Visit: G.O.M Orphanage, Bangalore

Bangalore, KA.

From: India Sudar
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 15:47:44 +0530
Subject: Visit: G.O.M Orphanage, Bangalore, KA.

Dear Friends,

Today(29/Jul/06), We(myself, Ravi Kumar.K, Siva Narayanan, Sivaraman Latchapathi and Senthil) have visited to G.O.M Orphanage, Anatha Asharam, Old Sambath Road, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore – 51, KA.

1. This is 25 years old home and currently providing shelter, food and education for 74 orphan students. This home managed by *Sabina Saloman*.

2. Half of this home students studying in government school and remaining in matriculation . RECT_BATCH_OF_98 eGroup(Ravi Kumar.K) and Samsung supporting this home for groceries and paying education fees.

3. Some of the local organization (medical related) supporting this home in medical perspective also.

4. But only one major problem in this home is, they don’t have proper shelter now. They are staying in very old building it’s fully damaged.

5. I don’t think this home needs our service in education perspective now.

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee,
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

India Sudar Computer Training Center (Melappedu Village) – Visit

Chennai, TN.

From: India Sudar

To :

Subject : India Sudar Computer Training Center (Melappedu Village) – Visit

Dear Friends,

Today(23/Jul/2006) I have visited to India Sudar Computer Training
Center (Melappedu village) to monitor and organize our ongoing batches.
I had the discussion with our faculties, Students and Mr.JAGAN for our
work. This center really useful to Melappedu village students. Still we
are planning to extend this service to neighbor villages also.

From Jul/2006, we are handing over this center to SPACE Charitable
Trust to provide Security, pay EB Bill and to select poor students from
village. yes of course this is our center and we are the owner for this

Your small donation making very big impact in poor students life !!!
Thanks for your support.

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee,
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Reddipalayam Panchayat(Near Chengalpat) – Provided uniform to 176 Students

Reddipalayam Panchayat, Chengalpat, TN.

From: “India Sudar” [save this address]
To: [save address]
Cc: Deva doss ,
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 20:26:50 +0530 (IST)
Subject: Re: [India Sudar] Reddypalayam School project

Dear Friends,

Just I want to share some of my experience !!!

— Great People Behind this Project “Provided uniform to 176 poor students
in Reddipalayam Panchayat(Near Chengalpat)” —

1. Mr.Deva Doss (IS Member): This is our Deva Doss Dream Project work for
last 2 years. He is from Rediipalayam neighbor village and thinking to do
something to this poor students. These village poor students don’t have
proper dress also, so he come up with complete study in perspective of
total students, uniform material cost, stretching charge, etc.

2. Mr. Ramkumar.G.N(Managing Trustee) from our Partner Organization (THOZAN
Charitable Trust): He really inspired on this project work and ready to
fund and execute this project from THOZAN Organization itself. He (Thoznan team)
spends near 2 months to collect the fund fro this work from different
source. Finally he made it !!!

3. Mr.M.Durai Rajan (Reddipalayam School Head Mater): I never saw this
type of the person. He is closely working with this village to pull poor students
to this school (Lot of family not ready to send their kids to school).
He is giving lecture to this village people for important of education, etc.
He always interacts with all village family/students to create education path
in their life.

We need to appreciate this 3 Great Person !!! My Sincere thanks to Mr.
Deva Doss, Mr. Ram Kumar.G.N and Mr.M.Durai Rajan for this Great Work !!!

Udhaya Kumar.V
Managing Trustee
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Deva doss wrote:
>Dear Members,
> It is of great pride to let you all know that our organization was
an instrument in distributing a set of uniforms to the 176 school children
of Reddipalayam Panchayat near Chengalpat. As you all aware that our
organization had already shouldered many commitments we were unable to
meet the appeal of the dynamic Head Master of the above school. However we feel
very happy that we immediately contacted “THOZAN” an NGO who are very
militant like our members, readily accepted the above appeal of the school
and thus this great project was made possible on 22ND July Saturday under
the leadership of the managing trustee Mr. Ram of THOZAN. Mr.Udhaya Kumar
and Members of THOZAN along with Ram participated in the School function
organized by Mr.M.Durairajan the Head mater of the School.
> Myself Mr. Alan Devadoss one of the member of India sudar take this
opportunity to thank Mr.UdhayaKumar and Ram for having fulfilled this
project at an early notice. The happiness of the Children and the teachers
cannot be explained in the words by only felt as all the children hails
from a very poor family who’s parents are workers of the brick champers. I am
confident that all the prayers of the children and the parents will peace
and prosperity in our life.
> Pls have a look at the snap shot clicked on 22nd.
> Thanks.
> Regards,
> Alan Devadoss.
> Mobile: 98407 05871

Newlife 100% Exam Results

Newlife 100% Exam Results

From: Deva doss [save this address]

To: [save address]
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 16:33:56 +0100 (BST)
Subject: [India Sudar] Newlife Results


I am very much happy to share this with you all. Our efforts for the education to the needy children are very supportive and the children are also realized. Yes, the result in the Newlife Ashram is 100% in the academic 2005-06(Work code 1.6/2005_06, Work code 1.8/2005_06, Work code 1.9/2005_06). The teacher had put their efforts and the result is very good. I take this opportunity to thank all the members in INDIA SUDAR and the TEAM MEMBERS and MANAGING TRUSTEES for their wonderful job done. I am herby attaching the details of the students. The blessings of the GOD will always be with you all as a shield and give peace and prosperity through out your lives for such support given to the helpless children.



Alan Devadoss.
Mobile: 98407 05871

From: “India Sudar” [save this address]

To: [save address]
Cc: Deva doss [save address]
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 11:36:59 +0530 (IST)
Subject: Re: [India Sudar] Newlife Results

Dear All,

Very happy to see our home students results(10th & 12th – 100% Results)!!!

What every money/time we spend towards poor student’s education, absolutely
they are ELIVATED through our free EDUCATION !!!

This 100% success happened because of our MEMBERS initiative and continues
support to our ongoing India Sudar projects. Thanks lot for your Support.

A. Work code 1.6/2005_06, Work code 1.8/2005_06, Work code 1.9/2005_06

22-8-2005 2005-06 project_report_1.6_2005_06.htm 1500
15-9-2005 2005-06 project_report_1.6_2005_06.htm 1500
20-10-2005 2005-06 project_report_1.6_2005_06.htm 1500
12-11-2005 2005-06 project_report_1.6_2005_06.htm 1500
14-12-2005 2005-06 project_report_1.6_2005_06.htm 1500
4-3-2006 2005-06 project_report_1.8_2005_06.htm 1500
8-3-2006 2005-06 project_report_1.9_2005_06.htm 1500
9-3-2006 2005-06 project_report_1.9_2005_06.htm 1500
5-4-2006 2006-07 project_report_1.9_2005_06.htm 1500
15-4-2006 2006-07 project_report_1.8_2005_06.htm 1500
20-4-2006 2006-07 project_report_1.8_2005_06.htm 1500
12-5-2006 2006-07 project_report_1.8_2005_06.htm 1500

We spend Rs.18,000 for salary for following teachers to provide continues
education in this home.


B. Education Stationary Items provide to New Life Students.
7-7-2005 2005-06 project_report_2.8_2005_06.htm 9,765

C. Providing complete training through India Sudar Computer Training Center
at free of cost.
11-2-2005 2005-06 project_report_5.1_2005_06.htm 39,885

Deva Doss: Thanks for your time for Project Co-Ordination.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Managing Trustee
Mobile: +91-98867-33607


From: K Ravikumar [save this address]

Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 02:22:40 -0700 (PDT)



As i said, we have heard about this place through one of my friend – who is staying nearby.

We have visited to see the situation and identify their needs.

We have gathered the following information.
1. Hemalatha – is managing this trust , she can be reachable through mobile mentioned in the web site.

2.They given shelter for 84 kids and 15 aged people.

3.She is planning to send all kids to BRITTANIA SCHOOL, that is near to BADI (i don’t have much information about this place).

4. She is estimating 1.2lakh per year for all 84 students to provide school fee, uniform and books. This is the amount after getting the considerable concession for these kids.

5. She will try her level best to make sure all the kids to go to BRITTANIA SCHOOL only. If she fails, then take them to corporation school.

6. She is looking for some people to sponser stationary items also.

7. That place is running in a rented house – she is paying Rs. 5000 per month.

8. She is not getting any constant money from any source, but she said that she is managing by collecting from known people, volunteers and friends.

9. One volunteer comes there to teach those kids in the evening.

10. She appointed a caretaker by paying Rs. 1000 per month – that girl done +2 and helping those kids to teach whatever she knows.

11. She is looking for some sponsers to provide school bags.

12. She is supporting a village in Kanchipuram district and she told us that she is planning to establish a hospital (PHC) there – ( forgot the village name.) She brought 20 students this from village to education through BRITTANIA SCHOOL.

She would be sending all the estimation with complete details including student’s name, class and money required for school bag, stationary, uniform and books to us (myself and my frends) by this week.
The place and the caretaker looks genuine. If any of you come across to know about this place , please share the news with us.


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Date: *Jun 12, 2006 9:57 AM*
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Hello Uday,
Myself and my friends visited a charitable trust – who is giving shelter
and education for about 84 kids,also taking care of 15 old people.

Do you have any information about this place?.



From: senthil kumar

To: [save address]
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 10:45:18 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [India Sudar] Visited to BABY SARAH’S HOME – PONDY

Dear All,

I have visited to Orphan Home in Pondicherry on
08/Jul/06 to gather education requirement. It’s
providing shelter to Orphan and Mentally challenged
people. This home address as follows,

BABY SARAH’S HOME (Integrated Rehabilitation &
Development Centre).
No.7, Rajaganapathi Nagar,
Kakayanthope, Veerampatinam Via, Ariyankuppam,
Pondicherry – 605 007.

Mr. Karthikeyan managing these home activities.
Around 50 Peoples getting their life through this
home. All home students studying in government school.
They are studying from 1st std to ITI.

They are getting help from some volunteers but its not
regular basis. They are expecting some funds to
educate mentally challenged peoples and also tuition
for home students.

Warm Regards
Senthil Kumar.P

Adi Dravida Samooga Sevagar Sangam – Visit

From: T Hari [save this address]

To: India Sudar [save address]
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2006 05:30:01 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Vist to Poor & Orphan Students Hostel
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Dear All,
Last Week (30th June, 2006 & 01st July, 2006) I spent some time with the Students in the Adi Dravida Samooga Sevagar Sangam Students Hostel, Chennai.

Last Year we appointed a Tuition Teacher for 10th Std Students and the Project Completed Successfully. Out of 16 Students 13 have passed with Good Marks.
I met Mr. Anantharangam(Secretary) he want Tuition for the 10th Std Students (12 Students) to be continued this year also and Guide for all subjects for the 10th Std Students
Secretary thanks the India Sudar Members for their support for the Poor & Orphan Students Education

Thanks & Regards

New Life and Melapedu visits

From: Sargunan [save this address]

To: [save address]
Cc: india sudar [save address]
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 07:34:37 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: New Life and Melapedu visits

Hi, 03-07-2006

Last Saturday(1/jul/2006) I have spend some time with New Life Home,Eraiyur village.
Actually the India Sudar computer training class was started 2 months back. Within 2 months home students learned lot of things. This center was very useful for them. They are utiized Very good. I have mingle with home students on Saturday . if anybody visit this
Home you can see very much improvement from home students.
Especially I appricate vijayakanth amd jeevanandham(both are home students).
I can say “This is big achievement of the India Sudar”.

Similarly last month(11/Jun/2006) I have visited melapedu village also .


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