Visit to Anbu karangal

We Senthil Kumar B(144), Raja Soundar W(176) and myself(91) visited Anbu Karangal, an org for Orphan children and old age. (We visited the org on Sep 3rd. Sorry for the delayed mail.) The org is running by Lakshmi. She worked as a PRO in SRM grp of hospitals and resigned the job and started this org. She has been running this org nearly 10 yrs. As far as we concerned, she is doing a gud job. We talked with the old age ppl living in the org and they gave us a positive response abt the org and the lady. SRM grp chairman is still giving her the salary(Rs. 5000) everymonth.

At present thr are nearly 60 children and 30 old age ppl(not the exact count). Every week-end a dance teacher comes thr and taking bharadhanattiyam classes for children. They normally get rice 4m regular donors. Their need is grocery items like dhaal etc.

They admit students in Govt school, if the boy/girl comes in the age of 9 or more, as their listening power will be less compared to other students. If a kid comes in the age of 3 or 4, they join them in Matric schools. We talked to one gal named Archana who is studying in some Badmasesadhri grp of school. (age : 5). She is also happily living thr and she is the most talkative of all. 😉 Some persons 4m SunTV came and took her dancing video. Yes… she is dancing well. Chooo chweeeeet…!!

For students also they are in need of sponsors who will give them notebooks and other related items. They have volunteers who is taking tuition. But, they couldnt come regularly and so they need tuition teachers also.

We will be visiting the org again and check abt the authenticity and their needs again. After that we will decide upon the help we can provide.

The address :
Anbu Karangal Centre for Humane Service (Public Charitable Trust)
1 / 216 Vivekananda Street
Chennai 600 041
Phone : (91) (44) 2492 52 52 / 63 63
email :
Contact person : Mrs. M.R.S. Lakshmi – Founder Secretary


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