Visited Good Life centre

Last week-end we(Hari and myself) visited this Orphanage cum oldage home. Baskaran is in-charge of this home. The following are the details provided by him.

** Nearly 90 ppl are there now.
** Half of the students are going to Corporate school. The remaing half to Matriculation. (ie: now-a-days all new students have been joined in Matric only)
** Thou’ the home doesnt have regular donars, 8 students have got sponsorship from some good heatrs, for their whole academic year. (Rs. 6000/ per yr)
** Two students are studying in a nearby polytechnic.
** There are nearly 30 mentally challenged ppl also, among those 90.
** Every student(both mentally retarted and orphans) is looking after by volunteers only. Regular medical check-ups are provided for those mentally challenged persons.
** For tuition also, they have volunteers to look after for free-of-cost.
** For mentally challenged only, they have a separate trained faculty, whose monthly salary will be Rs. 2000/
** The home have had enough rice. But, they are in need of provisional items.
** They are moving to a new building which is currently built. They need money for this also.

The above details told by Baskaran only. We havent checked the authenticity of some of the details yet. After that, we will start a new project for this home, if our help needed.

The following is the address of the home…
Contact us:
12,Loganathan Street (Behind Vidya Theater)
Tambaram West ,
Chennai -600 045,



From: India Sudar
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 22:56:55 +0530
Subject: visited to KADESH CHILDRENS HAPPY HOME, Bangalore.

Dear Friends,

Today(23/Aug/2006) evening, We(myself & G.Ravi Kumar) visited to KADESH CHILDRENS HAPPY HOME (Petra Education Trust), #600, 4 th Cross, Indar Prastha Layout, Rama Moorthy Nagar, Bangalor-560016 and discussed with Dr.Victor Paul (Cell:98457 70558).

They have two homes in different places because of the space availability.

1.Rama Moorthy Nagar home contains 43 kids (Small boys and Girls)
2.L.B.Shastri nagar(near HAL) home contain 18 Boys.

This is 13 years old home. most of this kids from Assam(More Kids), Manipur(More Kids), Nagaland, Maharastra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.This students studying in Presidency Church School, HAL.

Currently they required Uniform, School Shoes, School bags, Rice, Dall ,Coking Oil.

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee,
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Saluting 180 software engineers of India Sudar – Unsung heroes

Chennai, TN.

Prime Point

Sent by:
08/15/2006 04:03 PM
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To India Vision 2020 Group

Subject [India_Vision_2020] Saluting 180 software engineers of India Sudar – Unsung heroes

dear friends

On this happy Independence Day, while saluting the National flag, let us
also salute the young software engineers, who have formed an NGO ‘India
Sudar’ to provide primary education support to the poor children.
‘India Sudar’ started by Udayakumar and six of his friends in 1984,
today has more than 180 software engineers as members. They are working
with 9 partner organisations to provide primary education support to the
poor children.

At any given time, around 1100 children are the beneficiaries of their
projects. They are making a silent revolution in this country with
their dedication and committement.

What are they doing? How could they achieve this? Please read the
ariticle in the following link. Please also listen to the interview of
Mr Udayakumar, Managing Trustee of India Sudar through ‘podcast’ from
the same link:


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