Dear Fiends,

1. Last Sunday(05-Nov-2006) I had discussion with Mr.Ramanujam in his home(Korattur, Chennai) about program of fundamental scientific concepts through simple physical models.


2. Mr.Ramanujam: He is creating physical model to explain science to students in very easier way. He is dreaming to extend this model to all our schools at free of cost(service perspective) and to achieve this he is expecting our support.


3. Initially the focus will be on the following fundamental concepts which are intended to cover the students studying up to 10th standard.

* Basic quantities, derived quantities, basic operations, fractions, concepts of positive quantities, negative quantities, modulus, constants and an introduction to physical constants.
* Spatial properties, such as linear, surface and volume.
* Mensuration of shapes, squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, concept of ‘pi’, surface, and volume measurements.
* Various dynamic quantities such as, speed, velocity, acceleration, deceleration, momentum, angular velocity, angular momentum, moment of inertia etc.
* Basic nature of science and scientific methodology, basic principles of physics, chemistry and biology.
* The significance of different techniques in mathematics and how they are devised to handle problems.
* Chemical combinations and equations.
* Gas laws and thermodynamic laws.
* The World and the Universe with an outlook of science.




4. Already we have implemented this model in SIRAGU Montessori School , Chennai and they are currently using this Model.
WC: 3.3

5. Some photos from Mr.Ramanujam :

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee,
Mobile: +91-98867-33607