visit to Saraswathi Ammal Charitable Trust

Last week, we had a gr8 time in Saraswathi Ammal Charitable Trust. Senthil Kumar B and myself went there to know the possibility and necessity of our help. Here are some details of the org.

** The trustee Mrs. Hemalatha is doing really a gr8 job. She not only runs this org, but also helping poor students in some slum areas.
** The organisation looks very genuine.
** The org is funded by iSoft. So, the tuition fee, food, such basic and necessary things are regularly given by the company.
** The org contains around 67 students and few old age ppl. At present, their need is some permanent vehicle, since frequently those old ppl fall ill and the ambulance(or call taxi) costs much. Moreover, the students of the org is studying in a school, which is situated nearly 1 KM from thr. Inspite of heavy traffic, they care for the safety of the students.
** One person called Suresh, who is doing his UG(B.Sc, think so), is also taken care by this org. (He got 80+ percent in his first semester, and waiting for the 2nd sem results) Apart from this person, 3 more college going gals also taken care by this org. For their tuition fee for this year, they need money.

My views…

1. Hemalatha sed their first need is vehicle, like Maruti Omni, (2nd hand). She sed, even its by any EMI plans, then also its okay.
2. She is also interested in setting up a computer centre.
But, for the first point, I think, our fund is not sufficient. And, for the 2nd one… they have students upto 9th std only. So, a computer centre is not a big need for them, think so.
3. So… if possible, we can take care of the tuition fee of those who are studying UG, or atleast one.

The above are my personal views only. Suggesstions welcome. Anyway, I will accept trustee’s final decision.


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  1. I am vist abovee said trust and we had donate one time lunch for childrens.we are waiting more then one hour for meet Miss Hamalatha.this is not good receiption for visitos.

    kindly think Miss hamalatha.

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